[Chapter 32]

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I vanished and went to the place that I was suppose to be going.

"So what are you going to do about them falling?" I asked ?.

"You. Why would you do that to Amu?" said ?.

"It's your own daughter right?" I said.

"Just leave them I'll know they be safe." said ?.

"Alright whatever you say. How would you speak to Amu about her past life?" I said.

"She'll understand. I'm sure of it." said ?.


Dark's POV

"So you want me to summon her or him or both." I said.

"Just bring them. I'm getting tired of answering your questions." said ?.

"Alright." I said.

Amu's POV

I saw a hole... Yeah a hole. It sucked us in.

Then me and Ikuto both fell on the ground.

I rubbed my head.

"Where are we?" I asked Ikuto.

"Don't know." said Ikuto.

"Amu." said ?.

"Dark. What do you want?" I asked him.

"Nothing. But you guys would know the truth already." said Dark.

A woman came by Dark.

"Amu." She said and smiled at me.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"This is your mother." said Dark.

"And I'm..." said Dark. I saw him removing something.

"Dad." said Ikuto.

"What's the meaning of this?" said Ikuto.

"Aruto wanted to see what would you do if you lost someone you love. Like how you lost your mother." said Amu's mother.

"Wait... I'm lost so your Ikuto's dad and your Ikuto's mom?" I said.

"No. Well I'm actually your mom Amu. This is Ikuto's dad. Your father is somewhere out there." said Amu's mom.

"Still I don't get why would you do that. I mean dad you almost killed Amu! Why should I trust you and forgive you for what you had done!" Ikuto shouted.

"Ikuto." I said.

"I wanted to see what you would do okay. Why didn't you use your powers? Hmm? I guess I did it too much." said Aruto.

"Like I should trust you. Your not my dad." said Ikuto.

"Prove it." said Aruto.

"I can't prove it..." said Ikuto.

I looked at Ikuto. He looks hurt.

"Mom... Tell me everything. Why did Ikuto's dad do this? And if your my real mom... or not. And where's dad?" I said.

"Aruto already explained. Though he also wanted to test Ikuto's power and your power. I'm a friend of Ikuto's dad. Souko in which the other hand is Ikuto's mom. She disappeared after she did that spell. She was never found again. Yes I'm your real mom. I turned you into a human because I wouldn't want you to experience how it would be in our world. I left you at a person porch for you to live a normal life. I watched over you and what you are doing. Plus your dad is somewhere out there... Which I have no idea where he went." said Amu's mom.

"I see..." I said.

"Alright since everything explained. Lets go back to normal." said Aruto.

"Why didn't you save mom?" Ikuto asked Aruto.

"I... I let her do it because I trust her. Even though if I made you and your mother run. I would also be gone." said Aruto.

"There's a portal behind you. You should go... Before it's gone or else you'll live here for 50 years." said Amu's mom.

"Wait! You guys should come to." I said.

"Amu hurry up." said Ikuto.

"Amu you should go." said Amu's mom.

"But mom! This is the first time I saw you. At least come. Even Ikuto's dad." I said and let out tears.

My mom hugged me.

"Aruto and I have something to do here still. We'll see each other again soon..." said Amu's mom.

She let me go and Ikuto pulled me.

"Mom!" I shouted.

She let out a weak smile and then I never saw her again... Never...

~5 years past~


"Aww Amu. Your still the same even though your 20." said Ikuto as he hugged me.

"IKUTO!" I yelled out his name.

"Hehe. Mom and dad are on it again." said ?.

"Ah. Hey dad do you think we'll be cool like you." said ?.

"No don't be cool like your dad. He's a pervert." I said.

"Nice way to ruin the good moment." said Ikuto.

"I'm sorry?" I said.

"Hehe." said ?.

"Hey Rin and Yoru don't you guys have school?" I asked them.

"It's Saturday remember?" said Rin.

"Seems like I forgot..." I said and laughed nervously.

"Someone's getting old." Ikuto teased me.

"I-IKUTO!" I shouted out his name and chased him with a fry pan.

"Go mom!" said Rin.

"Why voting for mom? Go dad!" said Yoru.

"What? Why dad?" said Rin.

Ikuto and me stopped and watched Rin and Yoru fight on who's going to win.

I laughed.

"Hey Amu." said Ikuto.

"What?" I said and turned around.

Ikuto kissed me. Well since I guess 5 years had past... I kissed him back.

"Eww..." said Yoru.

"Do it in another room people!" said Rin.

The kiss broke off.

I blushed...

"You guys should play outside or you'll be fat like mommy." said Ikuto.

I punched his head.

"What did you say honey?" I said and glared at him.

"Nothing." said Ikuto.

"How many?" said Yoru.

"Hmm?... 50 times Yoru 50 times." said Rin.

Normal POV

So Amu and Ikuto are husband and wife. And they have 2 kids. Yoru and Rin. Yoru is 10 years old as Rin is 8.

What about the others?...

Yaya decided to stay single and enjoy traveling around the world.

Nadeshiko had form a Japanese dance school for people.

Kukai and Utau... Well yes they are together but don't have kids. Utau became a pop star while Kukai became a professional soccer player.

Nagihiko and Rima are together. Don't have kids. Nagihiko opened a dance studio and Rima well we don't know what she's up too...

As for the final... Tadase became a fairy princess!

"So NOT TRUE!" said Tadase.

"Ahem... Well sorry." said Ruku.

Tadase well... Forget about him. He's still scared of bugs. Mostly spiders.

That's how everyone had lived for the past 5 years.

Kei and Kenji they are still vampire hunters.

Amu's POV

So tired. From fighting with Ikuto.

"Mom is tired." said Yoru.

"Alright. You guys should go sleep already since it's nighttime." said Ikuto.

"But were vampires. Shouldn't vampires go sleep in the morning?" said Rin.

"Rin and Yoru. Go sleep. I'll be glad if you go sleep." said Ikuto.

I went inside my room so I don't have to be in their chit chat.

Ikuto's POV

"Answer one question before we sleep..." said Rin.

"Which is?" I said.

"Where do babies come from?" Rin asked me.

"I heard babies come from the private part of a girl." said Yoru.

I sighed.

"Really?" said Rin.

"If your asking me. I'm not a girl." I said to them.

"But didn't you saw mommy giving birth?" said Rin.

"... I wouldn't answer that question. Go ask your mommy tomorrow." I said.

"Dad doesn't want us to know about you know what." said Yoru.

"What did I just told you guys?" I asked them.

"Alright alright! We'll go sleep." said Yoru.

I watched Yoru and Rin running towards their rooms.

I went inside our room.

"I heard everything." said Amu.

"You didn't have to hear everything." I said to Amu.

"So what did you say to them." said Amu.

"Nothing." I said.

"Life is hard isn't it?" Amu asked me.

"It can or can't. It depends." I said.

"Are you going to look for your mom?... and probably leave us?" Amu asked me.

"Probably in a few years." I said.

"Would I be able to see you again?" She asked me.

"Of course. And even though I'm not here. I'll always be in your heart and watching over you." I said to her.

"You sound like a girl." Amu teased me.

"Don't start the fight." I said.

"Alright I'm going to sleep." She told me.

As I watched her closed her eyes. I touched her soft cheeks and kissed her forehead.

"Life is hard... I guess one day... I'll have to let go of you and move on." I said softly and drifted off to sleep.

End Of Chapter...

End Of Story.

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