The rain fell down upon my face

It's raining out

I take a breath, cold and bracing

Step outside, look about

My eyes find it hard to see

Through the falling rain

It's cold, cold, I'm not filled with glee

And there's this feeling inside, this pain

It quickens my step a little

Shoes, pounding upon muddy paths

Renders the shivery cold less brittle

Thinking of so many broken hearts

I'm gonna go there now

To your doorstep, to your cold eyes, folded arms

But I won't bow

I won't search your face for the old charms

I'll speak my piece

Make my peace

It's over but I still feel for you

Wish you'd feel something for me, too

But as it is, you feel precious little for me, for the once-was us

For those dreams we once shared so eagerly

I'll state my case, explain my reason for this intrusion; I'll not put a up a big fuss

You'll meet my gaze, meagerly

And I'll know, at last, that it's over

Over, ever after

No more will we walk, hand in hand, to lay down in clover

No more will we talk for hours in laughter

We're through

I'm free

No longer blue

But just me

Now I'm new again

My eyes can see again

My heart bearts alone and waits

For some other love forecast by those tempestuous Fates

My walk goes a little lighter

A little more sprightly

Coming down your steps

A smile forms on my lips

And, oh look, the rain's finally let up

Beautiful day looking down at me

Blue sky says to me, "Cheer up!"

I whisper back, smiling at those scuttling clouds, "I think I will, 'cause now I'm free to be whatever I wanna be."