"So have heard about the prince? The others say that there looking for a stong male to breed with him!" squeaked a random neko towns person.

It was true, the king of Oblivion was looking for a strong male to help continue the familys legacy. It happened with every generation, they would put up a brave solider to breed with the prince of the land. Yes they had to be brave or else nothing would get done. When the princes went into heat, they became very violent and agressive to anyone who came into the room. Unmated men would be chosen to see if they could get the male under control to breed. It was mainly males in the army, because of there fitness training and ability to take down almost any prey, who got first chance. Then they moved on to the towns folk. Now keep in mind that anyone who sucessfully mated with the prince, was to be only with him. As a bonus said male got to move into the castle and had all the ups and downs that the prince did. Also Oblivion was a land were no female could ever live, basically because they would have no need to live there. Some male could have children. So because of this they used a name system to seperate them, like other countrys had Female and Male. They used Seme for the dominant males, and Uke for the subbmissive.

Also did I forget to mention that they all had animal attributes and appendages? Meaning they acted like there animal and had tails, ears, claws and sometimes eyes like an animal.

"Really? Its about time, hes what 18 now? I hope I get chosen to mate with him. Hes so beautiful and adorale" Sighed another. The one who spoke first scoffed.

"Like he would choose you. Your too fat and dumb for him to like you"

"God your an asshole Lexus, and I am not fat. Plus he is canine so he would have to go for a canine. But one can dream" The two started to walk away, still arguing about who would get to mate with the prince.

In the background stood a tall canine male. He had long red hair spiking out behind him, with two red ears poking out atop his head. His eyes were green, almost an acid or lime color, and they had two purple upside down triangles beneath them, most likely tattos. He was skinny, but that was madeup by muscle mass. He wore a long black cloak, it was a customary attire for anyone in the army. Beneath his cloak was a long silky red tail, it was fluffy but thin almost like a husky's.

He sighed, it was like this for the past two years. They would send the generals, or promising individuals, to the castle to get a go at who ever was prince. Last year was a burnette labrador. A slim silver haired male named Riku snagged him. That dog was vicious, Axel remembered going home with a piece of his ear missing and a few scratches and bruises. He knew he was going to be picked, he just hoped that he would be ok this time. The prince this time was Roxas Strife, a wolf type. Axel was a wolf type also.

This was going to be interesting.


So as Axel though he was picked to be a potential mate for the prince. Well one didn't need to think hard on who the top candidates world be, they always choose either the most skilled or strongest male. And Axel was a general for the army, mostly he was the squad that would stealthly break into a town or castle. He was an important piece to taking down defenses, his squad was the most skilled in the army. Along with all the others who were here. Leon led the beserker team, the would charge the first line defenses. Zack and his team would sneak around to the back and attack the men that way. And Demyx, well his team was the distraction team. They would falsly make the enemy believe that they were a traveling band and lure them away to listen to their music.

"Role call!" Yelled the king, Cloud strife stood with his mate Sephiroth Mako. They stood infront of a large room, which happened to be the boys chambers.

"Zack" He called.

"here" Zack said happily


"yes sir" He said emotionless.


"Yup" He called while smiling.


"Yeah" Axel said with a smirk on his face.

"Good now you all have been chosen to try and mate with my boy today. Now I want you all to know that if any of you succeed, then I expect you to treat him well or else...well we'll beat it into you, and I may possibly cut off your balls" Smirked Sephiroth. It was obvious that Roxas was his favorite of the litter. It was actually odd considering that he was an almost cold hearted person to everyone else, excluding Cloud. He turned to Leon, his long silver hair flowing behind him.

"You get first go, good luck. Hes a wild one." Sehpiroth smirked and pushed the brown haired male into the room. It was silent for a moment before a loud glow was heard. Then a loud crash and a few yelps, then it got quiet again, The door then opened to reviel leon. He ran out with his tail tucked between his legs.

Axel smiled as he ran. 'one less person to contend with!' He thought. To tell the truth he was happy that there was a big possibility that he would get the prince, considering his devilishly handsome looks and over all charm.

"Your sons crazy man!" He yelled as he ran down the hall. Sephiroth watched his run down the hall with the smirk still on his face.

"So whose next? Zack?" The black haired male shook his head. "Demyx?" Another shake of the head.

"God your all a bunch of whimps, fine if none of you want to go then I'll pick one of you... Axel! its you lucky day get in there. And remember, if he submits then that means you won the right to be his mate!" Sephiroth smiled impishly at the red headed male. The red head nodded before walking to the door,he took a deep breath and walked in. As he walked in he took the room all in. It was an off white color, most likely cream, with a black carpet on the ground. The room was pretty bare minus the big bed in the corner of the room and a few pieces of furniture littering the room.

After all this, he finally took in a breath, smelling the air. A delicous smell it his nose, making him addicted and aroused in seconds.

Just like regular animals, the people of Oblivion would go into heat once a month, for dogs mostly. It was to make sure there was no shortage of people in the land. And to help the whole mate thing along.

Axel sniffed around the room trying to find the source of this amazing smell. His nose led his to a corner of the room where a little blonde could be seen sitting indian style, hunched over his legs panting. His blonde ears drooping at the side of his head and his tail between his legs. Keep in mind he was only wearing his pants, his shirt was tossed over to the other side of the room. Axel mouth watered and he licked his lips. He stalked forward his tail wagging a mile a minuteand his ears perked. His instincts were telling him just to jump the blonde and take him there and then, but he didn't want to scare the poor boy. He slipped off his black boots as he walked, well stalked, to the blonde. The moment he was about five feet away from the prince the blonde lifted his head up and snarled at him.

Now that he was standing Axel could get a good look at him. His eyes were a deep blue with a bit of light blue in them. His skin was pale, almost like porcelain. He was gorgoues all in all. Even as he had on an angery face. Axel growled back, asserting his dominance over the blonde. But the prince was not willing to go down with out a fight. He growled back and stood up, abit clumsily but that was expected considering he was having an almost heat stroke. Axel stalked forward, his head held high. Once he was a bit to close to the prince, the blonde lunged at him. His mouth pulled back into a snarl. Axel smirked an side stepped.

"Ah ah ah can't have any of that Roxy" He said teasingly. Roxas bared his teeth then growled. "My name is Roxas not Roxy" To Axel his voice was like silk, addicting the red head even more.

He the pounced on the prince. Said blonde gowled as he was pushed to the floor, Roxas rolled away and got on to all fours. His tail was puffed out and his ears back, clearly saying he was upset and didn't want Axel any where near him. Axel slipped to the floor and on all fours also, they circled each other before Axel bent down and push off the ground to pounce the blonde again, but Roxas moved and jumped on his back. Axel rolled, making Roxas roll off him and on to the floor. Axel rolled on to his stomache and attemped to bite the blondes neck. But Roxas bite his forearm with his sharp canine teeth, Axel yelped and bite his arm. They both had a firm grip on each other but Axel bit down harder and harder until Roxas let go with a yowl of pain.

He snapped and snarled at Axel as the red head rolled him over into his most vulnerable state. Axel snarled loudly as he lunged for Roxas' throat. The blonde breath hitched as Axel lunged. The red head had his teeth over Roxas jugular vein. He closed his mouth over the vein and growled, telling the blonde to submit to him. Roxas growled and struggled even more, trying to wiggle away. Axel growled deeper and aplied more force into this blonde growled before whinning, his tail going between his legs. Axel smirked let go of his neck, he ripped off his cloak and pants, leaving him in his maroon boxers. He crawled on top of the blonde, he moved his head down to nip and lick Roxas neck. He nipped up and down his collarbone and jawline.



Sephiroth had his silver wolf ear to the door listening, it had gotten a bit to quiet since he heard his boy yelp. He listened intently until he heard a moan of pleasure. He bolted his head back from the door to look at the other candidates who were sniffing around, most likely having gotten a smell of his son. He cleared his throat and pointed to the door.

"It appears that Axel won the honor of my son, so all of you may go now. Get the fuck out of my house now" He growled. The males all nodded and walked away. Cloud turned to him with a look of worry on his face.

"Do you think Axel will be good for him Sephy?" He asked quietly. The silver haired man nodded and put and arm around his mate shoulders. "He'll be good, if he knows whats good for him baby, now lets go and let them do there thing, I don't want to hear my son doing the do with my best general" He said as he led his mate away from the room. But before he left he looked back to make sure the door was locked. He didn't need his son to run away from his most favored general and possibly get raped by another Dominate.

They would be staying in the room for a whole week, riding out Roxas heat. Most mating coulpes would forget about food and concentrate on eachother. Sadly the only thought going on in Sephiroth's head was 'Hey once less mouth to feed for a week, and more sex for me and my mate'.


See inside Roxas' head he was making a plan, he did not want to be mated nor married to anyone so soon. For fucks sakes he was only 18!

Axel moved away fromhis neck, but he expected Roxas to make a move. As he let go of Roxas neck, the blonde kneed him in the stomach. It didn't hurt much but damn he was persistent with his kicking. Axel yelped and let go of blonde rolled away and growled at Axel. The red head groaned but shook it off. He pulled his lips back into a snarled and growled at Roxas. The blonde winced back a bit but held his ground agaist the dominante male. Axel stalked towards him, an anrgy glint in his eye. Axel increased his dominate pheromones, trying to calm the blonde down.

In oblivion, many subbmissive males get scared into be subbmissive. The dominant males would increase their pheromones to get the subbmissive into a calmer state, which in turn would allow them to take them. Once a subbmissive got a smell of it they would either do two things.

One, they would lie on the ground and roll on to there backs. Allowing the males to have them.

Or they would try to fight it. This was a hard process though and it always failed eventually. Some subbmissives could hold off for an hour at most. Plus the fact that because of the heat all over there body. Of course Roxas being the stubborn ass he was, chose option two. In many cases it could be called rape if the Subbmisive is horribly unwilling. Afterwards the Dominant male would leave the possibly pupped Subbmissive to raise the babies alone.

Axel smirked and walked closer to the struggling blonde. Roxas was backing away with shacking movments. Axel eventually backed him into a wall. The red head sandwiched Roxas between the wall and himself. Axel licked his lips and moved his mouth to Roxas' ear.

"Babe just give into it. Its way better as soon as you give in and I can get rid of that nasty heat of yours" Axel whispered seductively in to his ear. His hold on fighting back was diminishing fast. Roxas whimpered, his voice betraying him.

"P-please...Ah~" He moaned. He was trying to speak normally but with the force of pheromone Axel was releasing, he couldn't help but moan. Axel smiled impishly and licked around Roxas' collarbone. The blonde gave out a canine whine, his breath coming out in huffs. Axel mouth watered listening to the blonde. He licked his lips again and all but threw Roxas over his shoulder. He ran over to the bed and threw Roxas down. He jumped on the bed and crawled over to the blonde. He spread Roxas legs and placed himself between his legs.

He lowered his head to smash his lips against Roxas'. Axel brushed his tongue against Roxas bottom lip. Theblonde didn't open his mouth though so Axel took matters into his own hands. He let his hands wonder down until they were lined with Roxas' bottom. He roughly grabbed them and gropped them. Roxas gasped, not even remembering Axel's tongue on his lips. Axel quickly pushed his tongune into his mouth and explored around, his hands still feeling Roxas' bottom up.

Another thing about heat is that it made every touch sensitive, pleasure points doubled also. This made it easier for Subbmissives to submit.

Roxas gave out a strangled moan of pleasure. He didn't like what was happening but his body was frozen by Axels scent. Some times he damned his amazing canine nose.

Axel moved his mouth away from Roxas' and started to lick back down his collarbone. He also moved his hands away from the blondes bottom to his waist. He hooked his fingers into Roxas boxers waist band and slowly inched them down to reviel the blondes erect member. Axel smirked and moved his mouth down to level with Roxas member. Hey he wanted to pleasure Roxas before himself. He licked the head of Roxas erection, earning a long moan from the blonde. He then slid his tongue up and down again until he took the head of Roxas erection into his mouth. He swirled the pink muscle around the head. He removed his mouth with a pop and looked back at Roxas.

His ears were drooping down and his tail was lazily lied beside him. Axel crawled back up and placed himself at Roxas entrance. He looked down to his face as Roxas gave a lazy push, trying to stop him, and smirked. "Not going to happen babes" Axel said seductivly as he pushed in painfully slow, he wanted Roxas to engoy this. Roxas gasped and groaned, before opening his mouth.

"Please...S-stop" He whispered, try as hard as he could to resist what his hormones were telling him. Axel shook his head. "Just give..." He paused as he pulled until all that was left in was the head. "In!" He growled as he thrust in hard. This was the time when Roxas hold on reality fell, yes it was hard to hold on after a very attractive male had just dominated you. Also the fact of the pheromones the red head was releacing. Roxas threw his head back and moaned loudly as Axel hit his sweet spot on the dot.

"Oh Axel!" Roxas groaned. Axel smirked and pulled out again and slammed back in with just as much force. Axel pulled out and flipped Roxas onto his hands and knees and slammed back in. Roxas let out a breathy yelp and thrust back. Axel grinned and started on a steady slow rhythm, Roxas let out low groans each thrust. Around the tenth thrust was when Axel mentally said 'Fuck it' and let himself go. He figured that Roxas had adjusted enough to the feeling. He thrust in hard and fast each time, letting his animal like instincts take over. Roxas arched his back, his tail curling forward and wagging back and forth fast. He almost hit Axel in the face which made the red head growl deeply, demanding he stop. Roxas groaned and yelped each thrust into his small body.

"Ah! Axel f-faster!" Roxas moaned out, Axel was more then happiy to comply to his demands. He moved his body faster and harder. by now Axel was going as fast as his large muscular frame could. They were going at it like animals, literally. Axel groan, feeling the tight heat around his member was heaven. Believe me he wanted to memorize every spot on Roxas body. Roxas soon started to take gasp-y breaths.

Roxas on the other hand was in his own little world of pleasure. It was his first time and it was to be expected that he forget everything around him, well minus the dominant dominating him, and only focas on the pleasure. This would only happen on the first time though, because on the second time they had some control and focased more on the one doing them.

Axel growled deep in his throat as he felt himself nearing his orgasm, he thurst as fast and hard as he could then. Roxas let out a loud howl-like moan, this let the Dominate know that the Subbmissive liked what he was doing. Axel smirked and leaned downed down to his neck, he breathed in his scent and bit down on Roxas' shoulder. The blonde groaned and moved his head to let the red head do what ever he wanted. Roxas panted heavily as his breath escaped him each thurst.

Axel snaked a hand under him and started to stoke his member. Roxas breath hitched as unimaginable pleasure exploded though out him. He let out a loud howl as he came messily on the bed. Axel, unable to take much more, came soon after him as he felt the soft velvety walls around his member clamp down. His mouth was still on Roxas neck so he decide to mark him. Roxas long howl soon stopped as his arms started to tremble. Axel, riding out his orgasm, huffed and puffed. He let go of Roxas neck and pulled out. The blonde collapsed on to the bed and took deep breaths, trying to get some air back into his lungs.

Axel lied next to him and pulled Roxas against him. He smiled and licked Roxas shoulder blade. "So how was your first time Roxy?" He asked. Roxas pulled his tail between his legs and closed his eyes.

"Sh-ut up..."He yawned and lied his head back. "I'm going sleepyz wake me up later" He said quietly. Axel nodded and turned on to his back. He pulled Roxas against his chest. The blonde lazily pulled up his arm on to Axel chest and lied his head down. Axel smiled and pulled up the blanket on to there naked bodies.

"Night Roxy" He whispered.

And this was the start of a very horny week.


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