In Your Daddy's Arms Again

Not my characters, though I will feebly claim ownership to this particular AU.


Melody, we're taking you to visit your two grandmothers and one living granddad, okay? The TARDIS can be loud but she likes us, I promise. Don't cry. Shh. Your mum needs sleep. I don't need much sleep, not after That Time I'll tell you about eventually.

We're going to have to explain to them that they won't get to see you much, because when you grow up you're going to be named River Song, and you're going to be a superhero archeologist, kind of like a time-travelling female Indiana Jones and James Bond combined. It looks like it'll be fun. Now I'm not sure if the Doctor is going to do everything right in the beginning – he does muck up all sorts of things on a regular basis – but he also sorts things out well, eventually, even if it takes him two thousand years.

…If the Doctor ends up as my official son-in-law, though, I'm not sure I'll ever sleep after that.

But as I was saying, little one, we can't keep you in the twenty-first century, because that's not your proper time to do all the things we did with the adult-you. Someday that'll make sense, I swear. And there are people after us, who want to make you something you're not, and there would be not enough to protect you. The Doctor's taking us to a planet called the Oodsphere, where he has very good friends that look a bit like Cthulhu but are nice. And psychic. They can make a shield for us; keep us hidden until we've taught you enough things to give you a fair chance.

The Doctor will visit us a lot, but he's got this friend, well, more than friends, who used to be his enemy, but isn't anymore, called the Master, who he needs to look after. He's a lot better now but he isn't a good person for you to be around all the time. When you're River you'll be strong enough to travel with them.

For now, stay with Mum and Dad. We'll make an igloo and live quietly for eleven or so years, and then we can think about you going to school somewhere, with your different name to keep you safe.

We love you, Melody. With all our hearts.