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The remaining members of K-Unit were already at Ben's flat when he arrived, waiting to be let inside. "Ben!" Eagle said, jumping down when he saw the two approach the door. "God, you took forever! I want pizza!"

"Sorry, Cub," Ben explained as he unlocked his flat, "This is Eagle – off duty. By the way; Eagle's name is Michael, Wolf's name is James, and Snake's name – when he gets here – is David."

"Where is David, anyway?" Eagle complained loudly as he walked into the flat. "He's supposed to be here to unlock it."

"David is spending father's day with his father, Eagle… remember?" Ben asked, giving Eagle a tired sigh.

"No," Eagle said with a cherished grin.

Suddenly, Alex was very glad he'd only done two weeks of training with K-Unit. No wonder why Wolf had been so pissed off when he'd joined – he'd already had to deal with a Very Hyper Eagle. Suddenly, it all clicked into place.

"What the hell is Cub doing here?" Wolf demanded as he glanced at the teen. "Hi, Cub, what are you doing here?"

"Well," Fox responded with a tired sigh, "Alex and I just found out some news that we wanted to share with you."

"Actually," Alex corrected, just for defiance's sake, "You wanted to tell them – I couldn't have cared less."

"Cared less about what?" Snake asked with a tired sigh, coming into the hut. He did a double take. "Cub! Good to see you, mate."

Alex didn't respond. "Go on, tell them, Foxy."

Ben lightly cuffed Alex on the back of the head. "Well, boys… see the thing is…"

"No, we don't see!" Eagle interrupted in a high-pitched voice.

Ben continued on as if Eagle hadn't spoken. Somehow Alex got the feeling this happened a lot.

"I just found out I'm Alex's father, which makes you his uncle, Wolf."

"But… but…" Wolf stood there, his mouth dropping open. Alex raised his own eyebrows, surprised by the news. Wolf looked at Alex, stunned. "But that's not possible! He's like, fourteen, and you're like, not even thirty."

"What can I say?" Fox said shamelessly. "I had sex young."

The look on the K-Unit's faces were priceless. Snake's mouth was open, stunned. Eagle was bouncing up and down with excitement. And Wolf looked like he wanted to murder Fox.

"Oh! OH! So that means that you had sex really young, Fox!" Eagle said with a huge grin. He mentally calculated the ages, then said, "Like at sixteen!"

"Eagle!" Fox said, throwing his hands up in an exasperated sigh.

"What?" Eagle said with a shrug. "He was going to find out eventually," he added, gesturing at Alex.

"I'm not even going to say anything," Snake said with a tired sigh. "So, yeah, guess I'm sorry for giving you shit about not being a father, Fox."

"That's okay," Fox said, and Alex had to wonder about that conversation.

"So, what say we all watch a movie?" Wolf said, having recovered. "And Cub, you can tell me exactly how the two of you found out about this little secret."

"Oh yeah!" Eagle said, then raised his hand as if to speak in a classroom, "And Fox can tell us what it was like to have sex at sixteen!"

"EAGLE!" Fox roared, cuffing his friend for real on the back of his head this time.

"Or, to have sex at all, because I'm pretty sure our friend is a thirty-year-virgin," Wolf muttered under his breath as he glared at Eagle. "Yeah, you really don't want to hang around him when he's had sugar, Cub."

Alex just chuckled and shook his head. Maybe it was a good thing he didn't hang out with the K-Unit too much…


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