Skinny love

Chapter 1

I never thought my life would turn out like this I had great friends and I had an amazing boyfriend, I had it all until he went and ruined it for me. At first all I was trying to do was help him out, as a friend but I guess he took it the wrong way and now he won't leave me alone, I though I knew the real him but I guess I was wrong, dead wrong.

And now I'm too scared to see my friends especially my male friends, just in case he thinks something is going on between us, and I'm mostly scared him will hurt them and I can't let him do that they mean too much to me. And it's not like as if I can just pull him off them when he attacks them, like he had done in the past I'm only small he's like 6ft 4, and I'm only 5 ft 4 he towers over me. I have already caused them pain when I didn't listen to them, and stayed by his side instead of theirs, it kills me to see them at the area, and are to scared to talk to me because I was so close to them. I have nothing..nothing at all just me and him I wouldn't mind if he was the one I fell in love with, but he's not that person any more..he's a monster an evil sick creature, that I'm ashamed to call Human. I hate him he has stolen everything from me, my heart my friends and my soul. But I guess you could say I sold my soul to the devil when I agreed to help him, but I never thought he would get this bad, I remember being backstage and watching him on tv, with the rest of the diva's and he had claimed that he had IDE, at first people didn't believe him and I didn't want to believe but he proved everyone they were wrong, by this cure uncaring person he had turned into and he turned his back on everyone except Cody and Ted of course.

I remember coming home crying my eye's out when he turned his back on me, because I cared a great deal about him and still do sadly. It was so sad because before he got IDE, we were really close we hung out together all the time, and my friends were his friends then and we were so painfully close to becoming more than friends, to turning our friendship into a romantic friendship. He hurt me a great deal that night, and I tried for ages to talk to him but every time I tried to talk to him he would pretend I didn't exist.

This is what happened and why I have changed myself...

I remember when I bumped into him one night after I had lost my diva's championship, and was walking backstage and wasn't looking where I was going and I ended up, smacking into him and knocking us both to the floor, and he wasn't in the best mood I could tell.

Flash back

''What were you're going next time'' he hissed

''I..ii'' I said stuttering and we both got to our feet then and he just stood there starring at me.

''What? Speechless?'' he said and laughed but not how he used to laugh, this laugh was a sick twisted laugh.

''Shut up'' I said and then I regretted saying it because he looked pissed off then, and then he shoved me against the wall, ''Don't tell me to shut up again'' he hissed and I was scared now, I thought he was going to hit me.

''Randy..'' was all I could think to say and he loosened his hold on me a little bit.

''Got it?'' he said and shoved me a bit hard into the wall and I groaned out in pain.

''Why? Why have you changed?'' I asked him and he looked around and then he looked back at me, and starred deep into my eyes ''I have better things to do with my life than date a low life like you, you are pathetic did you really think I would date you?'' he said and laughed, ''I don't think so I don't need someone like you in my life, I want to be the wwe champion and I won't be if you're in my life will I? Because you're a distraction you don't want me to be the champion, you want John to be don't you'' he said and grabbed my chin roughly making me look at him, ''you always choose John over me, so now I'm choosing to pick the championship over you'' he said and laughed again, then I made a big mistake and slapped him across the face, and he looked up at me and his breathing had changed to heavy breathing, and then shoved his body close into mine and pulled my head closer into his, and he kissed me roughly. This kiss wasn't like our kisses we shared, they were filled with love but this kiss wasn't.

I got so upset with what he said to me and how to treated me, oh and no he didn't rape me or anything John came round to corner and saved me from him. I had gotten so upset I needed time away but I didn't want to leave wrestling completely, so I though because Randy was on raw with Legacy why won't go to smack down, so I did and Vince was upset to see me leave raw but he knew he wasn't losing me completely. I thought I would have had a great time on smack down but I was wrong, again.

I didn't know anyone that well on smack down and with me being easy going, and friendly I would make friends easily but I didn't. Instead I got build by Layla and Michelle and I got to a point were I couldn't handle it, any more so I called Vince up and asked him if I could go back to raw, and he was really glad I was coming back after a year of being on smack down. And I was so happy he was letting me I finally get to go back to raw and be with my friends, I hadn't gotten chance to see them while I was on smack down, and I wasn't going to tell them I'm coming home after being away for a year, it was going to be a surprise and I can't wait.

I was backstage on raw after I had just won my coming back match, against Gail Kim and she was shocked to see I was back, as so was the wwe crowd too. I was so excited when I ran down that ramp as the crowd screamed my name, I had missed raw. I was packing my bags when I felt someone's arms around my waist, I giggle and turned around to see him smiled down at me, and I smiled back at him and gave him a massive hug, ''god I missed you'' he said and I giggle again, ''I miss you too'' I said and we hugged each other tighter, then I saw Melina and Kelly Kelly come in with Dave smiling, ''hey guys'' I said after I finished hugging John and I ran up to them and we had a group hug, and we all laughed and John joined in the group hug, ''I missed you all soo much'' I said and we were all smiled at each other when we pulled away, ''we missed you too Mickie'' Dave said and kissed Melina and I was in shock.

''Are you guys dating?'' I asked and Melina giggle

''yes we have been for a year now..when you left I was really sad and Dave was there for me'' she said and blushed when Dave blow her a kiss, ''aww you guys I always knew you too would make a cute couple'' I said happy for them.

Then I turned to look at Kelly and smiled at her, ''so what else have I missed?'' I asked her and she smiled ''well a lot we all miss you, and John is the wwe champion and is currently single'' she said and winked at me and out of the corner of my eye I saw John smiling at me, and I couldn't help but smile too.

''So Kelly are you dating anyone?'' I asked and she looked away '''' she said ''we better go Melina our match is next'' she added and both Melina and Kelly hugged me and went out the door with Dave who winked at me and left with them. I turned to John ''what's wrong with her?'' I asked him and he looked down at his feet, ''John? You can tell me'' I said getting worried and he looked up at me and smiled softly ''it''s them'' he said and I knew straight away who 'it's them' is...Legacy.