Hey, guys! This is my attempt at a fanfic for the Internet Girls series, about the girls' first year of college. Let me know what you think! Here's the first few chapters:

Saturday, September 3rd, 10:32 PM E.S.T.

mad maddie: phew! well, zo, i'm officially unpacked.

zoegirl: congrats! how long did that take?

mad maddie: about 2 hrs. it would've been shorter, but i had to go check out the soda machine down the hall.

mad maddie: only 1 dollar for a dr pepper!

zoegirl: then ur set. u've got ur dr pepper right down the hall and a whole bunch of banana slugs.

mad maddie: ah, the beauty of ucsc, baby! altho i feel bad for my roommate, becuz the way these beds are made, i'm gonna be snoring til the cows come home.

zoegirl: who's your roommate?

mad maddie: i dunno yet. she's not arriving til tomorrow. which gives me time to stretch out and enjoy being far away from the rents.

mad maddie: when i left this morning, the moms started crying and my dad got her a beer 2 calm her down. then he said, "be a good girl, maddie," and got himself a beer, 2. ah, they'll get twice as drunk w/o me.

zoegirl: erm, ok then.

zoegirl: how was saying goodbye to ian today?

mad maddie: it was nice. angela would be all mushy about it, im sure. he drove me to the airport, then we hugged and all that stuff, and he said, "it'll only feel like another week that we haven't seen each other." cuz we only see each other on weekends

zoegirl: aw, mads! the 2 of u get cuter every day.

mad maddie: speaking of which, how was the drive up to ohio w/ doug?

zoegirl: it was nice. we stopped at a hotel overnight, and we went to so many cool little food joints! i wanna stop in tennessee one day when I'm visiting home.

mad maddie: speaking of home, angela plans on staying at home and driving to college every morning

zoegirl: *what*? but it's almost 2 hrs away!

mad maddie: that's what i told her, along w/ her aunt. i'm sure she'll give into our constant nagging eventually.

zoegirl: oh, angela worries me sometimes.

mad maddie: me 2, which is why i told ian to keep an eye on her.

zoegirl: ooh, that's a good idea

mad maddie: yeah, cuz knowing angela, she'll get mixed into the wrong party fast, and she won't know how the hell 2 get out.

zoegirl: ooh, don't even think like that. i don't wanna picture angela at some frat party w/ a bunch of jerky older college guys.

mad maddie: who knows? maybe a frat party full of jerky older college guys will be where she finds her next victim…er….boyfriend.

zoegirl: *maddie*! no way! i don't think any guy at those parties is worth angela's time. besides, judging from her past boyfriends, i think she should take some time 2 b single her 1st yr of college

mad maddie: ur prob rite. let's c, there was rob, who cheated on her w/ tina, doug, who she didn't even wanna date til he started dating u, and logan, who gave her a jeep then slept w/…the girl whose name need not b mentioned anymore.

zoegirl: doesn't it feel great 2 b far far away from her?

mad maddie: ah, yes. no jana…i mean girl-who-must-not-be-named…hate waves in the near distance feels so good

zoegirl: where did she even go 2 college?

mad maddie: is she even going? that's what i wanna know. as long as she's not here (which she won't b becuz she's not smart enuff) im fine.

zoegirl: at least her minions r free of her, 2, like terri

mad maddie: who cares about them? we're free of high school drama, babe! enjoy the newfound maturity we all have

zoegirl: ur mature now? jk

mad maddie: ha ha. btw, i found the coolest thing. it's called "m & m yourself". u can make ppl m & m's!

mad maddie: i already made myself. im purple w/ a crazy fro and a pair of awesome checkered boots.

mad maddie: i also have tough robot arms and a pair of sunglasses to show how cool i am.

zoegirl: well, then. can u make me?

mad maddie: make urself. go 2 and click on "become an m&m". but don't make urself look all prissy. look cool. i want my m&m buddies 2 b almost as cool as me.

mad maddie: speaking of cool, it's just as hot here as it was in georgia.

zoegirl: can't say the same. it's freezing in ohio! i hope my roommate remembered 2 bring a heater when she gets here.

mad maddie: yeah, but what if she's from alaska and thinks ohio is like a sauna? then she'll be all, "well, guess i don't need my heater!", and toss it out the window 2 unsuspecting passersby.

zoegirl: ur sick, u know that?

zoegirl: besides, i already got my roommate's info. it was on my dorm door. her name's caitlin, and she's from florida. she'll be even colder than me.

mad maddie: florida? don't most florida girls go 2 school in florida? becuz they've spent yrs of lazy tanning and they never wanna leave?

zoegirl: idk, but as long as she's smart enuff 2 bring a heater

mad maddie: or a self-tanner

zoegirl: then im fine.

mad maddie: i went 2 florida once. just about every1 wore swimsuits. except for the old ppl. they wore bermuda shorts.

mad maddie: u know, i need a nice pair of bermuda shorts, so i can walk around the california beaches and be all, "yeah, im not old, im just cool."

zoegirl: my dad wears bermuda shorts whenever we go on a trip. does tht mean he's getting old?

zoegirl: when i left, he was crying more than my mom, waving a kenyon hat he bought a few weeks ago.

mad maddie: well, it's a good thing tht wasn't a princeton hat instead. it's a good thing u got them 2 accept u going 2 kenyon.

zoegirl: yeah, this summer they decided that if i wasn't going 2 princeton, then they might as well get excited about kenyon.

mad maddie: i think my rents were happy i got into any college at all.

zoegirl: well, u also got in2 uga.

mad maddie: true. btw, maybe i should drop by el cerrito and give angela's parents and chrissy a buzz.

zoegirl: can u believe chrissy is a sophomore this yr?

mad maddie: i know. it makes me feel old. angela wants 2 come visit me and her soon.

zoegirl: what about me?

mad maddie: ur all the way in ohio w/ doug. we're all in california. 2 diff. trips

zoegirl: doug and i start skool the same day, and we made sure that we don't take classes on fri. so we can c each other.

mad maddie: u shouldn't b planning ur college experience around doug.

zoegirl: im not! besides, i want a day off anyway. i have tons of classes every other day.

mad maddie: what r u majoring in?

zoegirl: idk yet. i wanna do something 4 others, but idk what. maybe something w/ kids, since i loved working at the daycare center.

mad maddie: man, i could never work w/ kids. they'd annoy me too fast.

zoegirl: that kid, graham, that loves me so much? my last day at the daycare center, he said, "zoe, r u gonna write 2 me while ur gone?" so now whenever i get the chance, im gonna send him a letter.

mad maddie: does the kid even know how 2 read?

zoegirl: he's learning. besides, his mom or some1 else who works at the daycare center can read them 2 him

zoegirl: i really miss the daycare center. heck, i miss u and angela.

mad maddie: well, thanksgiving break is only 8 weeks away.

zoegirl: u say tht like its only 8 *days* away.

mad maddie: oh plz. knowing u, u've signed up 4 enuff classes 2 fill ur entire schedule til break, just so u don't feel like it's so long.

mad maddie: besides, we can still talk online, and even when we all lived in atlanta, we did that most of the time.

zoegirl: i guess, but what about when angela's upset? we can't say, "i'll b rite over". or when there's a great party in town, we can't say, "hey, let's all go!"

mad maddie: yeah, but it's not like we're never gonna c each other. we have tons of breaks

zoegirl: i guess ur rite…

mad maddie: i know im rite. oh, i forgot 2 tell u, mark was acting all weird b4 i left. after i had all my stuff packed, he went rifling thru all my other stuff and was like, "maddie, u got any spare cash lying around?"

zoegirl: y would he b asking u 4 spare change?

mad maddie: that's what i was wondering. so i said, "dude, if i have any spare change, id b bringing it w/ me." then he left in a huff.

zoegirl: that's weird. or not. maybe he just wanted 2 buy something?

mad maddie: i dunno, he seemed a little too upset. i heard him making phone calls, too, asking how much something would cost.

zoegirl: something? like what? he didn't say, "how much does so-and-so cost?"

mad maddie: nope. he said 2 one guy, "how much does it cost to get 1 of those?" and then the 2nd call, he said, "yes, i have some of the money, but isn't there one i can get in my budget?"

zoegirl: tht's weird. i have no idea what tht could b.

mad maddie: maybe he's buying me a "good luck in college" gift, like a new webcam so i can talk 2 u guys face to face.

zoegirl: tht would b great! doug said i can use his if i want, since he can see me whenever he wants.

mad maddie: blech. HE can see U whenever HE wants? what about u? what if ur busy huh?

zoegirl: oh maddie. doug means no harm.

mad maddie: oh, sure he doesn't. mr. i-wanted-to-deflower-good-little-zoe.

zoegirl: *maddie*!

mad maddie: heh, heh. funny stuff. im going 2 check out campus. no, scratch that. im going 2 check out the insides of my eyelids on campus.

zoegirl: g nite!

Monday, September 5th, 9:23 PM E.S.T.

You have just entered the room "Angela's Boudoir".

mad maddie has entered the room.

zoegirl has entered the room.

SnowAngel: well, ladies? how was the 1st day of school?

zoegirl: stressful!

mad maddie: not good. u guys, guess who my roommate is?

mad maddie: GLENDY.

SnowAngel: :O!

zoegirl: *what*? r u serious?

mad maddie: turns out daddy didn't want her 2 b too far from home, so now she's at ucsc…w/ ME.

mad maddie: the min. she walked into the room i knew it was her. all of her stuff had care bears all over, and the fact that her shirt said "glendy" across the chest helped.

mad maddie: she asked me what my name was, and i stupidly told her, and she said, "hey, angela has a friend w/ that name! r u angela silver's friend?" i should've lied.

SnowAngel: i can't believe she's ur roommate. see, u could've been MY roommate at uga.

mad maddie: oh, so u DO have a dorm room, huh?

SnowAngel: yes, but im not happy about it. i have 2 use their computers, which are sooooo old.

zoegirl: aw, mads, don't let glendy spoil ur fun.

mad maddie: r u kidding? now i can snore w/o feeling bad about it.

SnowAngel: yes! snore it up. i hope she doesn't get a wink of sleep. maybe then she'll realize that care bears bring no comfort.

zoegirl: erm, ok. can i tell u guys about my insanely stressful 1st day?

mad maddie: sure, zo, we're all ears.

zoegirl: well, i had a class 1st thing in the morning, so i didn't even get to meet my roommate. then i got lost, and a teacher that scarily resembled mr. h showed me the building i had 2 b in.

mad maddie: ooh, better watch out, zo. don't want another religious freak inviting u into a hot tub, now.

zoegirl: thanks a lot, maddie. anyway, after being rudely reminded of that, i showed up 2 class late, but my professor didn't even notice. after all my morning classes, i finally stopped 4 lunch. when i finished all my classes, i tried 2 find the cafeteria 4 dinner, but i got lost again, and some creepy senior hit on me. so i ran back 2 my dorm and started my hw. now here i am, wishing it wasn't so crazy here!

SnowAngel: that's college 4 ya, zo.

SnowAngel: my 1st day went fabulously well, if i do say so myself.

mad maddie: what, did u meet a cute boy?

SnowAngel: yes, but that's not y. I on the other hand did NOT get lost. i found everything perfectly, and ian was even in 1 of my classes! so i sat by him and we talked. then, during my lunch, i went to the campus store and found this way cute uga top and an even cuter guy at the register. his name is alex, and he's a sophomore. he majors in film study :D

mad maddie: oh, boy, looks like she's found her guy of the yr.

SnowAngel: maddie, he is NOT my "guy of the yr". he is just a cute boy whom i happen to b attracted 2 and who gave me his phone #.

zoegirl: he gave u his #, a? how do u know he didn't give it 2 a lot of girls? it's a big campus.

SnowAngel: thanks a lot, zo. i could've gone w/ out thinking that 4 ever. now im not gonna call him. :(

mad maddie: good going, zo.

zoegirl: oh, angela! i didn't mean 2 make it sound bad. i just don't want u 2 get hurt again.

SnowAngel: well, now i AM hurt. by U. :'(

mad maddie: just ignore her, angela. she's just sad she can't see doug.

zoegirl: am not! just forget it. anyways, i think my roommate is coming down the hall. im gonna go meet her.

SnowAngel: *stares at cell phone longingly*

mad maddie: go call alex, angela. we all know u want 2.

SnowAngel: yippee! im ignoring zoe's comment. :P

zoegirl: oh boy….

Tuesday, September 6th, 12:22 PM E.S.T.

zoegirl: maddie, shouldn't you be in class instead of being online? isn't it like, 9 am?

mad maddie: lucky for me, i don't have morning classes on tuesdays or thursdays.

mad maddie: what are YOU doing online? isn't it the middle of the day?

zoegirl: i have some free time for lunch until my next class.

zoegirl: btw, i finally met caitlin.

mad maddie: caitlin?

zoegirl: my roommate!

mad maddie: oh, is she a crazy care bear-loving stalker too?

zoegirl: er, no. but she's super nice. she's a christian too

mad maddie: oh boy. more jesus freaks.

zoegirl: mads, be nice. some of my "jesus freak" friends are actually good people.

zoegirl: anyway, she said she's joining a community group for christians that kenyon has, and she said i should check it out.

mad maddie: oh, no.

zoegirl: what now, maddie?

mad maddie: every time u get involved in something religious, it becomes very..unreligious.

zoegirl: *what*? how could u say that?

mad maddie: look at the facts, zo. there was mr. h, who was all into christianity, and he was a creeper. then there was doug, who had the key to the church, and now ur not a virgin. then there was those weird jehovah's witnesses-

zoegirl: what was wrong with them?

mad maddie: they were just….weird.

zoegirl: thanks a lot, maddie.

mad maddie: sorry, zoe, but it's the truth. and the truth hurts sometimes.

mad maddie: im gonna go before i upset u even more, and u ask ur friend caitlin to pray for me.

Tuesday, September 6th, 7: 54 PM E.S.T.

zoegirl: hey, angela. i'm kinda annoyed at maddie.

SnowAngel: uh oh. what did she say now?

zoegirl: she said that every time i get involved in something religious, i make it *un*religious.

zoegirl: like w/ mr. h and doug and the key to his church and the jehovah's witnesses.

zoegirl: can u believe that?

SnowAngel: um, actually, zo, i can. *hides behind keyboard*

zoegirl: *really*? why does everyone have to get all upset whenever i talk about religion? have u guys ever even been to church?

SnowAngel: a few times, when i was little. but i didn't like it cause i didn't know when to sit or stand, and the benches were uncomfortable.

SnowAngel: but, zoe, i think maddie's right. u gotta be more careful w/ who ur involved w/.

zoegirl: maybe i should b more careful around *u guys*. apparently i cant discuss my own faith w/ my best friends.

SnowAngel: aw, come on, zoe, don't be like that!

SnowAngel: zoe?

SnowAngel: ZOE?

Tuesday, September 6th, 10:09 PM E.S.T.

mad maddie: hey, a. judging by ur status, im guessing u talked to zoe.

SnowAngel: "i never liked church anyway. or hypocrites named zoe"? what gave you that idea?

mad maddie: lucky guess?

mad maddie: her new roommate wants her to join some group of kenyon jesus freaks.

SnowAngel: HA! and SHE thinks IM messing w/ the wrong ppl. well, at least MY ppl are cute. ;)

mad maddie: whatever. lets not talk about zoe 4 a min. did i tell u about m & m urself?

mad maddie: if u go on the m & m website, u can make urself an m & m.

mad maddie: i made jana, too.

SnowAngel: ooh, i hope u made her look as ugly as her personality. :)

mad maddie: oh, dnt worry, i did. i gave her a whole ugly witch look, and just 4 the humor effect, i gave her 5 o clock shadow.

SnowAngel: beautiful. i wanna make me!

mad maddie: go ahead, lol.

SnowAngel: hmm….i think i'll make myself a redhead…..

mad maddie: oh boy…

SnowAngel: done! im gonna send it to u!

mad maddie: ok, i'll check later. glendy's coming back, and i know she's gonna want me 2 go down 2 the cafeteria w/ her again.

SnowAngel: again?

mad maddie: yeah, dinner was 2 hrs ago, but she said she was afraid 2 go down alone, cuz she thinks she'd get lost, so she wanted me 2 go w/ her.

mad maddie: i told her i needed a 2 hr nap 1st.

SnowAngel: oh, maddie, u can only hold her off for so long!

mad maddie: grr, i know. im gonna pretend im still asleep. bye!