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Chapter 6

The moment her lips came in contact with Lucius Malfoy's, she was a goner.

At first, she could only stand stock-still, utterly bewildered at what was actually happening. However, that legendary mind of hers was instantly switched off as soon as he started moving. Eyes tightly shut, she felt only too acutely the way his tongue passed languidly over her lower lip, begging, in silence, for entrance inside. His intoxicating scent surrounded her, wrapping itself around her conscious mind until it was all she knew. There was no such thing as reason. Rationality no longer existed. Passion became the centre of all Hermione Granger's senses. And without any further thought or evaluation, she succumbed to it unconditionally.

His warm tongue glided in as soon as she parted her lips. Passing it first sensually over her teeth, his kiss suddenly transformed into a carnal assault. No longer able to hold back a moan, the witch acknowledged his strength by throwing herself into his embrace with all she was worth.

With her lips and tongue battling against his, she was only partially aware of being hoisted upon her desk. However, she quickly realized the benefits of her new position when Lucius wasted no time on planting his large body between her legs. In an effort to bridge any gap between their two bodies, Lucius palmed her thighs and tugged her to the edge of the table.

Hermione almost mewed when the evidence of his desire came into contact with where she wanted it most. With only her knickers and his breeches separating their naked flesh, she neither knew nor cared about what had happened to her pencil skirt. As long as the fire in her veins kept burning through her system, she couldn't bring herself to be interested in anything but what her hunger demanded of her.

Without warning, the mouth that had been so thoroughly ravaging hers was torn away form her. Unable to stifle a sound of objection, she opened her eyes in confusion. Whatever protest she would have come up with, however, died a quick and painless death when she found herself peering into orbs of molten silver. Every flicker of colour within them was filled with so much heat that they all but glowed. Mesmerized, she remained staring, her breath heavy and ragged.

She was only dimly aware of his hands moving towards her silk blouse. Neither did she notice the exact moment when he grabbed the edges of the lustrous material and yanked, pearl buttons flying in all directions.

Her trance was successfully broken only upon the disappearance of her bra and the unexpected coolness of the air touching her naked chest. But yet again she was prevented from regaining her senses. Instead, she let out a keening moan as Lucius latched suddenly onto her nipple whilst he palmed her other breast. Unable to fit wholly into his palm, the flesh ballooned between his fingers with each passionate squeeze.

Overwhelmed by rising delight, the young woman's head lolled back. Every skillful caress, nip and lick tore at the confinements of her pleasure until she no longer knew what to do with it. She ended up almost sprawled flat on her desk when his teeth bit delicately around her nipple. Blind with want, and no longer coherent, she could only writhe upon the wooden surface, her hands clutching desperately onto the body of her torturer.

It was just as she was approaching the pinnacle of her pleasure that the caresses abruptly stopped. Hermione almost cried out at the loss. Lucius, however, had no visible intention of disentangling himself from her quivering body. Instead, he remained still, his large hands gripping the soft flesh of her thighs and his gaze fixed firmly upon the flimsy barrier of her knickers.

'Mmm...red. I feel inclined to start respecting this colour,' he purred appreciatively. Two elegant digits traced the outline of the material in question, following it to where it covered the apex of her left thigh. He paused, fingers clenching.


The pitiful remnants of her underwear were tossed carelessly aside.

'However, I do have a preference for more...natural shades.'

Sprawled wantonly on her work desk as she was, Hermione could not bring herself to give a damn about the subject of colour fondness, even if it applied to her own skin.

The height of her desperation must have been glaringly evident, for Lucius made a sharp movement and licked the area behind her ear. The wizard made sure that she could feel his hot breath upon it before he bit into the soft flesh of her earlobe. The young woman gave another moan, her body succumbing to a violent shiver.

'So delightfully eager, my little chaton,' he rasped.

Had Hermione been in control of her basic thinking functions, she would have undoubtedly questioned the origins of his unusual address. As it was, she had long since lost her composure. Now, she couldn't have strung two words together even if she had wanted to.

Then she suddenly became aware of the wizard stepping away from her, distancing his heat from hers.

With a slowness that might or might not have been deliberate, Lucius placed his cloak on the nearest stack of books and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. The witch remained completely frozen where she was, unable and unwilling to move as she observed his every seductive movement.

Excruciating seconds later, the last button of his tailored shirt was finally undone, and with a fluid shrug it fell to the floor. She was presented with her first sight of a half-naked Lucius Malfoy, standing before her in only his breeches and boots.

Hermione's mouth went dry.

Befitting her rather prudish teenage years and stubborn assurance that a woman should stay forever faithful to her partner, Hermione had never slept with anyone but Ron; had never even seen another naked male. With that fleeting recollection of facts, came a flashing memory of his freckled body. That unsavory picture, however, quickly dissipated from her eyes as she instinctively (as any female would be prone to do) compared Lucius' and Ron's bodies.

Ronald Weasley possessed the vibe of an adolescent who had grown too awkwardly fast into his adult body and still wasn't used to it, years later.

The image in front of her now was definitely not of a juvenile.

All she saw was a depiction of male perfection. A man with captivating wide shoulders and a broad chest that transformed flawlessly into the narrower width of a sculpted torso. Her eyes could just discern a dark blond trail starting at his navel, disappearing under the confinement of his waist band. Her gaze followed the movement of pale fingers as they teasingly traced the prominent outline of a bulge before carelessly opening the front of his breeches single-handedly.

And all the while his silver eyes watched...assessed...enchanted her.

Anyone else would have struggled with taking off their boots and trousers with embarrassing clumsiness. But not this wizard. With an enviable grace, he allowed his black boots to fall to the floor, closely followed by his pants. And thus, Hermione finally had the answer to the question that had been ailing the better half of the female population of Wizarding world.

Lucius Malfoy went commando.

Hermione's tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth, her eyes wide.

The length and thickness of the cock pressing proudly against the man's belly chased away any possible comparisons she might have been tempted to make. The witch began to doubt the mere possibility of fitting that inside of her. She was also very much aware of the fact that the desk underneath her was positively wet with the anticipation of that attempt.

With slow, deliberate steps, the wizard prowled back to her, his eyes burning into her own. Hermione's legs opened wide of their own accord, the emptiness inside of her demanding satisfaction through all means possible. His smile was one of sinful triumph as he observed her perspiring body and the pure want shining within her pleading eyes. Placing himself back squarely between her thighs, he used his right hand to firmly but gently push down on her shoulder so that she ended up half-lying upon her elbows with a clear, unbroken view down her body. And his.

'Watch, my chaton. I want you to feel and see everything I do to you.'

Without any further preliminaries, he used his thumb and forefinger to spread her nether lips wide open, baring her shaved pussy to his hungry gaze. Feeling vulnerable, and yet so wanton, the witch spread her thighs wider, letting out a little whimper at the contact. Silver irises watched a drop of moisture slide down from the dainty hole, and trickle down to join the rest of the wetness already pooled beneath her buttocks.

'Morgana be praised,' hissed Lucius. 'You are so wet, you are positively dripping.'

Hermione, mesmerized, watched his free hand move to his own organ. Long, pale fingers encircled the shaft and began to move up and down in slow, deliberate movements. As her dilated eyes detected a drop of pre-cum escaping the tiny slit in his cock, she absentmindedly wondered whether it was actually possible to self-combust from sheer desire.

'Mmm... It seems that you are not in need of any foreplay other than my present touch. How fascinating,' he purred, his lustful eyes burrowing into hers. 'Shall we leave any further explorations of that kind for another time, perhaps?'

Apparently, no answer was expected or needed. Continuing to hold her sensitive lips apart, Lucius tightened his grip on his shaft and shifted forward. At the first touch of his cock against her heated flesh, Hermione's eyes almost rolled back in her head. It was nothing, though, compared to when his broad, mushroomed head managed to squeeze into her. Whimpering, she nonetheless remained still, unable to drag her gaze away from the view of his body entering hers. However, he went no further. In an act that she presently perceived to be the most ancient form of sadism known to womankind, he remained with only the tip of his cock buried in her, moving it barely noticeably in and out...in and out.

After agonizing moments of torture, Hermione could take it no longer.

'Please,' she whispered, her voice broken.

Giving her an extra couple of teasing strokes, the wizard at last lifted his gaze away from the sight of her spread thighs. She was only semi-aware of his triumphant smirk.

'But of course, my dear,' he murmured and, without further ado, thrust all the way in. For a minute, he remained rigidly still, letting her adjust to his size. Never had she ever felt so utterly full. It felt like he occupied every last millimetre provided, stretching her to the limits of her inner capacity. It felt divine.

As soon as her body relaxed into the new invasion, Lucius began to move. His movements remained slow and methodical, pulling out of her until only the head of his cock remained inside and then, with the same speed, sheathing back into her. She could have sworn she felt every vein along his shaft as it rubbed against her, the pulse of his accelerated blood so close to hers. The pleasure was the greatest she had ever known so far in her life, and yet, she couldn't prevent herself from sensing that something was missing. After many minutes of the same continuity, her body could no longer remain passive and began to writhe under his grasp. Her hips lifted instinctively, begging... demanding.

The wizard, however, knew only too well what she needed.

'Say it,' he hissed, his voice strained. 'Say what you want.'

And thus, as her passion overrode the remains of her reason, Hermione pleaded...pleaded as she had never once done before.

'Pl- please...fuck me...I beg you.'

The sudden flash of fervor across his countenance was her only warning. The first savage thrust of his cock triggered Hermione's scream of such pleasurable magnitude that it rebounded from the ceiling, floor and all four walls simultaneously. On the second one, her mouth dropped open and remained so. In the midst of the third one, the wizard wrapped his arms under her legs and spread her wide open. And then he began pounding into her; balls deep, each stroke bringing his cock right against her cervix. Hermione began to shriek as he fucked her wildly, her juices squelching noisily around his cock. Every plunge brought tendrils of white hot pleasure across her whole being, so violent that it bordered on pain. But she no longer cared about it either. All she was aware of was the sensation between her thighs. And him.

At some point, strong hands grabbed hold of her waist and started jerking her back down so that the cock inside of her rammed even further into her, if that was even possible. The power of the strokes pushed her body along the surface of the desk, the furniture itself beginning to move with the sheer force of Lucius' powerful body.

'Yes. Take it, witch...take all of me,' he growled, the thrusting of his hips unrelenting.

Barely coherent, Hermione just managed to dazedly focus her gaze on him. But when she did, she yet again encountered eyes that were no longer grey but molten silver. The same ones that had looked upon her when she was last in his arms. And then, she knew...knew that what she saw before her was his emblem of total loss of control...and it was beautiful.

It was just as she was staring into those bewitching eyes, that he decided to give her a particularly vicious stroke.

Hermione howled, her body stiffening as the orgasm crashed over her like an avalanche. Back arching completely off the desk, her insides contracted, reaching the ultimate peak of culmination.

No matter how much the blond wizard might have wanted to continue with his ravishment of her body, her pulsing tightness around his cock was his undoing. Forcing a couple of last, powerful thrusts, his face contorted in savage pleasure as he growled out his release, the primitive sound rumbling within his glistening chest. Shuddering, he fell half-way upon Hermione with barely any strength left to prevent his large body from crushing hers.

There they lay, gasping, both covered in a thin sheen of perspiration. A number of silent minutes passed before Hermione was able to lift her head heavily from the desk, her bedazzled eyes managing to focus upon the wizard on top of her.

If Lucius' self-satisfied look was anything to go by, he was more than aware of her overwhelmed state of being.


But for now, at least, she really couldn't bring herself to complain.

***Chaton – kitten in French

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