Hi there! o.o

This is my second oneshot of the day, because I think the one I posted like 15 minutes ago (Purple) is too dark and... blargh ;w;

I wrote this a while ago but I didn't think it was worthy of being on here... oh well D:

This is very rushed, just sayin' XD

It was a typical Friday night for me. I was sitting on a blow up bed in my living room, with loud music blasting through one of my iPod earphones, a packet of cheese puffs dumped into a sticky bowl, my xbox turned on with Call of Duty: Black Ops showing on the TV screen and my best friend Miku Hatsune Skype-ing me on my laptop.

"Rin..?" I didn't notice Miku calling me while I was so focused on my online game of Black Ops. "Hello? Riiin?"

I didn't notice her muffled sigh.

I also didn't notice her angry glare at me.

"I met a really cute guy last night..." she began, "...wanna see a picture of his hot, sexy abs?"

I couldn't help but be interested in that.

"Hot, sexy abs?"

I turned to the laptop screen and nodded slowly.

I was fine until I heard a gunshot in the game that was not my own.

"Miku!" I screamed, "You witch!"

She looked confused.

"I died!" I shouted, thrashing my arms about, "That was an epic kill streak I had!"

That wasn't very funny D': CoD is a very serious matter -.-"

But those hot, sexy abs... *-* *sparkles*

n_n it's poo-ishly bad, I know ._.

erm erm this was based off of something that I can't remember the name of, it was a 'lil comic thingy, 'twas very funny xD