A/N: Welcome to my Lucius/Hermione story, everyone! As the name suggests, this is the first part of a trilogy that focuses on the developments between a certain Malfoy and our brown-haired beauty...

For now, I am putting up the first two chapters of this tale. I am most curious to see how well it's going to be received, and then I shall update the rest of it regularly! *enter a customary evil laugh* Overall it's 6 (but very intense) Chapters long, folks!

This story could be classified to be in the Romance/Humour/Drama genres, and most definitely for Mature readers ONLY! The events within HBP and DH are disregarded entirely!

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Chapter 1

'Come on, Hermione! Don't be such a tedious nerd for once and come out with us tonight! I give you my solemn word that it will be nothing like you have ever experienced before!'

Ginny's exasperated voice had been proclaiming more or less the same theme for the past half hour. It might have been all for nothing if the two women hadn't been surrounded by numerous wizards and witches, who, though creating the illusion of working, were listening to every word that was being said to the distinguished Hermione Granger, holder of the Order of Merlin - First Class.

'Your word stays solemn right up to the moment you lay your hands on a cocktail, Ginny,' whispered Hermione back feverishly, making sure no one but her fiery-headed friend could hear her.

The younger witch threw her hands up and exclaimed as loudly as before:

'And do you see me holding a glass with an umbrella on top of it now? Hun, you are only making excuses – and poor ones at that! I am genuinely starting to worry that you will end up spending the rest of your dust-free days parked in this blasted Auror Department without experiencing the definition of the word fun.'

Hermione shot her an exasperated look. However, something else must have peaked through her countenance as well.

'Don't worry,' continued Ginny, now in a much more hushed fashion than before. 'The only other people attending will be Harry, Parvati and Neville. Promise you.'

Hermione noticeably relaxed at those words. After graduating from Hogwarts almost four years ago, she and Ginny became much closer than they had ever been during their school years. Establishments like Hogwarts had a habit of making trivial gaps in age seem much more extreme than they were in reality. What was more, their friendship was further strengthened by mutual understanding of each other, as well as their taking part in a war that should have been fought by the full-grown wizards of the time. She came to learn that Ginny's promise was not an empty word and that the young witch herself was someone she could always rely on.

'So... he's not coming, is he?' enquired Hermione in a carefully masked manner.

Ginny shook her head. Gentle compassion shone in her beautiful, bright brown eyes.

'No, Hermione. He's not coming.'

Hermione's hesitation was obvious, and a number of minutes must have passed before the silence between her and Ginny was broken. Hermione was so engrossed in her inner debate that she ultimately failed to notice that the rest of the Ministry's Auror Department had fallen silent. All sat or stood still as every last employee waited with a held breath for what was about to come next.

'Alright, I'll go,' announced Hermione abruptly. She would have said more, but the next moment she found herself being jumped upon by a happily squealing Ginny.

Hermione was rapidly developing a nagging thought that perhaps she had not made the right decision after all.

Her apprehension heightened further as the room around her all of a sudden exploded with applause.

Oh, Merlin...why do I have a feeling that nothing will turn out as planned?