Warnings: BDSM, slash, teenage drama, abuse, unrequited love and some questionable characterization. Consider yourselves warned.

They were out of coffee. Cesare tore apart the small kitchen, the fridge, the pantry, underneath the sink, looking for the desired beans, to no avail. It was fifteen minutes after six in the morning and they had no coffee.

"Dammit. Micheletto!" he yelled. "Are you up?"

"I'm right here." It never failed to freak Cesare out how his boyfriend could appear out of nowhere.

"Where'd you put the coffee?"

"I didn't buy any."

"What?" Cesare's snapped up. "Dammit, you were supposed to buy more coffee yesterday when you went out to get your prescriptions…" he stopped and sighed, rubbing his temples. "You didn't get your prescriptions filled, did you." It was more a statement of fact than a question.

"I didn't."

"When we get off from work, we're driving to Walmart to get them filled. When we get home I'm going to flay you alive."

Micheletto nodded and checked the kitchen clock. "If we get dressed we'll have time to stop at Starbucks."

There was a line of SUVs outside the Starbucks pick up window. They sat for a while, staring out the window, before Cesare decided to take advantage of the extra time and return to the subject of prescriptions. "Why didn't you get the prescriptions filled?"

"It's expensive."

"You get them filled at Walmart for ten dollars."

"I hate medicine."


"Pain is weakness leaving the body. Why deny myself the chance to get rid of weakness by hiding the pain with medication?"

Cesare let his head fall forward and hit the steering wheel. "Medicine is supposed to help you manage pain. Besides, what if you snapped and hurt one of your students?"

"They deserve it. Half are functioning illiterates and the other half spend class time writing gay male porn fan fiction. They're all hoodlums."

"Writing what?"

"They pass notes about their favorite pairings in class. I've got a few at home."

Cesare sat back. "Wow. Just, wow."

"You look good in red."

"Thanks. Dad gave me the shirt last Christmas."

"It looks good."

"Than…you are not changing the subject."

"We'll pick up the medication after work, like you said."


"In the meantime this line isn't moving."

Cesare raised an eyebrow. "So what are you suggesting?"

"Sex in the backseat."

A pause. "Ok."

The good thing about being the Vice Principal of the school (and the son of the Superintendent) was that you never had to worry about being late.

Author's notes- guess which half of the class I was part of during high school? You get three guesses and the first two don't count.

My mother was a teacher and she often referred to her charges as hoodlums.

Things to look forward too- Ursula as a school counselor, easily the most useless job in education. Giovanni Sforza, the geology teacher. Lucrezia dealing with algebra and the question of whether Paulo likes her, or like likes her. And Cardinal Della Rovere as the Principal, trying to run a school and take over as Superintendent.