Chap 18 The Finale

Dean looked towards Ellie fearing what he would see, his eyes had reverted to their human appearance and he hoped, he just hoped as he gazed at her.

Ellie had her head in her hands and was sobbing to herself the entire drama had been so overwhelming, and she had barely slept in the last two days.

Sam reached for Angela and hugged her close she responded taking his face in her hands and kissing him deeply.

"Ellie are you ok?" Dean asked leaning down at her side, Ellie flinched as he touched her arm and he hurriedly withdrew his hand, but stayed by her side.

"Dean what are you?" Ellie raised her head and looked into his eyes to reassure herself that he looked human.

"I'm a demon, but I'm trying do good, not to hurt people only to stop monsters, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you." He replied softly eyes watching her intently.

Ellie shook herself another demon, she could not believe this beautiful being that she was beginning to love could be a damned soul.

"I don't understand Dean how could you be a demon and be trying to help people isn't that the opposite of what demons would normally do?" She asked.

She could not believe she was actually having this conversation a couple of days ago she had not even believed in demons. Now she had been sleeping with one.

Angela came over, "Ellie these two are different they have conquered their demonic natures, they have regained their humanity." As she spoke a light began to infuse the room, and with a flutter of wings Castiel appeared before the humans and demons.

"Angela is correct, greetings sister." Castiel bowed his head briefly at Angela who acknowledged this with an inflection of her own.

"What does he mean sister? " Sam questioned.

"Sam I am an Angel, my angelic memory was replaced with a human one until Castiel appeared, then I remembered who I am. My name is Angele, I am God's messenger sent to investigate and deal consequences." Angele replied to Sam.

"What about your vessel." Sam demanded.

"It was she you have truly been with Sam, Angela is a real person and you were truly with her, she had the body, I was dormant watching and evaluating you both." Angele replied.

"What the hell does that mean?" Dean demanded.

"What that means Dean is that Angele was sent to watch over you and Sam and find out how you were behaving." Castiel replied.

"And what?" Dean spoke again, Sam was looking a little shell shocked at finding out he had been having sex with an angel and its vessel.

"Dean, Sam I have established your purity, your desire to do good and that you have redeemed yourselves. You shall be rewarded Our Father has granted us the power to do this for you if you so choose." Angele replied serenely.

"To do what?" Sam asked bewildered.

"We can give you back your humanity Sam, you and Dean can be human again." Castiel answered.

"Really! Yes please Cas make us human again, right Sammy." Dean had almost shouted.

Sam was watching the angels faces, "Is there a catch to all this?" he asked.

"Yes Sam there is one thing." Angele replied.

"Oh crap, I knew it was too good to be true." Dean muttered.

"You and Dean will have to forget about being hunters, forget that you knew about demons and angels and start new lives. We will erase your memories and give you new ones, your friends and family will not know you, you will not remember your childhoods as you do now, but you will still be brothers." Angele spoke clearly.

The brothers looked at each other, a fresh start no memories of hell or monsters but still brothers that was the main thing, Dean nodded and Sam acquiesced as well.

"Very well the choice is made, it is done." Castiel's voice faded.

Sam Winchester woke up and reached over to touch his wife, she murmured softly in her sleep before rolling onto her side her pregnant body snuggling in to him.

Sam lay for a moment thinking about the latest case he was working for the prosecutor's office, they were currently trying a wife murderer he wanted to make sure the bastard went away for life.

"Sam stop thinking it's Saturday take a break honey." His wife spoke softly.

"Sorry Angie, I promise it's all pancakes and football for the rest of the day." Sam replied nuzzling Angela's thick black hair.

"Remember we're meeting up with Dean and Ellie today for Cassie's birthday, I can't believe she's one already." Angela rose slowly and headed for the bathroom.

"Yeah me too." Sam replied thinking of his curly haired niece with her adorable freckles and light brown eyes. She was really the cutest thing and the way his brother doted on Cassandra Mary Winchester was nearly as cute.

As Sam got up he wondered how Dean's latest project was going, the idea of running free mechanical workshops on weekends for some of the kids in the area had taken off. The Local salvage yard owner Robbie.. no Bobby, that's right Sam thought to himself Bobby Singer, was supporting them supplying the cars and Dean was paying for the parts.

Some local businesses were giving discounts on the parts, the kids were allowed to have a free car if they helped on two others that Bobby would sell. Sam determined that tomorrow he would go along and help out, although he was no car whiz, unlike his engineer brother, he did know one or two things about them.

Life was good and although he sometimes had these weirdass nightmares when he woke up he remembered he had a beautiful wife, a good job, a baby son on the way, and he knew he always had a big brother he could count on to hell and back.

Well that's the end it took me weeks to get there I had all sorts of ideas: Ellie rejecting Dean, the boys becoming angels, their bodies dying when they were human again. But in the end this just flowed it is what I want for them. I think if Dean had had proper schooling he would have done really well, that is why he is an engineer with cars as a passion, and we all know Sam would prosecute the baddies not defend them. I also like the idea that they would still want to do good, hope you have enjoyed this story please let me know how you feel about the ending.