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The clouds overhead started to leak. Slowly at first, then into a shower of droplets that cascaded over the people below. The rain gave a pleasant contrast to the scene unfolding beneath the sky's watchful eyes.

If an outsider would have stumbled upon this spectacle, their first instinct would have been to run away and try to erase the image from their minds. Then again, some might have stopped to assist. Nevertheless, something had to be done.

Cuddy puffed more air into the younger woman's lungs. She was beginning to lose any hope she had left. The woman was tired, exhausted, but she still kept going. She started to feel light headed and her head was pounding. Hardly noticing the blood dripping down her face, she continued to try to save her life.

"One more time," She whispered to herself, "Then…" She was cut off mid sentence. The woman below her started to gag. Cuddy propped the girl's head up. She coughed up the water. Cuddy felt relieved. She continued to choke until she fell limp into Cuddy's arm. The older woman was now terrified. Cuddy placed her back to her resting spot. She stooped down and quickly checked it she was breathing. Cuddy's heart slowed and became calm. There was a slow rise and fall visible. Thirteen was breathing.

Cuddy sank back to the ground. Her head was throbbing. Her eyes fluttered and she attempted to keep her body upright. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Lisa, are you okay?" Foreman questioned as he slid down next to her. He took his shirt off and started to stop the bleeding coming from the unconscious girl.

"No!" She shrieked, "All I was trying to so was be nice, just take her home so she wouldn't get into a accident. But no, you…you stupid jackass had to ram us into the river! What are you? Drunk?" she was now frantic.

"No…no I was…" he was interrupted by a groan from the form next to him. Thirteen began to stir. Foreman backed up to give her some space.

Her eyes cracked open. Cuddy rushed over to her and helped her sit up.

"Remy?" Cuddy inquired.

"Yes?" Thirteen responded groggily.

"Don't ever scare me like that again."

"I'll try not to," Thirteen eyes became more alert and noticed the form of a man staring at her in the darkness.

In a flash, Thirteen had picked up a rock and stood. Cuddy had tried to keep her from standing up but it was too late.

Thirteen gripped the rock and aimed for the unmoving form.

"Thirteen, don't. It's not what you think. I didn't…" Before Foreman could finish a rock zoomed inches past his head, and another one came closer.

"Stop it! Get a hold of yourself!" Foreman warned and stepped back.

"Dammit!" Thirteen growled, she never had great aim with her left hand, let alone in her current situation. She picked up another rock and aimed right for Foreman's forehead. But before she could throw it, her world froze.

She gazed at the rock-strewn floor beneath her feet and grasped her head. She blinked and rubbed her eyes.

She heard a small thud as the ground was suddenly underneath her. She began to regain the feeling in her arm. Cuddy and Foreman rushed over to Thirteen.

The brunette clutched her arm as her adrenaline started to wear off. She attempted not to let out a scream. The girl's vision began to blur. She closed her eyes and heard sirens.

House looked into the distance. He could now see the familiar red and blue lights of the ambulance. He also heard the ear-splitting sound of the sirens emitting from them. But he could faintly hear the scream of a woman.

"Could…" House thought out loud. He quickly was on his feet and was rushing as fast as he could limp without his cane toward the screams.

House halted at the edge of the woods and gazed down to see the form of Thirteen gasping on the ground. Cuddy was along the side of her trying to subdue her. House was next to Thirteen in an instant.

He began to look into her blue-green, pained eyes. She looked liked she was pleading for this to end and he wanted it to. House wished he could take her place.

"HOUSE!" Cuddy screamed, "Help me control her! She's going into shock!"

"Um, right." House began to help Cuddy put pressure onto her wounds, to stop the bleeding. More of Thirteen's blood began to stain House's hands and the area around them.

House kept looking into her eyes. Her body began to slow. House watched in horror as her beautiful eyes rolled back and she became limp. House felt for a pulse, but before he could confirm one, he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. The man told House to back away. House refused, but there were more men on his right that took that opportunity to start to load Thirteen's lifeless body onto a nearby stretcher. He ran forward to try and catch up to the men carrying away the girl, but the man just held his shoulder and began to speak.

"Sir, please, we need to take her to the hospital." The man spoke.

"I know that! Let me go!" House grumbled as her tried to force the hand off his shoulder and dash to Thirteen's side. But in vain, the larger man held his ground.

"Sir, you can see her later. Right now we need to take care of you."

"Me?" House questioned. "I'm fine." In all the confusion of the incident, House didn't notice the trail of blood dripping off his face.

"Sorry, but you don't look fine.' the man said as he led House to another ambulance, far from Thirteen.

House searched for Cuddy and saw her get into the ambulance with Thirteen.

"Sir, can I asked what happened?" the man asked as he led House toward the back of the open ambulance.

"Well…" House began as he sat down on the edge and the paramedic began to work on his head.

"I was driving, a car came and hit us, and we fell into the river." House said as he regained his House-ish attitude.

"Fine, sir, no need to be rude." the man said as he cleaned House's head and placed butterfly bandages along the gash.

"Well, it looks like you might have a slight concussion. Better get it x-rayed." The man said.

"Thanks but I'm pretty sure it is only a flesh wound since I show no signs of light-headedness, loss of vision, or confusion. Oh, but how would you know? It's not like you asked? God, I guess they will employ anyone these day who can fill out a application form without too many spelling mistakes. No wonder you couldn't become a doctor, having to settle for a paramedic, you just want to be doctors' bitches! I wonder how many people you kill a year? I hope you sleep good tonight, knowing that."

And with that House stormed off into the direction of the police cars, leaving the young paramedic with his mouth agape.

"House!" he heard Foreman call.

"What?" House snipped back.

"Don't you want a ride to the hospital?" Foreman asked.

"Um, actually I though I'd walk." House sarcastically grumbled.

"Then come on, quickly, the police will want a statement and that will take a while." Foreman stated as he began to sneak back up the dirt road to the street where his car was parked. House followed.

Foreman started up the car and began to drive past the totaled truck. Another ambulance was there and was removing a body from the wreckage. the body was clearly unmoving and the men were not putting him onto a stretcher, but rather in a body bag.

"So… what exactly happened?" Foreman spoke up.

"First, answer my question. Why were you here?" House remarked.

"Well, I was coming back from a date and I use this way to get home and since I live by the hospital…"

"Fine, good enough for me." House grumbled and began to explain the accident.

Cuddy winced as the nurse tied the last stitch on her forehead.

"Thanks." Cuddy spoke as she began to rise and headed for the next room.

Inside a few doctors and nurses were huddled around a patient, quietly working. Looking in and feeling contempt they were doing alright she made her way to her office to get into some clothes that weren't covered in dirty water and blood.

But, unfortunately, she saw a scruffy, grey haired man standing in her way.

"Hello Lisa." House smiled.

"Hello, why are you so happy?" Cuddy questioned back.

"Well, if you were on your way to your office then Thirteen must not be dead." House gritted, not wanting to show Cuddy his pure relief he felt. "So where is my unlucky duckling?"

"Right now, in surgery," Cuddy said as she pointed in the direction of the ER.

"Hm, so how unlucky is Thirteen?" House asked not wanting to really know the answer.

"Well, do you want the condensed version?" Cuddy smirked.

"Um…" House contemplated foolishly, only to have Cuddy roll her eyes and continue without an answer.

"For starters, she has two broken ribs, broken nose, and her right arm is completely shattered. She has a slight concussion. Like I said, she's in surgery right now and they're fixing her arm. But she is going to be alright, after some time off" Cuddy spoke trying to hide her real worry for the girl.

"Hm, does that mean she will be out of work for a while? Because I don't pay her to slack off." House grinned and Cuddy playfully hit his arm.

"Are you alright?" House asked showing concern as he traced the stitches above her eyebrow with is finger.

"Yes, I'm fine. But you should get your head fixed." She stated as she motioned her hand toward his face.

"Why? It's just a scratch."

"No, not that. Your brain, you showed emotion down at the river and I can tell you are actually worried for Thirteen now." Cuddy said.

"Well, you showed emotion and I can bet you're actually worried out of your mind right now for her!" House accused.

"I don't have a problem with emotion now do I? Unlike someone I know. And, yeah, I actually do care for her and I'm not scared to admit it." Cuddy turned and walked into her office leaving House alone in the hallway.

House set off in the other direction toward his office to wait for the police to find him and ask for his statement and for Thirteen to come out of surgery.

House flopped down defeated in his chair.

"Maybe Foreman will take care of the police so I don't have to." House said happily as he slowly succumbed to his much needed sleep.

Her eyes began to open revealing a foggy sight. She blinked a few times to clear up her vision. Her eyes are met with a white windowless room. She slowly starts to rise but is stopped by an intense, shooting pain coming from her right side. She gasps and flops back down onto the bed.

She tries to move her right arm but fails. She glances down to look at her arm and finds it in a cast. The cast leads from her wrist to her elbow, then it bends and continues it way up her arm ending on her shoulder.

"Great, now I'm a bloody robot!" She shouts to herself and waking the sleeping form next to her bed that she missed when she first surveyed the room.

"Remy," The form calmly states as he makes his way to his feet.

"Stay away from me!" She shouts and tries to move to the other side of the bed, only to cause herself to gasp in pain.

"Shh." Foreman says as he lays a protective hand on her left shoulder.

"It wasn't me, it was this other guy. And he died in the crash."

"Fine," Thirteen growled not wanting an excuse to not be mad at Foreman.

"Can I get you anything?" Foreman asked.

"Yes, something to eat."

"What do you want?"

"Anything and everything, I'm starving. How many days have I been out?"

"Um, about three." Foreman said.

"Well hurry up and get me something to eat!"

And with that Foreman made his way to the cafeteria.

Soon after he left another man made his way into her room. Followed by him was a woman.

The man reluctantly spoke up. "Ahem, well, Cuddy here says you can have all the time off you need to slack off." House received a elbow to the ribs from Cuddy in response to that answer.

"I mean to "recuperate"," he sarcastically states as he rubs his ribs.

"Thanks, I think?" Thirteen laughed.

"Well we are were worried about you, even House although he might not admit it." Cuddy piped up. Cuddy squeezed her hand, lovingly, and exited the room leaving House alone with his duckling.

"Um…" Thirteen mumbled before House cut her off.

"Don't. I'm going to admit this, don't ruin the moment!" House yipped.

"Ok, what are you going to admit?" Thirteen asked.

"That I'm glad you're ok. Do you know how hard it is to find another employee that will work under me!" House admitted.

"Right." Thirteen responded.

"Oh, and I better see you back to work in a few days or I might just fire you." House said as he removed himself from the chair he was occupying and made his way out the door, smiling.


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