Sealand sat in the kitchen, looking out the window, at the newly bloomed flowers. Spring had come abit early, and he was glad. The world was beautiful and full of love in Spring. The sun would shine, the temperature was perfect, the flowers bloomed and gave the earth color, and it rained. How fun it was to play in the rain. To run around, become soaked, and act like a 4 year old again. Suddenly, the clouds began to roll in. They weren't white clouds, the pretty kind. They where dark.

"RAIN!" Sealand screamed loudly. He jumped up. As soon as he jumped up, there was a timid knock at the door. Sealand began to run to the door, but tripped over a book. Or a DVD. Something rectangular, carelessly thrown on the floor. He fell with a loud thump and whoever was at the door heard it and slowley opened the door. Latvia poked his head in and looked at Sealand on the floor.

"Oh my! Are you okay!" Latvia screeched as he dropped to his knees and put sealands head in his lap.

"Huh..? Mhm..Yeah...Im fine" said Sealand with a weak smile. He sat up, so Latvia stood up, extended his hand and Sealand took it. Latvia pulled him to his feet and smiled happily.

"Have you seen the c-clouds? It will r-rain soon!" Latvia said. His cheeks had turned pink at the touch of Sealands hand in his.

"OH YES! Shall we play in the rain?" Said Sealand, with a wide ear-to-ear smile.

"W-We Shall!" Latvia said with a small smile. Sealand opened the door and looked at Latvia.

"After you?" Sealand said and Latvia walked through the doorway.

"T-Thanks" Latvia said. His cheeks turned a deep pink, to red.

Sealand followed him outside. It had started to rain already, but not a full pour yet. Sealand ran own the stairs and twirled around, the rain gently splattering his face. Latvia ran out next and twirled around also. The rain became a down pour, soaking Latvia and Sealand. It began to hit the ground harder and puddles where forming all around Sealand and Latvia. Sealand jumped into a puddle and laughed. Latvia looked over at him and froze. His smile was adorable. He was absolutly dazed. Latvia took a small step forward and grabbed Sealands hand. Sealand looked abit confused. Latvia grabbed his other hand and looked at him. His hair was drenched. As where his clothes. Raindrops splattered against his head and Latvia gently kissed his lips. They where soft and he could feel Sealand kiss him back. Latvia pulled back and turned his face away. His cheeks where scorching red. Sealand turned his head towards him to look at him.

"R-Ravis..?" He said softly.

"I-Im sorry..I-I didnt-" He was cut off by being kissed by Sealand. Latvia kissed back and Sealand pulled away this time.

"Dont be sorry.." Sealand said as he smiled.

"O-Okay..I l-love you, Peter..." Latvia said.

Sealand could barley hear him and replied."I love you too..."