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Pinching the bridge of his nose, the psychiatrist peered over the top of the clipboard that he had previously been making notes on. Well, that wasn't strictly true. The only thing new piece of information written on the clipboard since the last session was the word 'INSUFFERABLE', a word in red block capitals which he had been constantly underlining in the last 55 minutes. All because of the 15 year old currently lying on the sofa opposite.

"Huey, you are aware that you don't have to lie down for these sessions?"

"I know that. I just feel that if you're going to psychoanalyze me, the least I can do is get stuck into the cliché, no?" The boy called Huey replied. "I could get into other positions for you Dr Lang but for that, you'd have to buy me dinner first."

No words made up Lang's response, just a long sigh, which more often than not preceded the onset of a headache. The beleaguered psychiatrist was surprised that the session had lasted almost the whole hour without the headaches which characterised spending large amounts of time with Huey Newton in a closed room. The agent in question had now shifted his position so that his black jeans were draped over the back of the sofa and his neatly shaped afro was gently bouncing off of the wood panelled flooring of the office. Lang opened his mouth to question this behaviour but quickly decided against it. It wouldn't do him any good to get one of those headaches on a cold January morning like today's.

He sighed again and flicked through the papers stacked on the table on the right hand side of him. Finding the relevant page, he filled in all the appropriate data and signed his name after ticking a box labelled "FIT TO CONTINUE SERVICE".

Lang always hesitated before ticking that box for Huey. Over all of his sessions, Lang had noted that there was something hollow present in Huey's eyes, as if he were analysing the whole world like a complex calculation. However Lang always relented, citing Huey's troubled past as the cause of any such observations. Like many other CHERUB agents, Newton was apprehensive to talk about parts of his past and years of sessions had yielded no new information.

"Okay Huey, that will be all for this week" Lang said, removing his glasses with one hand and rubbing his eyes with the other. "I'll forward the relevant documents to your handler as per usual."

Huey took this as his cue to haphazardly roll off of the sofa and he landed on his feet a second later, straightening his now creased black military jacket before firing off a sloppy salute at Dr Lang as means of farewell. He made his way silently out of the main building, passing numerous staff members and other teenagers along the way; the faces of whom he took little notice of.

Huey wrapped his scarf around his neck and zipped his jacket up to the top before opening the doors to the outside world. The last few days had been particularly cold and there were no signs of it letting up any time soon. He braced himself against the wind as he walked down the long winding path that led to the Mission Control building, placing each foot carefully as not to slip on the transparently glazed pathway. It took him less than five minutes to reach the banana shaped building, entering the warm interior after scanning his retina using the often malfunctioning security equipment.

It was as Huey removed his scarf that he heard someone calling his name. Spinning 180 degrees on the balls of his loafer clad feet, he made eye contact with the source of the noise. Standing in the middle of the lobby of the Mission Control building, holding a stack of documents was the person he was here to meet, a Mission Controller by the name of Gabriela Marquez.

If he didn't know any better, he'd say that he and Gabriela were somehow related. Aside from their matching skin tone, Huey and Gabriela both had similar facial features, the most pronounced being the defined jaw line and piercing brown eyes. Except she had long brown hair tied in a crude ponytail whereas Huey had a messy afro. In a small way, Gabriela reminded him of his mother.

"Yes but your mother's dead. Most of her has probably become maggot food. Doubt she'd still have those eyes."

He chuckled to himself, internally commending his brain for an excellent display of morbid humour.

"What's so funny, Huey?" she asked from behind the stack of papers before beckoning him to follow her to her office.

"Oh, just thinking about a joke I made during my last psych session" he lied, easily. No need for her to know those thoughts. "Had Dr Lang in such stitches that he let me leave early."

"So that explains why you're here so early then. I wasn't expecting you for at least another five minutes" She replied, balancing the papers on one arm whilst she fished the keys for her office door out of her pocket. Huey grabbed the top half of the documents, in an attempt to lessen the load on the young staff member.

"Why thank you Huey" Gabriela said as she opened the door and walked in with Huey behind her. "If you take a look at the fourth folder, you'll see what you're in store for."

Huey flipped over the folders in his hand till he found the one she was referring to. Leaning on the wall of her office, he read the briefing enclosed.



1976 in Medellin, Colombia was marked by the formation of the one of the most influential criminal syndicates in history, the Medellin Cartel; run by one of the most famous criminals in history, Pablo Escobar.

Operating out of the mountainous Antioquia region of Colombia, the Medellin Cartel was able to become the leading cartel in terms of wealth and influence. All of this was achieved by means of numerous illegal activities, including people trafficking, money laundering, extortion, kidnapping, murder, arms trafficking and most importantly, drug trafficking into the US and Europe.

This went on for 15 years until 1993, when the Colombian government, helped by the US, successfully dismantled the cartel by imprisoning or hunting down its members. Though this marked a triumph for Columbia in the war against the drug cartels, it is said that Escobar was able to amass a fortune of nearly £20,000,000,000 before he was gunned down in the back streets of a middle-class barrio in Medellin.


The disbandment of the Medellin Cartel did not signal the end of drugs coming out of Latin America. Splinter groups comprised of former members of the Medellin Cartel and other criminals all vied for power in the wake of the cartel's destruction but the majority of them were met with extreme force from the Colombian government.

The splinter groups that survived were either assimilated into one of the other, larger cartels or forced into hiding, severely limiting their criminal capabilities.


In early 2007, a botched police raid on a small drug trafficking gang alerted the police to the existence of the Calacito Cartel. Intelligence points to Ricardo Mosquera, previously a mid-level enforcer in the Medellin Cartel being the head of this splinter group.

The group has been supplying cocaine to smaller criminal groups and any attempts to infiltrate the organisation by police and intelligence services have been met with failure. As such, it is unknown both how the cartel is financing the operation and the logistics of transporting cocaine of such high quantity without being caught out.


Intelligence suggests that Manuel Estevado is a high-ranking member in the Calacito Cartel and acts as accountant for the Mosquera's operation, organising the laundering of money from London to Colombia whilst maintaining the façade of an accountant for many businesses in Islington, including Mosquera's nightclub 'El Pambrota'. He lives with his wife and two children in Canonbury and due to this, is seen as a highly suitable target.


A single agent and Mission Controller will be inserted in the neighbourhood that Estevado resides in. The agent will be then required to integrate themself in the life of Estevado's children - Maya (15) and Luis (16). It is from this point that the agent should be able to infiltrate the organisation and pass information regarding the financiers of the Calacito Cartel back to the appropriate liaison within the police.

The CHERUB Ethics Committee has declared this mission to be MEDIUM RISK.

Due to the connection with Colombian cartels, there is a very high possibility that Estevado and other Calacito members will be armed.



"Colombians selling Cocaine out of Canonbury? You don't get alliteration like that every day" Huey thought to himself, bringing the briefing up to mask the smile that threatened to light up his face. "Yeah, this looks like it could be fun."

His internal dialogue was cut short by his Mission Controller, who held photos of the known members of the cartel and the Estevado family in her hands.

"So Huey, have you got any questions regarding this mission?"

He turned to face Gabriela once he had regained his composure, the obscurant document moved away from his face.

"Why aren't MI5 or MI6 handling this?"

"The Calacito Cartel is extremely difficult to penetrate." Gabriela said, flicking through the small quantity of photos. "They've survived this long without getting caught out and it's for good reason. Ricardo Mosquera is a very cautious man, almost to the point of paranoia. We're only sending in one agent to minimise suspicion. If you accept, you'll be in the same year group as the Estevado's children to make infiltration as easy as possible. "

He had heard enough. The mission seemed simple enough, had the possibility of a bit of danger and a whole lot of fun. It would certainly be more interesting that being stuck on campus.

"Alright" Huey spoke after a short pause. "I'm in."

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