Author's Note: This is set in the reprieve Voldemort gives Hogwarts. The time he gives them to tend to their wounded and such, and when Harry's supposed to come give himself up. Lately, I've fallen in love with this couple, not completely sure why. Enjoy!

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"Fleur!" he called. His voice was hoarse, coated with the dust and the pain that hung heavy, permeated every pore in his body. He had left his family, mourning over the loss of his younger brother, to find his wife. He had loved Fred... of course he had, but he had to stay strong. He had to be the pillar that held his family up in their time of need. But now, he needed to find his own pillar. If she was gone, he didn't know what he would do...

"Beel!" a musical voice shouted, and a silvery-blonde blur all but flew into his chest, slender arms coming to lock in a vice grip around his middle.

Bill wasted no time in allowing his wand to clatter to the floor, his own arms locking around the woman who clung to him, a short sob of relief gasping from him, before he fell silent. The two lovers didn't move, didn't speak, merely held, reveling in the idea that they had both made it, both survived... for now.

Then, her hands were everywhere, tracing over his chest and back, as if checking to make sure he was real, her lips hitting every spot on his face she could reach, and he found himself leaning down a bit, to allow her full access, fingers coming up to trace every so carefully across the scars on his face.

"I zought... I couldeen't find you... my Beel..." Fluer whispered in broken sentences, as her hands came to rest on his shoulders, his own on her waist.

"I'd never leave you... not if I could help it." he whispered back, his voice much lower, and rougher than her own musical one. A teary eyed smile came to Fleur's face, and she leaned up once more, standing on her toes to place a feather light, gentle kiss to his lips. She soon pulled back though, before he could respond in turn, and stepped away from him. She stooped, picking up his wand, and tucking it quietly into his belt, before she slid her hand into his own.

"Your fameely..." she spoke softly, and began to lead him. He followed numbly, the realization that his brother was dead was slowly returning to him. The actuality that he could still lose everything, and his face became somber when they entered the Great Hall. Fleur seemed to not want to intrude on the sobbing Weasley's, but her face registered surprise when Mrs. Weasley dove forwards, and locked both of them in a tight, bone crushing hug.

Slowly, Fleur's eyes flooded with tears, and she choked out a sob, arms coming around the plump woman as they bother cried, Bill holding them both tightly, eyes screwed shut, and he knew, finally, finally...

Fleur was part of his family now. They accepted her, fully and completely, and that would be his thought later, when brandishing his wand and bellowing, "Expecto patronum!". That would be what he thought of, when a lioness leapt from the tip of his wand and roared, bearing down on the dementors surrounding both him and his wife, and that would be his memory, when he looked over, and saw Fleur's own patronus, a large, male lion leaping beside his own, reflecting his own, as she turned to him with a beaming smile, a rare moment of happiness, in the heat of a terrible battle.


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