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Oh today was going to be good. Roxas was smirking as he left the bathroom. He had just done his entire make up and put on a nice blue tunic. It was a nice sky blue with a white trim; he wore grey leggings underneath to cover his legs. As he was leaving the room, he slipped a bit on the wet floor though. Let's just say he hoped that today was going to be worth a sore tailbone. His make-up consisted of a bit of black eyeliner around his eyes and mascara, along with bit of blue eye shadow to complement his eyes.

Yes, it is odd that the Ukes wear make-up but in their world they are the females so you really can't help it. Semes had to wear a red or black eyeliner around there eyes. Other than that no other make-up was worn.

He walked down the hallway to his bed room; it was only 4:00 and dinner started at five. So he hung out in his room, limbering up and reading a book called How to Seduce Your Partner: Yaoi Addition.


Axel sighed loudly as Xion grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him down the side walk. After she had told him that they were going home to wash Axel, she got distracted and went into another store. The store they went into was one from expecting mothers and also a sex shop, why they went in there Axel didn't know. It was an awful pink color, filled with mainly pink, blues and greens. On one side you had your Moo moos, on the other was all the toys and tools for babies or the mothers. At the back, there was a black curtain and a sigh reading 'Toys and Kinks ;)'. The store in total looked like a unicorn threw up all over their stuff, it was hideous. Xion was looking through Moo Moos, pink ones too. She grabbed one and placed it against her body; she made an 'hmm' noise then nodded. Axel looked around, a bit intimidated by all the pink. He was about to walk over to Xion but she ran to him and grabbed his wrist. She dragged him to the black curtain and pushed him through. She slipped in after him and smiled. To say the area was disturbing was an understatement. There was many shelves filled with Toys and Lube, and kinks like whips and a one even had a sex swing. Don't Ask…

Another thing to know is that heat is an easy way to avoid Virginal pain. But if you want to have sex after then you need to do what humans do. Yes humans do live around, mainly on the other side of the world though. Some journeying humans stumble about Oblivion and just decide to live there. No one really cares any ways.

Xion giggled and ran to the lube isle and picked up a lavender colored bottle. She flipped his over and read the back, after skimming over the words, she threw it to Axel. He juggled it a bit before catching it and looking at it. There was a picture of a girl neko with blonde braids in her hair and green eyes. She had one eye winking and a thumb up. The bottle read:

'HI! Thank you for looking at Rikku's KY Lube, Made for your pleasure. This is the newest addition called, Lavender dream. We have made this lube the softest, slickest and most comfortable Lube ever, we also included a secret formula to send your cute little uke into heaven! We hope you enjoy this and buy more from the store! '

Axel raised an eyebrow and looked back to Xion, who was looking through maids out fits. You know the kink kind of one. She shook her head and looked back to Axel.

"So Master Axel, are you going to buy that? I'm sure Master Roxas wouldn't mind it. I'm also sure you to will be spending a lot of time together in bed too. Once Namine gets back from the bakery, we will leave and get you all cleaned up! We already have your suit, shampoo to make you smell good, and not like wet dog. He had the body wash and conditioner. Are we forgetting anything? I don't think we are…" Xion placed a finger on her chin and looked up, He ears pinned forward as she thought.

"If it will get me out of here fast then yes, and let's go wait outside. As much as I love sex, this place is just plain weird." Axel said as he walked over to the counter, placed the lube down and pulled out his wallet. A blonde girl, the same as on the bottle, came skipping out from the back room and giggled. Axel's ear pinned back as he took in the hyper blonde.

"Hello Sir! I'm Ms. Rikku Takashi! Thank you for buying! We hope you enjoy your item, me and my handy dandy work squad worked long and hard to make that for you and your lover! That will be $7.66" She said quickly as he placed a ten on the counter. Rikku scanned the bottle and took the ten. She handed him back $2.34 in change back and waved.

"Bye Sir! Have a nice time!" Rikku yelled as he walked to the door, away from the hyper active girl. Axel's ears slumped downward as he got farther away from the screaming women.

"Thank god I'm not into women" Axel grumbled as he stood outside the shop. Moments later Namine came skipping down the block and stood in front of him. She had a basket filled with cookies and a box of popsicles. She smiled. How she got popsicles from a bakery, he would never know

"There for Roxas, He loves these ice creams." She supplied. Axel nodded, saving the info for later. Xion walked out of the store and whispered in Namines ear. Namine nodded and grabbed Axel hand. "Ok Axel now we're going to go home a bath you!" She giggled as she pulled him along to the limo. How it got there, Axel didn't know.

They hopped inside and the driver, Demyx, drove off. "Did you all have a good time?" Demyx asked casually. Xion giggled.

"Yup the best" She smiled. Demyx smiled back.

When they arrived at the house, Xion immediately started to push Axel towards down stairs bathroom. Axel let himself be pushed, not really having the energy to deal with Xion or Namine. Speaking of Namine, where is she?


Roxas smirked as Namine slipped into this bedroom, a box of sea salt in her hands. She skipped over to him and handed him them, she giggled and sat down on his big king size bed. Well really it should be an extra large king size bed, it could swallow you up if it wanted too.

"Hello Master Roxas, How was your time here all alone?" Namine giggled. Roxas shrugged. He had changed back into his boxer-briefs and was just hanging around his room until it was time for dinner.

"Boring. This dinner better be worth it, I went to Sora's and it sucked balls. Literally. I bet when he was done with me, him and Riku got down and dirty." Roxas made a face and gagged. Namine giggled.

"I know, I heard them" She sighed, her rabbit ears drooping slightly. Roxas rolled his eyes and took the box of ice cream.

"Anyways you should go back so that he doesn't get suspicious" Roxas mumbled while opening up the box. Namine nodded and stood up; she walked over to the door and paused.

"Master Roxas, don't you think this is a slightly over exaggerated plan? I mean all he did was molesting you in the hallway…" Namine asked. Roxas shrugged.

"Meh he needs to learn not to be an asshole with me, and he molested me in the hallway were all my servants and maids were. Plus its kind of boring here anyways, it's always good to have something to do other than read a book or two" Roxas grumbled. Namine smiled and left the room.


After Namine joined Xion and Axel downstairs, the trio went to the spare bathroom off the lobby. They pushed Axel in and filled the tub with warm water. They turned around and told Axel to get undressed and slip into the water. They put bubbles in the water to hide his manhood. After he hopped into the water they turned around and Xion grabbed the shampoo while Namine grabbed the soap. Axel was a little weirded out but he got over it.

They scrubbed his hair, being careful of his cute little ears, and combed it. Namine giggled as she rubbed the bath wash all over his chest and back, commenting on how much he looked like a puppy. Xion and Namine chatted together as they scrubbed Axel down, getting all the dirt and grim off his body. They left for a bit so he could was his private bits.

After the bath, the girls picked out Axel's outfit and dressed him. His outfit consisted of a tight pair of grey pants with black leather chaps. His top was a black shirt with sleeves that went down to his elbow. They only had about a half hour to get him ready for the party. Now they were just wasting time. It was a wonder how they got things done sometimes.

They sat him down on the side of the bath tub, and Xion walked over to the cabinet. She pulled out a small tube of crimson red eyeliner and walked back over. She handed the tube to Namine; she added it to Axel eyes and then grabbed his face.

"Now open your eyes wide" Axel nodded and widened his eyes as much as they would go. She applied the crimson red eyeliner to his eyes then told him to close them and repeated on the top. She looked over his face and made a face. She smiled and nodded then let go of Axels face. She pulled him to his feet and looked at her watch, five minute before they had to go. She sighed and Xion grabbed Axels hand, she pulled him out of the room and down the hallway to the ballroom door. She stopped and turned him to face her.

"Ok Axel, today is a big day and your not to screw this up or else you're going to hell in a hand basket got it?" Xion said sternly.

"Yup" Axel said. His ears pinned back at the stern voice.

"Good now you need to be on your best behavior tonight and not act like an aggressive beast." Xion smiled. Axle cocked his head.

"Why would I act like an aggressive beast?" He asked.

"Because there will be other males dancing with Roxas and looking him up. But don't worry no one will pull a move it they know what's good for them. Plus you would most likely rip their throats out devour them" She stated simply. Axel glared and frowned. He licked his teeth as he thought about anyone flirting with HIS Roxas.

"And if someone does pull a move?" He asked.

"Well then that would mean that their challenging you to his hand in marriage. But that most likely won't happen" She smiled and slapped him across the face. He was about to yell at her when she opened the doors and pushed him through. He stumbled through the doors and landed on his knees. He looked up to see at least 50 hundred people talking and wondering around the ballroom.

The ballroom its self was a nice large area, the color was an off white with a cream-yellow outline. The floor was covered in yellow/cream tiles with weird designs them. The walls were a nice white color with a stone flowery design. In the front, what Axel thought was the front, was a big stage with a band playing songs. In the corner of the room was the food table and a long table for eating dinner. It really wasn't much but it was cool. Over by the food table her saw his blonde eating away at the pickles, along with Namine.

Axel got to his feet and wiped the imaginary dirt off of his outfit. He took a deep breath and stalked over to Roxas. Once he got in range he saw Roxas in the light blue tunic he got for the party. He had to take a double take with how gorgeous it was. It was a button style that went all the way to his mid thigh. He wore mid thigh high, tights and boots that went all the way to the knees. He had a pin in his hair next to his right ear to keep the hair out of his eyes. And he also had a long checkered bow on his tail, which was the cutest thing on him. Axel's mouth was salivating and his tail was wagging just from looking at Roxas, his ears were perked and upright. Oh he was feeling good now. He walked over to Roxas with a skip in his step and wrapped his arms around the blonde waist. Roxas jumped a bit and looked up. He smiled and placed his arms over Axels.

"Hi" He giggled. Axel chuckled and leaned his head down to his neck. He gave it a sniff before replying.

"Hey babe, you look absolutely amazing" He chuckled and sniffed again making Roxas chuckle.

"Thanks you look handsome too" Roxas said and leaned up to give Axel a peck on the lips. Axel was about to say more before Sephiroth spoke up from the middle of the room, Cloud hanging onto his arm.

"Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you to my lovely sons pre-wedding! He and his mate Axel, over there by the food table, are so glad you all could come. So now its dinner, everyone please go over to the dining table and sit at the spot with your name card on it." Sephiroth yelled then walked over to the table.

Axel followed Roxas as the blonde grabbed his arm and lead him to the table. They sat on the right side of Cloud, they could see Riku and Sora sitting in front of them on the other side. Sora had his ear lazily hanging on his head as he yawned and placed and elbow on the table, no doubt tired from his and Riku's earlier activities. Riku waved to Axel and smirk.

Axel stuck his tongue out and lent back in his chair just as Sephiroth stood. Everyone went silent as they listened to the silver haired man talk "Good evening again to everyone, I trust all of your trips here were calm and pleasant?" numerous mummers of 'yes' and 'of course' broke the silence.

Sephiroth nodded and licked his lips. "To nights dinner will consist of Italian, a dish Roxas has grown fond of the human dish. We have Ciceri E Tria, Tortelloni Alla Zucca, Penne All'arrabbiata, Lasagna, Ziti, Ravioli, Pasta Al Pesto, Carbonara, Riso Alla Toscana, Riso Tonnato, Baccala, Orate Al Forno, Buridda, Acqua Pazza, and many more. We will eat dinner and then the chefs will bring out the dessert. Which will be the finest fruits we could find. Please, everyone enjoy yourselves"

Everyone cheered and dug in to their meals, having requested it prior to dinner. Axel looked down to his meal, it was Penne. It looked just like spaghetti, but with penne noodles, diced tomatoes, fresh hot peppers, onion and grated Pecorino Romano. The red head looked over to Roxas to see him enjoying a plate of cliché spaghetti. He picked up his fork and hesitantly picked up some of his meal and took a bite. His eyes widened as he tasted the sharpness of it. It had a nice spicy bite to it, and he liked it. He dug in; enjoying his meal, with grace and eloquence, if that's possible.


After dinner we found Roxas and Axel walking down to their room. Dinner had gone well, now interruptions or events gone wrong. The food was good; it was mainly Italian to night but good none the less.

Roxas looked over to Axel with a smirk and as soon as they reached the room, the blonde pushed him in. Axel grunted as Roxas guided him to the bed, kicking the door shut with his foot. He pushed Axel to the bed and crawled on top of him. The blonde smiled devilishly and grabbed Axel's shirt. He tugged it off the red eared man's body and trailed a finger down his chest. Axel groaned and placed his hand on Roxas.

Roxas lent back and ground his rear on Axel's member. The red head threw his head back and grunted. Roxas smirked, he could feel Axel's hard member against him. He lent forward and whispered into Axel's ear.

"Why don't we try something? I'm feeling a bit… excitable" He purred out. Axel bit his lip and rubbed his legs together, his arching member rubbing against Roxas. God, the blonde didn't know how fucking hot he was. Roxas lent forward even more and grabbed Axel's hands, he placed them above his head. The lent down and kissed the red heads cheek, he moved to his mouth and swiped his tongue against his bottom lip. Axel was so distracted he didn't even hear the click of this new imprisonment. Roxas let go of his hands and placed them on Axel's chest. He shimmied down the red heads body and placed his mouth over Axel's member. He lent down and let blew hot air on the cloth. Axel groaned and arched his back, trying to get Roxas' mouth on his erection.

And then it dawned on him. "Wait, why am I tied up?" Roxas chuckled and placed a finger on the head of Axel's erection. "Technically you're locked up. And I did say I wanted to play differently~"

The blonde pulled Axel pants down until his erection popped out with a big 'Hello!' Roxas grabbed the base of his member and licked a small strip on the underside of his erection. Axel moaned quietly and tried to thrust his hips up, but Roxas held them down. Roxas placed the head of his member into his mouth and gave a shy suck. Axel let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes, the pleasure was so good. The blonde smirked and engulfed more of Axel's erection into his mouth. He sucked a bit and bopped his head up and down the length slowly. Axel groaned louder, his toes curling. Roxas smirked and moved faster and faster until he felt Axel member twitch. He pulled away, licking the underside of the red head erection as he went.

Roxas looked to the watch on his wrist and sat up. Axel snapped his eyes open and jerked his head up to look at the blonde. Roxas yawned and stood of the bed.

Axel swallowed and opened his mouth. "W-where are you going?" He asked out in raspy breaths. Roxas smirked and stretched, his ears dropping slightly.

"Well it's pretty late Axie~ I'm just so tired. I thought that I would go to bed" Roxas said as his it made so much sense. Axel stared at him before looking down to his aching erection. "B-but.."

Roxas blew a kiss to Axel and stepped out of the room, a loud yell following him down the hall. "ROXAS!"


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