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Chapter 1: not knowing who I am


"Where did you go Maugrim" I yelled out to our pack leader or as I like to think my big brother. The 3 month old wolf pup said.

You see my name Edmund; I am 3 months old, extremely intelligent wolf pup and I have been living with the pack or aka the secret police at the queens castle ever since my real family left me in the woods when I was only a week old pup.

"I am right here Eddie" Maugrim said as he walked to me. He has been training me to fight but I am not very good at it. Well maybe not pouncing I am really good at that.

"What are we going to do today" I asked him while climbing onto his back.

"More training little pup" he said.

"Why do I have to do so much training" I wined to him while playfully biting his ear.

"Because eddie the queen wants you to grow up all big and strong" he said.

We walked over to the large open area where we train. We did the same thing that we had been doing for the last couple of weeks .

But I couldn't help but think off what happened to my real family.


It has been 3 months since I turned the boy Edmund into a week old wolf pup. And even I have to say he will be off great value, he will be known of the wolf that killed the great king peter. Edmund is forever stuck as a wolf, with no idea who is family is, and has no account of ever seeing a human let alone being one.

With Maugrim training him he is bound to not fail and be the reason that Narnia will forever be winter. Even I have to say I have grown attached to the little wolf but not as much as Maugrim. The pack leader may have grown too attached but I know he will protect the little wolf so he can for fill his destiny. But if he does not he shall suffer greatly. I have a little surprise in the future for Edmund but if Maugrim fails all shall be lost


After training Maugrim told me we had a special task to do for the queen that is just for us wolves.

He also said he had tried to get me out off not going but the queen said I had to go and what the queen says goes.

"What are we doing" I said climbing once again on to my adopted brothers back. I had to stay there for the trip because I can't run that far.

"We are going after the humans that have illegally entered Narnia" he said calmly.

"Humans" I said shocked. I haven't seen a human before and to be honest I am a bit afraid of them hurting me.

"Yes little wolf pup humans but do not worry I will not let them harm you" he said. Sometimes the great pack leader was more of a father figure than brother figure in my life and for that I was great full.

No one spoke the rest of the trip we ran from the winter lands into spring. It was beautiful but too hot with my thick fur coat.

As soon as we arrived Maugrim hushed us to be very quite. I got of off his back and walked a little behind him.

When we were close enough I saw a little stream and two tall figures of what I guessed where the humans.

"Are they humans" I asked quietly to one of the wolves named Sid that is in the pack.

"Yes Edmund they are both females and a great threat to our queen" he said.

My muzzle formed into an o shape.

When Maugrim gave the signal we attacked the 2 humans getting them off guard.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my two favourite brats" Maugrim said

The two girls ran straight to a tree and started climbing. Strangely I didn't think they were much off a threat, they looked incident enough. When they were up in the tree with some off the wolfs trying to grab them the older looking own blew on some sort of horn.

I may be small but I am not stupid, I do know that there will be big animals coming like bears, centaurs, leopards, and scary fauns.

I looked at Maugrim and said "I'm scared."

"Don't be scared little wolf" he said calmly back.

After a few more minutes a stall boy on a unicorn rode straight at our back leader. He had about a dozen animals behind him. But the most frighting one was a lion. As soon as I saw him I ran and hid behind our back leader.

"Leave my family alone" the boy growled.

Maugrim ran at him and they had a pretty good battle that was well fought until the boy slashed his sword across Megrim's chest.

I watched as my brother fell to the ground crying in pain, and as the boy bent over to finish him off.

No was the first thing I thought. I without think left the protection of the remaining pack that was protecting me and ran in front of my brother and growled at the boy.

"Get out of my way pup "he said as he throw me across the ground making my back and head hit a tree causing it to draw blood. I don't know if he meant to throw me that hard or if he just wanted me out off the way.

The young girl screamed but I don't know why she did.

Even before I could stand on my little feet Maugrim ran at the boy with anger in his eyes, I hoped that he would survive but that shattered when he was stabbed in the chest by the boy dyeing instantly.

"No" I screamed running over to my brother and patting his head with my paw. How could he do that?

After a few moments of sopping tears I realised I was being picked up by the little girl but I was too sad to try and break free. They had killed my brother and my 4 pack members that came with us. The only survivor Sid and myself. Sid had run back to camp to tell the queen of this disaster.

Hope you liked it and I will hopefully update soon.

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