"Well... Good Luck Charlie." Teddy said as she closed the small pink video camera. She set it on the coffee table in front of her and slumped onto the couch. She was tired, but she had to stay up. Her mother told her if she fell asleep before Gabe got home, and if Gabe wasn't in bed before she got home, she would be grounded for 2 weeks. Not Fair, but she knew better than to defy her mom.

Just as she sat up to grab a random magazine off of the table, she heard a car pull up outside. Teddy waited for Gabe to come inside, but he never did. She creeped up to the door and peered out of the window beside it, making sure she couldn't be seen. The sight she saw frightened her.

On the Front Porch, still dressed up from the ball dance whatever you want to call it, was Gabe and Jo, TALKING. WITHOUT Jo jumping at his throat. The next thing she saw made her practically want to jump up and down and scream with joy (AFTER SHE GOT OVER THE WEIRDNESS...) Gabe leaned over and kissed Jo on the cheek. It was barely a second long, and he barely touched her cheek, but it was definatley a kiss.

As Jo walked back to her dad's car, looking as shocked as Teddy was excited, Gabe slowly opened the door. Teddy ran to the couch and grabbed her camera and opened it.

"Well... Good Luck Charlie" She said, though the camera wasn't even on. She could tell she looked a little suspicious, but hey, when wasn't Teddy up to something? Teddy opened her mouth to tell him what their mom had said, but Gabe was already up the steps, out of earshot.

'Wow,' Teddy Thought, 'Gabe and Jo? Hmm... This situation is tough. But i think i know the perfect person to get them together...' Teddy ran downstairs to her room and grabbed her cell phone. She clicked one on speed dial, and waited till her favorite voice came through her speaker.

"Hey, Ivy, I need your help. Yeah, come over now. It's IMPORTANT. Bring some clothes, and just stay over for the night, m'kay? No, i can't tell you what it is over the phone. Why? Because Gabe could easily be snooping. So... JUST HURRY!"

Teddy clicked end, and flopped onto her bed. Gabe and Jo. Jo and Gabe. Jabe? Go? Teddy silently laughed at herself. Couple names, really? Well, all she could offer were three words of encouragment to Gabe at this moment.

In a whisper, just quiet enough so she could hear, these words left her mouth.

"Good Luck, Gabe."

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