SesshouMaru sighed with impatience at the line of cars in front of him. In the passenger seat, InuYasha was digging though his pack searching for the schedule he'd received from the school in the weeks prior to their family's move. Both brothers were now without a mother, SesshouMaru's having died bringing him into the world and InuYasha's only that past summer in a boating accident off the coast of New Zealand. They shared their father when he was around, the busy international tycoon was more aloof in his dealings then either young man knew, but little else.

The line moved one car length and SesshouMaru's last ounce of patience expired. "Get out, you're making me late."

"Whatever," InuYasha rolled his eyes and kept searching the pack's many pockets for his class list. Where the fuck did it go, he thought completely unprepared when his brother clicked his seatbelt, reached across him to open the passenger door, and then gave him a solid shove out of the vehicle.

"What's your fucking problem!?!" was the last SesshouMaru heard from his half-brother as he craned the wheel and pulled out of line. Swinging the car around almost violently he was preparing to floor it and get himself to school when the blurry appearance of a form had him hitting the brake instead.

Tires squealed, papers flew, and somewhere in the distance InuYasha was still yelling. He didn't hear the brat though over the beat of his heart, which drowned out everything except the sickening thump.

# # #

Kagome was still regaining her composure when the driver finally got out to come check on her. The presentation slides she'd spent the last week preparing were scattered all over the hood, sidewalk, and grass, her book bag was wedged beneath one of the front tires, and her lower thigh was beginning to throb painfully. She hadn't expected for someone to be using the sidewalk as a U-turn zone and so had been walking and reading her notes at the same time. The school was pretty much across the street, so it wasn't as though people would normally be speeding or driving recklessly, but then again nothing was normal for her.

"Are you insane," a man's voice interrupted her thoughts. Looking up she met the angry gaze of the driver. He was older, maybe 17 to her 15, and had the most beautiful mane of hair cascading over strong shoulder and a trim torso. Razor sharp eyes, embedded in a perfectly sculpted face, threw golden daggers at her as he came down on one knee next to her and began examining her wounded leg.

She offered little resistance. "Looks like you didn't break anything," he massaged the now bruising flesh where she'd walked into the front of his car. The girl began gathering her things as he turned to inspect the grill and hood, "And you managed not to damage my car."

"Managed not to damage you car?!? I didn't break anything?" Kagome hobbled to her feet, not even noticing the crowd of people that had begun to form around the accident scene. "You ran over me, buster! Not the other way around." She was spitting mad now. The nerve of this jerk, acting like it's my fault, she thought and was amazed at the surprised expression that came onto the driver's face as he regarded her.

"I didn't run over you! You were jay-walking and..."

"Jay-walking?!?! On the sidewalk? What are you talking about?" She couldn't stand on her leg yet and teetered perilously on one foot, trying to keep her balance and win the argument at hand. From the crowd a solid crutch reached out and braced her steady, grasping her at the waist and holding her upright. She took no notice though.

His expression went from surprised to incredulous to blank so quickly Kagome almost missed it. The driver looked about himself, glaring at the crowd and then his own position. They were in fact on the sidewalk, him, her, and the car.

Stooping down he began gathering her papers. Kagome watched him for a moment then proceeded to do the same. Leaving the person who had held her on her feet, she limped to the car and scooped the majority of her presentation slides off the hood. When the driver straightened and offered her bag and the rest of her report she snatched then from him, hoping to give him a paper cut in the process, and then headed as best she could towards the school.

Among the crowd one of her friends and partner on the report came to help her to the building. "Oh Kami, Kagome, are you going to be okay?" Sango asked, her worried gaze taking in the full extent of damage done to her project mate.

"Yeah, he just bumped me. More shocked than hurt," she cast another death glare at the strikingly handsome driver, hoping it haunted his nights knowing he could have killed her, and then handed Sango the ruined report. "We'll have to reorganize and clean these. They got tossed all over."

Sango shrugged, taking Kagome's book bag as well as her report. "Small price to pay, right?" She held the front door and waited for Kagome to go in first.

Turning around one last time, she noted the car was still there, only the driver and another man standing next to it, and both looking in her direction. She could see his face was still emotionless and it prompted a memory that he'd never apologized for running her down. "Guess so," she replied to Sango and turned into the cooled interior of the junior high school building.

# # #

"Ha!" InuYasha barked, overly amused by the scene his higher-than-thou brother had just caused. He had enough to complain to their father about with SesshouMaru pushing him out of the car but now...

"She told you off good, Fluffy-baby." InuYasha barely ducked in time to avoid a broken nose as SesshouMaru swung around at him.

It always got to him whenever someone called him "Fluffy-baby", a nick-name InuYasha's mother had given him because his hair was down soft and completely unmanageable up until SesshouMaru's 12th birthday. At that point on, the older son had learned to tailor his appearance in appropriate manner, and the use of the nickname had disappeared except for InuYasha's teasing.

Skipping across the street, InuYasha waved to his brother in mock affection, calling out "I expect to be picked-up at 4:00 and to try not to run over anymore girls on your way to school. There's easier ways to get a date!!"

# # #

Some of the other students laughed at him and his brother's parting words. It would no doubt be the talk of the day how he had almost killed one of the students, though luckily it had happened here and not at the high school. He'd never establish a proper reputation with such a stupid mistake on his record.

Stepping back to the car's side he was ready to get in and drive away when the morning light reflected on something just beneath the vehicle. Reaching down he retrieved a leather pocket book, obviously belonging to the raven haired beauty he'd almost painted all over the hood, which must have fallen out of her book bag when she'd hit the car. He could still hear that sound and so put the whole messy event from his mind, dropping the pocket book beside him in the now vacant passenger seat, and finally heading up the street another two miles to the high school.

Parking was a mess so late in the morning, but SesshouMaru managed to fine a spot close to the main classroom building. So what if it said "Visitors Only" on the sign, he hadn't officially signed up for classes yet so technically he was still a visitor. Grabbing the pocket book on a whim he shoved it into the side pocket of his pack and headed up to the school.

The sprawling buildings bustled with activity as students prepared to go to class. Instead of a bell system the school employed lights; green for class in session, red for passing period, and white for 1 minute remaining until light switch. He appreciated this more than the bells since the latter could either be annoyingly high pitched or so cutesy it sounded like a theme cord form some elementary cartoon series.

He found the principal's office easily and managed to get signed up for some classes with little difficulty. It was still early in the fall semester so there'd be little work to catch-up on, but all the same, the next few weeks would be busy. SesshouMaru hoped his brother's homework load turned out to be twice as heavy.

It was as associative memory to think of her when he cursed InuYasha. They went to the same school, he'd met her only seconds after shoving his half-brother from the car, and as much as SesshouMaru wanted to deny it, she had been striking. Taking a seat in the back of his first class, he brought the pocket book out of his bag and flipped open the snap clasp.

Her smiling face greeted him, a school ID the first of several cards in the little plastic sleeves meant for pictures. "Kagome Higurashi," they read and SesshouMaru almost smiled. She had a beautiful name he thought, obviously deserving of the girl that held it. Searching a little more he found enough money for a meager lunch, maybe half a dozen slips of paper with phone numbers and assignments on them, and an ornately folded piece of pink carbon paper. Undoing the intricate origami he noted the junior high logo at the top before his eyes were caught.

Student Transfer Orientation Pass

Name: Tokashi, InuYasha
Year: 10th

Student Liaison: Higurashi, Kagome
Year: 10th

Dear student liaison:
This is your copy of the new student who will be
shadowing you today. Please contact this person at the
above phone number and make arrangements for the day.
We appreciate your participation in this program and hope
your liaison experience is enjoyable.

Student liaison, SesshouMaru thought, suddenly caught by an unexpected surge of jealousy, that even as he sat there his worthless half-brother was walking around enjoying the company of this particular girl. He studied her ID photo again for a moment, sure that such a sensible looking person would be able to tell the quality of proper breeding from the result of a mournful mistake. InuYasha might be with her, and he might seem nice, but sooner or later he'd have to open his mouth and that would be the end of that.

Chuckling as he rose gracefully form his desk and headed off to the next class, SesshouMaru stored the pocket book back in his bag. He'd have to pay Kagome a visit at lunch, apologize for the hurt he'd caused her that morning, and then proceed to make his brother look bad. InuYasha was wrong; running over her may have been the easiest way he'd ever gotten a date.


Author's Note:

Jaywalking is crossing a street at some point other than a designated crosswalk. It used to be an arrest-able offence in the US in the 1980's, when prostitution was a major problem in some cities. Mostly though, it's not heard of much anymore.