Summary: After the final battle Draco leaves England with a secret. Four years later he returns as the new Charms Professor at Hogwarts. He doesnt just return alone he arrives with his two three year old twins. It just so happens that Harry Potter also lives at Hogwarts. Love blossoms even in the darkest of times. Can they finally find what they most desire?

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Chapter 25-

Epilogue…years later

It was a sunny day and everyone was gathered at the Burrow. A large table was set outside of the house while people buzzed around preparing dinner. Mrs. Weasley no longer cooked the whole dinner but enjoyed overseeing the cooking. Draco was currently setting the table when he felt arms encircle his waist.

"Why don't we sneak into Ron's old room and have a little fun?" Harry whispered in his ear.

Draco swallowed but shook his head. "No, everyone will notice and I don't want to explain what we were doing in a room full of family."

Harry chuckled before answering "spoilsport"

"Go help Ron finish setting the table."

Harry laughed as he walked away.

Draco smiled as he looked around at the assembled family. Pansy was talking to her daughter Juliet. Ron and Pansy had birthed two children, Juliet and Fred. Fred was currently dating Isabelle and Draco hoped they would end up together.

Isabelle and Loren had just graduated from Hogwarts and Draco could not be any prouder. To their surprise Isabelle had been sorted into Hufflepuff while Loren was became a Ravenclaw. Now, Loren was on his way to becoming a Potions Master while Isabelle would begin working for St. Mungo's.

Draco watched as Loren walked out of the house and walked toward his boyfriend. He smiled at the love that Loren felt for Daren. Their relationship had not come as a surprise especially because Daren's mothers were Hermione and Luna. They had decided to adopt and had adopted an older child and now Daren was going to begin working with dragons in Germany and Loren was going to do his potion's mastery at the Wizarding University there.

He watched as his twelve year old twins walk with their uncle George toward the Quidditch pitch next to the house. After their wedding Draco had given birth to two twin boys James Sirius Potter and Severus Remus Potter. They were the reincarnations of George and Fred. They had become the family pranksters under the tutelage of their uncle George. Both of them had been sorted into Slytherin which had made him happy but had disappointed George until he remembered that they would be able to play pranks on their fellow classmates.

Ginny and Neville had two children. Alice, the oldest was currently dating Teddy Lupin. After they were both sorted into Gryffindor they became best friends and soon romance blossomed. Now, Teddy had graduated and was going to join the aurors. Alice would graduate next year and would also be joining the aurors. Their second child, Frank was in the same year as James and Severus but had been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Loud whispers were heard from the kitchen, as Eva made her way to the backyard. After graduating from Hogwarts, Eva had joined the Ministry and now worked to regulate orphanages and protect children. She was currently carrying her daughter. Draco still shuddered at the fact that he was a grandfather. Eva had married Bryan a year after they graduated and he now worked as an auror. Bryan came out of the house after Eva and when he caught up to her he kissed her scarred cheek before kissing their baby.

Draco smiled he felt so blessed as he heard all of the voices of the many family members. As they all sat down at the table the noise level increased as everyone continued their conversations. Sitting next to Harry, he was struck by how much older he looked than the youthful boy he remembered. Harry was now the Headmaster at Hogwarts and the added strain was beginning to show. Draco was still the Charms professor and could not ask for a better job.

Although they were grandparents, Draco still felt as if their lives had only just begun. They still had to finish raising James and Severus as well as their triplets. Two years ago, Draco had given Harry the news that he was once again pregnant. Harry had almost fainted when he found out that they were triplets. So, here they sat once again with three little ones sitting in their laps. Isadora Potter, Elizabeth Potter and Zoraya Potter were all happy children.

Draco smiled and turned to Harry

"In the end you got your wish."

Harry looked confused

"What do you mean?"

Draco smirked at his obvious confusion. "Remember, that during our vows you said you wanted to beat Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? Well you got what you wanted. We have had eight children."

Harry grinned "Yes and I wouldn't change any of them. I love them and I love you with all my heart, my love."

Draco kissed him gently before nodding. "I love you too Harry and I will always love you."

As the sun began to set the large happy family continued their dinner. The only thing that mattered was spending time with each other. The love that flowed through each member made the house glow brighter even as the sky darkened.

The End

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