The idea for Invisible comes from Chapter 58/59 of my prompt story Kiss, and is the eventuation of this prompt: Charlotte -LOVE-: I've always really (REALLY) wanted to read one set in Never Been Kissed or The Subsitute when ND don't know about Blaine and then he comes into the choir room to pick Kurt up for coffee and they kiss and all of ND are like 'whaaaa-' 'who's he?' 'WHY IS KURT KISSING A WARBLER?' etc.

Now, I wrote the oneshot very differently to the prompt and I got a LOT of feedback telling me to continue this, many people really wanting to see a chapter story from this. Now, I'm hectic right now. As well as looking for a job and working on a journalism short course, I am currently writing: Kiss, Stalker, Sail, Edge of Glory, Facebook Or It Didn't Happen, Hiccups, The Glee Times and Rites of Passage, as well as a second chapter on The Drunken Ramblings of Blaine Anderson and various other oneshots that are either prompted as spinoffs of Kiss or just come to mind. So you think I wouldn't really take on any other projects, right? Well, against my better judgement, I'm going to put some work into this.

I can't promise frequent updates. But I can at least give you a few chapters here and there, right?

This chapter is the original chapter from Kiss, then from there we'll start getting into the chapter segments. Basically, what will happen after this will be focusing on the various people who are featured in this story and their reactions. I'm trying not to give too much away for those who didn't find this through Kiss, so I'll explain in the bottom note :)


Kurt sighed, staring at his phone as Mr. Schuester rambled on about Regionals outfits. He had already learned not to give his input during these sessions as nobody understood his fashion sense, instead choosing to keep quiet. In fact, the past few weeks of rehearsals and meetings, Kurt had stopped fighting for solos or even trying to sing. Come to think of it, Kurt hadn't said a word in a Glee meeting for the past three weeks. Nobody noticed.

Kurt was used to being either ignored or hated at McKinley. He didn't fit in with any of the groups in New Directions - the guys shunned him because he was feminine, the girls didn't know how to treat him because he wasn't a girl. So he slipped between the cracks and became just a person to give them enough numbers to get to Regionals.

Outside of Glee, he was hated for who he was, and the hatred was growing. Every day seemed to bring some kind of physical abuse which was worsening by the day, and nobody noticed. Even when Kurt entered the choir room limping or holding his arm against his chest as he had been yesterday, nobody noticed.

So Kurt found himself spending most of the rehearsal time playing games on his phone or texting Blaine.

A smile crossed Kurt's face as he thought of the curly-haired Warbler. Ever since he had visited Dalton, he and Blaine had been spending a lot of time together and Kurt had found himself falling fast. Maybe it was a combination of Blaine being the only other gay guy he knew or the only person who paid attention to him nowadays, but Kurt had developed a crush rather quickly.

This time, though, instead of staying as a crush, Kurt's feelings for Blaine had continued to grow, far beyond anything else he had felt before. He wasn't naive enough to call it love yet but he certainly felt something strong for one Mr. Blaine Anderson.

And, as of last week, Kurt had been delighted to find out that Blaine felt the same.

"So, is this like a date?"

Kurt turned his head to stare at Blaine who was leaning back against the windshield. "I - do you want it to be?"

Blaine turned to him, shifting slightly on the car bonnet as the movie played on. "I think I do."

Kurt smiled. "Then yes. Absolutely."

At the end of the night, Blaine had walked him to the door and kissed him on the cheek and they had made it official. Boyfriends.

The word still sent a shiver down Kurt's spine. He had never had a boyfriend, and neither had Blaine, so they were making the choice to take things slowly, especially with Kurt's current situation. He just needed to know that someone cared about him, and Blaine was more than willing to be there for Kurt whenever.

"Okay, I want to introduce next week's topic now so you can think about it over the weekend. We're going to be singing about admissions."

Kurt broke out of his thoughts and lifted his head slightly to look at Mr. Schuester who had finally stopped talking outfits. "I'm going to pair you all up and we're going to work on duets that revolve around honesty and sharing things about yourself. Male/female pairings, and let's shake it up a bit so we don't have the same ones as usual."

He moved to the board and began to write.






Quinn/Mr. Schuester

He capped the lid on his pen and turned back to the group as the bell rang. "I'm looking forward to getting in on this one as well! Okay, plan to meet up with your partner sometime next week and we'll start hearing duets from Tuesday. Quinn, why don't you come and see me on Monday during lunch?" The group of teenagers began to head out of the room chattering about their assignment, Mr. Schuester grabbing his papers together and following.

Nobody noticed Kurt still sitting there, staring at the board with his mouth open.

He totally forgot me.

Kurt felt the tears begin to build as he quickly stepped up to the board. Taking a photo with his phone, he sent it to Blaine before sitting down on the floor, leaning against the piano leg and taking deep breaths. I really am invisible here.

Less than a minute later, his phone began to ring and he answered wordlessly, putting the phone to his ear and waiting.

"Kurt." And there was so much in that word - empathy, sadness, regret, understanding - that Kurt burst into tears. Blaine was murmuring softly on the end of the line as he sobbed out all of his hurt.

Finally, Kurt calmed himself down. "I'm sorry, Blaine, I just -"

"Kurt, you have no reason to apologize. That was incredibly wrong of him to do and I'm so sorry it's so rough for you right now. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Kurt looked back up at the list, an idea forming in his mind. "Actually, yes. Can you come over tomorrow?"


"That was excellent, guys! Tina, your voice complemented Sam's perfectly, well done. Though I can assure you both, neither of you fade into the background around here, and I'm glad you know you're not alone. Everybody here has your backs."

The rest of the club murmured in agreement as the two sat down, Mike immediately leaning over to kiss his girlfriend. Kurt suppressed a sigh. As if they think they aren't noticed, he thought to himself.

As Rachel began to give her feedback, Kurt felt his phone buzz and pulled it out.

How are the duets going? - Blaine x

Kurt smiled, knowing Blaine only put the x at the end of texts sent to him. Just another way of making Kurt feel special.

Same old thing. Tina and Sam just sang 'Not Alone' trying to emphasize the fact that they often feel like nobody notices them, but they know that in Glee people care. Isn't that lovely? - Kurt x

He knew Blaine would appreciate his sarcasm, especially after yesterday's rehearsal where Kurt had called Blaine and kept him on the phone to listen in. Blaine had been outraged that Quinn and Mr. Schuester would sing a song about taking their rejection and using it to accept others when they completely ignored Kurt's questions only two minutes later.

Mm. Those poor souls. Looking forward to Friday? I miss you - Blaine x

Of course, can't wait. I miss you too - Kurt x

The bell rang and Mr. Schuester held up a hand to stop them from leaving. "Now, before we go, I was looking over the partners and I realized something. Kurt, I forgot to partner you up with someone."

Now the eyes of the club were on him, many with a faint surprise as if thinking, oh, right, Kurt's still a part of this club.

Kurt was also surprised. Wow, he actually realized something. Congratulations to him.

"You did," he said evenly, staring straight into his teacher's eyes. "I'll be performing my duet on Friday."

"Who with?" Rachel asked, looking around at the other members who shrugged. Kurt just raised an eyebrow, looking bored.

"Why didn't you say anything about it?" Mr. Schuester's attention was firmly on him for the first time in weeks, and Kurt had had enough of it already.

"What would it matter?" Kurt got to his feet, swinging his bag over his shoulder. "You never hear me anyway." With that, he walked out of the room, ignoring his teacher calling after him as he pulled out his phone.

You aren't going to believe this...


".. no, I think it's just a bruise."

Kurt poked his arm again experimentally and winced at the huge purple-blue mark that had already spread across his wrist.

"Okay. You alright?"

Blaine's worried voice travelled down the phone which Kurt had pressed between his shoulder and ear. "Yeah. Just wish I'd ducked in time."

"You shouldn't have to duck." Kurt sighed, knowing it was true.

"There's nothing I can do right now," Kurt took the phone back in hand, grabbing his things together as he made his way out of the bathroom. "Look, I've got Glee now. I'll call you after and let you know how sympathetic they were and how they all promised to do something about it."

Now it was Blaine's turn to sigh. "I'll come over this afternoon and check on you. I'm sorry, Kurt."

"Me too." Kurt stepped into the empty room, dropping his bag next to his usual seat in the back row and sitting down. "I'll talk to you later."

He hung up as the first of the Glee kids made their way into the room, sitting down and talking about various weekend plans and parties that Kurt knew nothing about and would never get invited to. He poked the giant bruise again, hissing through his teeth at the sharp sting that travelled up his arm. Surely someone's going to notice this time...

"Mercedes! What happened?"

Suddenly the entire club were converging on a dripping wet Mercedes who had walked in the door. "I got slushied again," she said, dropping her bag to the ground as the girls engulfed her in a hug, murmuring nonsensical words of comfort while the guys cracked their knuckles threatening, waiting for a name so they could go beat the guy up.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at the group, then picked up his bag and walked out. He couldn't take this hypocrisy for much longer.


"I thought you felt it too,

When there was me and you."

The group exploded in applause as Rachel bowed before hugging Artie. Finn looked uncomfortable and Quinn looked angry. Brittany just looked confused, Santana whispering in her ear reassuringly. (1)

"Brilliant as always, you two. We should pair you up for duets more often!" Mr. Schuester made his way to the middle of the floor as Rachel and Artie resumed their seats. "And wonderful honesty in those lyrics, though I'm a bit surprised it was High School Musical..." A couple of the teenagers chuckled as he turned and ticked the last set of names off the board.

"Okay! Well, that's it for duets, guys. You've all really captured this week's -" He broke off as a cough came from Kurt and looked up.

"Oh, Kurt. Of course, why don't you come down and show us your ... duet?"

Kurt stood with as much grace as he could muster and made his way to the floor. "Thank you Mr. Schuester." He turned to face the rest of New Directions.

"Fellow Glee club members. You've all had a chance to reveal the things about yourself that were painfully obvious anyway, now it's my turn to share something that should be equally as obvious but somehow isn't. But since it's a duet, I couldn't very well do it alone."

Kurt turned to the door. "Blaine?"

An angry murmur broke out as Blaine walked through the door, clad in his Dalton uniform. Rachel was on her feet instantly. "Mr. Schue, we can't allow this! He's the competition!"

Mr. Schuester raised a hand in her direction, staring at Blaine and Kurt who had positioned themselves in front of the piano. "Kurt? Why do we have a Dalton Academy boy here?"

"I have a Dalton Academy boy here because he's helping me with my duet," Kurt explained as if it should be obvious. Which, really, it should.

"Kurt, I don't know if I can allow this -"

"Mr. Schuester. You lost the right to tell me what to do about three weeks ago when you started ignoring my very presence in this room. I'm going to sing this duet with Blaine." He turned back to the rest of the group, speaking smoothly over their objections. "This is Blaine. You've all come to the very astute observation that he's from Dalton. Blaine is the lead soloist for the Dalton Academy Warblers."

"WHAT!" Rachel was out of her seat, striding down to where Blaine was standing and poking him in the chest. "You are NOT ALLOWED to be here!"

Kurt sighed before grabbing the girl's arms and marching her back to her seat, wincing at the pain this action caused. "Rachel, sit down and shut up, would you?"

He returned to where Blaine was standing, smiling briefly at his boyfriend before turning to the group again. "Anyway, since Blaine appears to be the only person around here that still recognizes that I exist, he volunteered to duet with me today to help me talk about a particularly important topic."

He felt Blaine's hand slip into his, a silent facet of support. "For the past few weeks, I've been getting bullied worse than ever before. In fact, I should let you all know that Blaine forced me to the doctor yesterday to get me checked out, and it turns out that this time I've got a sprained wrist and a couple of broken ribs." There were gasps from the group and Kurt saw Mercedes cover her mouth in shock. "You know, on top of all the bruises, cuts and various wounds that I've been sporting every single day when I walk in here. The ones you've all commented on with great sympathy and concern? Yeah, those."

Blaine squeezed his hand as he watched the tears start running down a couple of the girl's faces. Kurt refused to break under their emotion. "You all come in here and sing about acceptance and how no matter what happens out there," he gestured to the open door, "we're a family in here. Well I've spent the past three weeks in silence to see what would happen. And you know what happened? Nothing."

He turned to Blaine, allowing his boyfriend to speak. "I met Kurt when the boys from this group told him to go and 'do something useful' and check out the competition. When he broke down and admitted what was going on to me, I was horrified. Not just that he was being bullied - and not just verbally but physically - but that nobody seemed to understand or care. I immediately asked him what the teachers were doing. His answer? Nothing."

As Blaine stared down Mr. Schuester, Kurt picked back up. "This week was the final straw. You've all sung your admissions and about honesty, now it's my turn. Except we're going to sing the song that you all should be singing to me."

He turned to grab a guitar, handing it to Blaine who slung it over his head and began to strum, taking the first few lines.

"Just to say we're sorry

For the black eyes and bleeding lips

When it's hard to forget

How many lies we told."

Kurt joined him, staring impassively into the audience.

"Or how we've grown

Before I said goodbye,"

Kurt allowed himself a sardonic smile at these words. Not that they know that yet...

"I never listened to a word,

You never said,

I never listened to a word,

You never said."

A couple of the guys were looking at Kurt guiltily, Finn in particular. The girls were all in tears as they stared at the two boys singing.

"Wasting the hours now,

And we're all suckers for tragedy,"

Kurt smirked at the group, knowing how they felt about their drama - pretty little things that they thought were important in the long run like Prom candidacy and being labelled by other ignorant teenagers. He focused particularly on Rachel, knowing that his gaze was stinging her and took a vindictive satisfaction from the way she cringed.

"We'll start this over again,

And you'll bring us to our knees,"

And he was. Finally, slowly and painfully, this group of teenagers were realizing what harm they'd caused. But it was too late.

Kurt stepped towards Blaine slightly as he turned to face Kurt, taking the second chorus for himself to send a message of reassurance. Not just for Kurt's sake, but to show the club what they should have been doing for Kurt all along.

"It's not your fault, you feel okay,

It's too late in the day,

It's not your fault, you feel betrayed,

And you can't come out to play,"

Kurt's voice joined Blaine's again as they broke into the bridge.

"So raise your hands up high,

And let this rain pour on,

So raise your hands up high,

And wash us away."

Blaine stepped back and allowed Kurt to sing the next few lines on his own.

"Like innocence, and childbirth,

You look just like your mother,"

And this was the only point where Kurt felt choked up, thinking of his mother. But he pushed past that, because there was no changing the past. Only the future, and this was the first step.

"And you look just like your father,"

He turned back and looked at Blaine who stepped forward again to help him with the final lines, their voices mixing together in perfect harmony.

"Forgive him, our Father

Your Son is smiling

So lay roses around you."

They finished the song facing one another and, completely overwhelmed by the moment, Kurt leant in and kissed him.

There were soft gasps echoing around the room and Kurt knew he was driving the nail into the coffin. Now for the final blow -

Kurt pulled away, whispering "We'll talk about that later," to his boyfriend before turning to the group.

"That song could have been my suicide song." He saw a good chunk of the group flinch, to his grim satisfaction. "Do you know how many gay teenagers get bullied to the point of killing themselves? If I hadn't met Blaine, that would probably be me right now. You'd all probably be at my funeral, if you cared enough to come or even noticed I was gone."

Finn broke, dropping his head into his hands as a sobbing Quinn tried to comfort him.

"Instead, it's my goodbye song. Half an hour ago, my transfer papers were filed and, as of Monday, I will be a student at Dalton Academy."

"Kurt... you can't -"

"Yes, he can." Kurt felt Blaine step up beside him again, taking his hand. "You've had your chance to treat Kurt right and be his friend, to be there for him when he needed you. You all failed him, every single one of you. So he's going to come to an environment where he'll be safe and cared about and loved."

Kurt felt his breath catch in his throat because they'd never said love before. But looking into Blaine's face, he knew it was true.

"Goodbye, McKinley. We'll see you at Regionals."

With that, they turned, Kurt smiling as Blaine squeezed his hand. They walked out, Kurt leaving behind his past, never to look back.

(1) Santana and Brittany are an item, Brittany broke up with Artie and he's still heartbroken. Rachel... well, of course she'll always be after Finn.

So, now that you've read it, what will happen from here will be the reactions of people to Kurt's declaration. But before we get into the aftermath of this, we've got two very important people to talk to prior to this story...