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Chp 1: In the underworld!

Blood. Delicious...delicious blood. Spreading on the floor staining it with the stench of death. The stench that he so craved for. He opened his mouth and let the moon glistened on the crimson stained fangs and lips. He darted out his tongue and put one blood covered finger into his lips, savouring the taste. The salty tang delicious taste of blood.

"Mmm...So delicious~" He moaned, slurping the blood of his fingers. His eyes closing in satisfaction. From behind, arms wrapped the boy in a warm embrace as the embracer nuzzled the neck of the blood covered boy.

The boy giggled, turning to look at his mate, the only person he could trust and would trust. "That tickles Kyoya!" He smiled. The embracer, Kyoya, a neck length black haired boy, smile just the tiniest bit as he adjusted his hold on the boy.

"Can't help it. You ARE going tomorrow aren't you." Kyoya stated nipping at the pale smooth skin revealed as the brown haired on his lap tilted his head. The boy moaned and groaned, finally nodding in confirmation before turning around to straddle Kyoya's lap.

He turned his head and bit the jugular Kyoya represented to him, closing his eyes as the blood flowed freely into his insides, travelling through his bloodstream and pumped by his heart. A heart that will only exist for Kyoya and their fledglings' when they have on that is. His Adam apple bobbed up and down as he gulped hungrily the delicious sweet taste of his beloved mate.

"If only you could come along." The brown haired boy murmured. "I would be so happy...It would be like our honeymoon on earth!" The brown haired boy opened his eyes, revealing a beautiful almond coloured eyes, a reddish tint colouring his cheek.

"I cannot. Not right now, maybe later but not now. If its rip already, I will come down to join you. Just, promise me you won't leave me for another." A kiss was delivered on the brown haired boy head.

"I promise Kyoya. It's not like I could find another one for me other than you. You're my mate, my soul mate and my life mate. And you-out of anyone I know- should know my kind doesn't break any promises Kyoya." Kyoya smiled scooping the boy into his arm, leaning his forehead to him.

"I know Tsuna. I know." The brown haired boy, now known as Tsuna, smiled softly. He would only smile for Kyoya. He could only smile when it's Kyoya and he always smile when he's around Kyoya.

"I love you Kyoya."

"Mmm... Love you too." A kiss was place. A promise was made.

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