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I made this short segment in honor of Ironhide and his untimely death at the hands of Sentinel Prime. I hope you like it and will comment.

"Annabelle dad's home!" – Sarah said as she put the dishes in the dish washer.

"Daddy! Hidey!" – Annabelle yelled as she ran to the screen door the bright smile on her face would make anyone smile. But that smile soon vanished as she stood on the porch watching Bumblebee drive away and Ironhide was nowhere in sight. Where is Hidey?

Annabelle watched her Daddy's sad face as he walked up to the porch. "Daddy where is Ironhide?" she watched as he face darkened. He walked up to her and picked her up taking her into the house and sitting her on the counter. She couldn't understand why didn't Ironhide come home? He always comes home with Daddy.

"Daddy?" – Annabelle asked again when he didn't answer the first time.

"He's –he's not coming home Bella." – He said chocking on his emotions. "He'll be back tomorrow right? He has to!" Annabelle said as tears gathered in her eyes. "He promised that he would be here for my Kindergarten graduation! He promised! He promised!" Seeing the tears fall down her angelic face broke Lennox's restraint and he hugged Annabelle to himself and she continued to cry.

"Honey welcome ho- What's wrong why is Annabelle crying?" Sarah said as she walked into the room. When Will looked up at his wife she knew what happened. "Is he?" She asked. Will nodded as she walked over and hugged her husband and weeping child. Sarah may not have known Ironhide very long but she like him because he loved Anna with his entire spark.

Tears fell from all of their eyes that day as they wept for the beloved guardian Ironhide. Will cried for the loss of his companion, Sarah for her friend and babysitter, and Annabelle for her transforming Uncle Ironhide.

To our beloved Ironhide may he kick Decepticon aft in the well of sparks and reunite with his loved ones.

Ironhide: 2007 - 2011