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Chapter 3: Observer

Natsumi shifted in her seat nervously. The airport was bustling with people in suits dragging suitcases, families and tourists. She flipped open her mobile and stared at the picture of her and her boyfriend one year ago. Her boyfriend, Yuya, had gone for a year to America on an exchange program and they had put their relationship on hold. Now he was finally coming back and she didn't know what their relationship would be like.

Trying to distract herself from her thoughts, she glanced around her. The seats to her right were empty. To her left there was a young woman holding a toddler in her lap. She guessed the woman was in her late twenties and the baby was probably less than a year old. The baby had curly hair, which, Natsumi thought, was rather unusual for Japanese people.

She watched as the baby boy squirmed in his mother's lap. The mother murmured something to the child, but he continued to wriggle till she finally gave up and set the baby on the ground. He landed on his feet; toddled two steps then sank down to his bottom and started to crawl away.

Natsumi studied the woman; she was wearing a simple blouse and jeans. Her hair was pulled up in messy bun, few strands hanging around her face. She was slender, her face had no makeup. The woman suddenly got up and rushed to her baby. He had picked something off the ground and was now trying to stuff it in his mouth.

Crouching in front of her son, the woman gently pried his fingers from his mouth and distracted her son. Being a mother wasn't easy, Natsumi thought.

There was a sudden commotion and Natsumi looked up. There were a group of men, all dressed in identical black suits.

Someone important must have landed in a private jet, Natsumi thought, as people craned their necks to see who it was. Wondering if it was some famous celebrity, Natsumi stood up as well trying to see.

But it was a very tall, curly haired Japanese man who was surrounded by the security people. He must be some rich politician, Natsumi assumed and glanced away, not interested anymore, now that she knew it wasn't anyone she knew.

She looked back at the woman, who had now stood up, her baby in her arms and was staring at the tall guy.

Of course, Natsumi thought, That must be the baby's father. He has the same curly hair.

"Wow" Natsumi murmured to herself, "I wouldn't have guessed that woman had such a rich husband."

She watched the tall man; he was barking something into his phone, his expression quite scary. Natsumi wondered if she should feel sorry for the woman who was probably forced into an arranged marriage that would benefit two rich families.

But when she looked at the woman, the woman's expression was neither scared nor weary but exasperated. The guy continued to yell at the poor soul on the other end of the line, till he caught sight of his wife.

He abruptly disconnected the call and stared at his wife and son, his expression softening. Natsumi was amazed to see that, when he was not scowling, the man was actually quite handsome. Some women were openly checking him out; but he was oblivious to all the attention.

He lengthened his stride and headed straight towards his family but stopped as his wife crouched down on the ground, setting her son on the ground and gently propelling him forward. Understanding something, the man got down to his knees as well and opened his arms.

Natsumi watched as a smile spread across the baby's face as he stared at his father. Gurgling incoherently, he toddled slowly towards his dad. He wobbled a few times, but reached his dad and fell forward.

The man picked up his son and swung him about, making him squeal happily. Natsumi looked at the woman and was amazed by the love in her expression as she watched her son and husband.

Holding his son, the man walked up to his wife and pulled her in a tight embrace then bent to kiss her. The woman turned scarlet, but she was smiling. Natsumi suddenly felt jealous, the woman was so happy and so in love and Natsumi had no idea what her relationship would be like anymore.

But just as the family was leaving, the woman glanced back at Natsumi and smiled in understanding. Natsumi wondered how much the woman had guessed about her, just like she had speculated about the woman.

Natsumi had stared at her boyfriend's picture on her phone for so long that the woman might have guessed she was waiting for him. Natsumi smiled back and nodded at the woman, feeling better.

Whatever happens to their relationship, she would handle it.

- Haruka