Chapter 1

Let's Just have fun with it

"Come on Sammy lets go," Dean called out to his brother as he wiped his blade.

"Coming Dean just finishing off this one." With that Sam raised a hand and blasted the vampire to pieces. With a smirk at the puddle of flesh and bone Sam walked into the room where Dean was impatiently waiting.

"Done are we? Just take your time after all not like I haven't got anything better to do." Dean was practically snarling with impatience.

Sam smiled placidly at him he knew his brother hated waiting and always wanted to get to the next job, he also knew that just giving him a smile would annoy him more than anything he could say. And annoying Dean well it was just so much fun.

"Wipe off the dopey look man and get to the car would you." Dean stomped out heading for the impala.

Sam headed after him feeling a little smug the job had gone well and he had gotten a rise out of Dean it was all win win as far as he was concerned.

"Where next Gigantor?" Dean asked as Sam entered the car.

"Nothing on the radar Dean how about we go have some fun." Sam replied.

"Yeaah ok I could do with some R & R." Dean chuckled lightly and pulled away heading for the nearest town.

Sam sighed softly and leaned back he loved to hear his brother laugh and he knew it meant they would have a good time before they went looking for the next supernatural thing to hunt.

Arriving in town they headed straight for the best hotel, things had definitely changed from the old days. As they checked in Sam looked around checking out the auras of those in the lobby, a family pretty boring, mum and kid's soft pale rainbow auras. Oh but Daddy now there was a stain in him a dark brown becoming black just around his chest to groin.

He nudged Dean, Dean looked over and nodded grinning wickedly at Sam this was gonna be so much fun.

The bar that night was pretty quiet just a few guests Sam and Dean walked in and Sam was happy to note that good old dark Daddy was there having a drink on his own he headed over towards the man checking him out. He looked to be in his early forties, silver streaked dark hair, about 6ft 2 with a strong face and pronounced jaw line his blue eyes were quite startling pretty handsome sort of guy, who looked like he was used to getting his own way.

Dean followed Sam and they sat at the bar just near daddy dearest who was drinking top shelf scotch hmm so he has money too thought Sam, which was also obvious by the cut of his suit.

Dean had looked him up and down and was smirking Sam smiled too, oh boy this really did look like a good one. Dean got up to order a drink and as he did he spoke softly to the target, the man responded and soon they were having a conversation as Dean waited for their drinks.

Dean had turned on the Winchester charm and when he came back to the table he had the info they needed.

"Well tall, dark and deadly over there is called David Gamble and he works for BHP he's all the way from England and missing his stomping grounds it seems." Dean filled Sam in.

"Good work Dean any clues on what else he's into?" Sam asked.

"Well he did ask if there were any good cathouses around here, I told him we were just visiting and he should ask the concierge those guys usually have the goods." The brothers grinned at one another, oh this guy got more and more tasty.

As David got up to leave at around 10.30 the boys quickly finished their drinks and discretely followed him. As he got into the elevator they stepped inside Dean smiled at him David grinned back and leaned against the wall.

"So Dean are you going out too?" David asked.

"Yeah David this is my brother Sam we thought we'd have a night out, where are you going?" Dean replied.

"Oh little spot the barman told me about around the corner, should be fun." He gave a smirk the darkness in his aura was darkening Sam noticed.

As the three of them left the lift David headed to his car and the boys got in the impala and followed him. At the first stop sign Sam waved his hand at David's' car, the car chugged for a moment and then stopped. David managed to pull it over to the side as he pulled on the hood to have a look Dean stepped up.

"Hey man you ok?" he asked concern seemingly dripping from his tongue.

"I don't know what happened it just stopped doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it." Dean peered in as Sam came up behind David and grabbed his arms.

"What the fuck?" yelled David as he struggled Dean hit him in the stomach Sam cuffed him and gagged his mouth.

They threw him into the impala's backseat Dean tying his legs together and dropping a blanket over the top of him.

"Well that was easy." Dean laughed.

"Ok where was that warehouse again?" Sam asked.

"Just there drive in the back." Dean replied.

Getting to the warehouse Dean untied David's legs and pointing his magnum at him got them all into the building.

Sam and Dean joked as Dean set David onto a chair cuffing his ankles to the legs of the chair, David had tried to struggle but Sam held the gun on him the whole time and the look on his face had kicked right into David's survival centre.

"Ok now Davey boy time for you to tell us a story, we want to know all the nasty details." Dean was looking straight in David's eyes as he held a sharp and evil looking knife in his hand spinning it slowly.


One year earlier

Ok this plot bunny is actually a wererabbit and had me by the throat I know I should be working on Monkey Dean story and I am as well but this just kept kickin'. To find out what is wrong with the boys wait for the next chapter.