Friday, September 9th, 7:09 PM E.S.T.

zoegirl: hey, maddie, r u free?

Auto response from mad maddie: checkin' out ucsc's party scene 2nite. gotta catch my z's!

zoegirl: of course u'd be napping. i hope glendy enjoys ur snoring.

zoegirl: anyway, i just wanna say sorry 4 getting all upset. i didn't mean to flip out.

zoegirl: but i rlly wanna tell u how gr8 my 1st meeting w/ the group went today, so i hope u'll listen l8r!

Friday, September 9th, 7:12 PM E.S.T.

zoegirl: angela? can i talk 2 u?

Auto response from SnowAngel: goin' to a party w/ alex! :D

zoegirl: oh boy, is evry1 out to party 2nite?

zoegirl: anyway, i just wanna talk 2 some1! ttyl!

Tuesday, September 13th, 7:06 Pm E.S.T.

You have just entered the room "Angela's Boudoir"

mad maddie has entered the room.

zoegirl has entered the room.

SnowAngel: OMG, last weekend was crazy! 8D

zoegirl: does this mean evrything's ok?

mad maddie: um, yeah zo. u were the only 1 seriously upset.

zoegirl: oh, well, ok then. great!

zoegirl: so what happened, a?

SnowAngel:…I'm not sure.

zoegirl: *what*? how can u not b sure what u did?

mad maddie: well, if she got as drunk and crazy as i did last weekend, then i understand.

zoegirl: oh, angela, u didn't get wild, did u?

SnowAngel: oh, good little, zoe, of course i didn't. i just had some fun is all….;)

SnowAngel: hey mads, i think ian was there 2!

mad maddie: oh, was he?

SnowAngel: yeah, but dnt worry. he didn't have anything 2 drink. he just was there 2 keep an eye on his dorm buddy.

mad maddie: that's my ian 4 ya, always looking out 4 every1.

mad maddie: what about alex?

SnowAngel: :/ i don't remember….no wait i do! he started introducing me 2 some of his frat buddies-

zoegirl: he's part of a *frat house*?

SnowAngel: yeah. and they all kept giving me drinks as a "welcome to uga" gift….then i started dancing w/ them, and it was pretty fun :D

mad maddie: and where was alex in all this?

SnowAngel: oh, he kept going to get me drinks. how sweet is he? 3

mad maddie: totally..sweet…

zoegirl: angela, do u realize what alex is doing?

SnowAngel: what, zoe? r u gonna preach 2 me again?

zoegirl: no! i just

zoegirl: forget it.

mad maddie: er, anyway, i had a pretty awesome nite myself.

mad maddie: there was a huge "banana slug initiation" party 4 the freshmen in 1 of the dorms, and we had a "slug shot" game where u had 2 keep taking shots till u found the glass w/ a plastic banana slug in it.

zoegirl: wouldn't u choke on it?

mad maddie: no, cuz they were glued 2 the bottom.

mad maddie: i won all 4!

zoegirl: u took 4 rounds of shots?

mad maddie: oh, calm down, zo. i found the 1st 2 in like, 5 tries.

mad maddie: so what did YOU do on this crazy fri., ms. zoe?

zoegirl: don't laff or judge, ok? (maddie!)

zoegirl: caitlin took me 2 a nursing home near campus, and we were talking 2 some of the retired nuns there.

mad maddie: better watch out, zoe. they mite try 2 convert u.

zoegirl: maddie! i said no jokes!

mad maddie: hey, it culd rlly happen!

zoegirl: it *won't*. anyways, she and i have been going to the church group every other day, and its great. i met a ton of amazing ppl!

zoegirl: the leader, jake, was such a moving speaker. he always seems like he knows what 2 say. he told me and caitlin 2 join him in volunteering this weekend!

mad maddie: just remember zoe: mr. h's come in all ages.

SnowAngel: be nice. maddie! :P

SnowAngel: well, if he's cute, u shuld go.

zoegirl: angela! i wuldn't go cuz he's cute. i'd go cuz i wanna help. besides, i have doug.

zoegirl: we're gonna meet up this weekend at a spot halfway between our 2 campuses. it's this nice little town w/ antique shops and homemade food.

mad maddie: yawn. i think i'd rather go take a nap.

SnowAngel: and torture glendy w/ ur loverly snores? :)

SnowAngel: how is that going, btw?

mad maddie: she's driving me insane. last nite she dropped 1 of her care bears out the window and was crying 4 hrs begging me 2 get it 4 her.

zoegirl: what did u do?

mad maddie: well, the RA came in and asked what was going on, so i told her she dropped a stuffed animal. the RA rolled her eyes and said, "get some sleep", so i did, and glendy shut up the min. she left.

zoegirl: er, how did her care bear end up out the window?

mad maddie: she wanted 2 show it the campus and the "great view" she has, which, in my opinion isn't all tht great. all u can see is a tree and the courtyard. the view of the vending machine is far better.

SnowAngel: oh mads, u and ur dr. pepper.

SnowAngel: now i'm homesick.

zoegirl: angela, u can just drive home on the weekends. its only an hour or so away.

SnowAngel: yeah, but u guys r my home too! :'(

zoegirl: aw! well, thanksgiving break isn't too far away.

mad maddie: hey, didn't i just say that 2 u? and u were all, "u make it sound like it's only 8 days" or whatever.

zoegirl: er, maybe? i don't remember…

mad maddie: uh huh….well, it's almost dinner time, so i gotta bolt b4 glendy comes back and wants 2 go 2 the caf again.

SnowAngel: oh, maddie. i remember the days when i had 2 hide from the cafeteria cuz of glendy.*shudders*

zoegirl: grab a dr. pepper b4 u leave!

mad maddie: already got 1. adios!

mad maddie has left the room.

zoegirl: yeah, i should get going, too. caitlin and jake invited me 2 have dinner w/ the church group 2nite.

SnowAngel: ok…and zoe? i know maddie jokes, but she's right. don't let them turn u in2 a crazy jesus freak!

zoegirl: i think i already *was* one, a. but thanks.

zoegirl: ttyl!

Friday, September 16th, 6:21 PM E.S.T.

SnowAngel: helllooooo, maddie! what plans might u have on such a nice evening?

mad maddie: angela, i think the question is what plans might U have? u seem pretty darn happy.

SnowAngel: what, i can't just be happy?

mad maddie: not u, angela, no. usually, or maybe always, it's about a guy. do u have a date w/ alex?

SnowAngel: well, not exactly. there's a movie night on campus tonite and he said i shuld join him and his buddies.

mad maddie: er, wuld these be his frat buddies? the 1s who kept giving u "welcome" drinks?

SnowAngel: i think so. but im so excited! wanna hear my outfit?

mad maddie: well, if ur def. gonna go w/ these guys and there's no use in arguing, why not?

SnowAngel: ok-white tank top, faded jeans, red and white uga hoodie (which i bought from alex), black and white flip flops, and a white butterfly hair clip.

mad maddie: sounds very…cute casual, angela.

SnowAngel: why, thank u! :D do u think the hair clip is too..little-kid-y? cuz i don't wanna look like a little girl in front of the older guys….or alex.

mad maddie: it'll b fine, a. i doubt it'll even b noticed, if ur watching a movie.

SnowAngel: *sigh* ur probably right.

mad maddie: i know i am.

mad maddie: so, guess what? i was on the phone w/ mark 2day, and he was acting all weird. he sounded rlly exhausted, and he said he was just "working a few extra jobs".

SnowAngel: why wuld he b doing that?

mad maddie: well, when i asked him, he started 2 say something, then pelt woman yelled 2 him from the background and he just hung up.

SnowAngel: darn, pelt woman. she ruins everything.

mad maddie: what r u talking bout, a? she still has those chicks u tried 2 send 2…she-who-must-not-be-named.

SnowAngel: i know, i know. i wish we didn't have 2 call her that…..but alas, she refuses 2 shave.

mad maddie: at least we found some1 2 put up w/ my brother. i always thought he'd end up living at home till he was 40 and my pops wuld kill him in a drunken rage 1 day.

SnowAngel: :O

mad maddie: hey, it didn't happen! he's happily living w/ pelt woman.

mad maddie: anyway, u just enjoy ur movie nite. im gonna search the dorms 4 a party far away from glendy.

SnowAngel: just look 4 a room w/ no sign of care bears!

mad maddie: good call. have fun, and be careful w/ that boy!

Sunday, September 18th, 3:43 PM E.S.T.

mad maddie: hey, zo, guess where i'm heading this afternoon?

zoegirl: it's almost 4, u might wanna get a move-on.

mad maddie: time difference, zoe! remember?

zoegirl: grr, rite, sorry! so, it's like, lunchtime rite now 4 u.

mad maddie: yeppers, and since its sunday and i will do anything 2 escape glendy, i decided im gonna go 2 el cerrito.

zoegirl: and pay the silvers a visit?

mad maddie: y else would i go 2 el cerrito?

zoegirl: hm, good point. what if they're out?

mad maddie: then i'll nap on their front steps till they come home.

zoegirl: im sure they'll love that.

zoegirl: u better hope glendy doesn't decide 2 go home 4 a visit, too.

mad maddie: yikes, i didn't think of that.

mad maddie: oh well, i have nothing better 2 do anyway.

zoegirl: aw, maddie, aren't u making any friends?

mad maddie: well, i have my friends that i party w/ on weekends, but they all sleep in on sundays, and i didn't go out last nite, so im wide awake.

zoegirl: how come u didn't go out?

mad maddie: i was secretly hugging glendy's care bears while she was away.

zoegirl: ha ha. now what's the *real* reason?

mad maddie: honestly, i was waiting up 4 angela 2 come back online, cuz i was worried about her w/ all those older guys at nite.

zoegirl: wow, mads, look at u, being all worried.

mad maddie: hey, if im ever gonna be worried, it'll be 4 u and angela.

zoegirl: aw!

mad maddie: yeah, yeah, mushy, mushy. anyways, have u heard from her since friday? i kept an eye on the computer all weekend, but nothing.

zoegirl: nope, nothing. actually, she didn't even tell me she was going out w/ them.

zoegirl: i don't like the sound of these guys.

mad maddie: me either. which is another reason im dropping by the silvers'. i wanna see if she's checked in w/ them at all.

zoegirl: ooh, some detective work, maddie? sounds like fun!

mad maddie: it'll keep me busy…and from killing glendy.

zoegirl: oh, mads, try and feel some compassion for her, maybe she's got some sort of problem.

mad maddie: that's pretty obvious, zoe. she's a stalker who obsesses over chain mail and treats her care bears like humans. and she has care bears at the age of 18.

zoegirl: i meant like something more serious, which i know is not in ur vocabulary.

mad maddie: ah, i knew it couldn't be a normal sunday if zoe didn't try and preach 2 me.

mad maddie: is there a lovely campus chapel u attended 2day?


zoegirl: but what's the crime in that?

mad maddie: nothing, im just not surprised is all

zoegirl: well, it was very nice. and to your surprise, *lots* of people were there.

mad maddie: wow, good job, zoe.

zoegirl: good job? on what?

mad maddie: on picking a school chock-full of jesus freaks! u'll blend rite in!

zoegirl: maddie…..

mad maddie: i know i know. no more jokes, but how else am i supposed 2 entertain myself? hang out w/ glendy?

zoegirl: er, u could make some new friends.

mad maddie: oh please, i have u guys 4 that. and i have my party buddies on weekends.

mad maddie: man, do they know how 2 find a good party. they're like the scooby-doos of sniffing out a good time.

zoegirl: erm, do u ever see these guys outside of a party?

mad maddie: eh, not rlly. i mean, they're in my dorm and all, but i don't go looking 4 em.

mad maddie: this 1 guy, charlie, is pretty cool. i rlly only see him. he's the only 1 who can seem 2 get up some time b4 noon.

zoegirl: ooh, don't forget about ian, mads!

mad maddie: now ur just sounding like angela. besides, he reminds me too much of, well, shaggy.

mad maddie: man, now i wanna watch scooby-doo. i should've gotten up earlier 2 watch sunday morning cartoons!

zoegirl: well, personally, i always liked shaggy better than fred.

mad maddie: not me. i thought shaggy ate too much and was afraid of freaking everything. fred wore that awesome ascot.

mad maddie: u remind me of velma!

zoegirl: i do? actually, i can see that. no offense, but i *am* the smartest, ha ha.

mad maddie: i agree. and angela is definitely daphne.

zoegirl: of course.

zoegirl: but what does that make u?

mad maddie: hmm….the mystery machine!

zoegirl: *maddie*! u can't be a *car*.

mad maddie: sure i can! i'm big and loud and every1 thinks im weird when they drive by me.

zoegirl: well, when u put it that way….

mad maddie: har har.

zoegirl: well, i'm gonna call doug b4 dinner. i promised him 2 make plans 4 next weekend.

mad maddie: ooh, i'm assuming these plans are pretty sexy.

zoegirl: maddie, does everything have 2 b sex-related w/ u?

mad maddie: zoe, does everything have 2 b disgusting w/ u?

zoegirl: goodbye!

mad maddie: use protection!

Tuesday, September 20th, 8:35 PM E.S.T.

zoegirl: angela! ur *finally* on!

zoegirl: y have u been so m.i.a.?

SnowAngel: *snores loudly and buries head in pillow*

zoegirl: what happened?

SnowAngel: uggggghhhhhhh

zoegirl: er, angela?

SnowAngel: i feel icky. really really icky.

zoegirl: and *why* do u feel so icky?

SnowAngel: im on, like, a 3 day hangover. i didn't even go 2 class yesterday. or today.

zoegirl: *angela*! ur gonna get in a ton of trouble!

SnowAngel: *groans and stuffs head further into pillow* don't remind me!

zoegirl: er, y r u so hungover? what happened?

SnowAngel: i went out w/ alex and his friends on friday, and then he went to his dorm for a party, and i guess i just kinda passed out on his floor cuz i woke up there the next afternoon w/ a few other ppl. and then i went out in2 the hall and alex and his friends were there waiting to get into a party and they told this guy at the door that they had a freshman girl w/ them and he let us in, and then i somehow ended up on THAT floor the next day.

zoegirl: *omigosh*! angela! that's terrible!

SnowAngel: what's terrible is my headache. i cant even feel my fingertips typing. know any cures for a hangover?

zoegirl: er, no, i can't say i do.

SnowAngel: ah, well. maddie's the 1 to ask. toodles!

zoegirl: wait, angela!

zoegirl: oh, brother….

Tuesday, September 20th, 8:45 PM E.S.T.

SnowAngel: hey, mads, what's the best cure 4 a hangover?

mad maddie: um, angela, y do u need 2 know?

SnowAngel: i did a lot of partying this weekend…and, judging by the headache, i guess i did a lot of drinking, too.

mad maddie: woah, a. that's insane.

SnowAngel: the PARTIES are insane. idk what that frat party u went 2 that time was like, but these are HUGE.

mad maddie: and remember how u guys always told me how bad it was to go?

SnowAngel: yeah, but now i see why u went. they're great! :D

mad maddie: angela, take this from the all-knowing master of partying too hard.

SnowAngel: a hangover cure?

mad maddie: no, a bit of my wisdom.

SnowAngel: *snorts*

mad maddie: hey! all i wanna say is that, maybe u shuld take it down a few notches. u don't wanna get urself into something serious.

SnowAngel: what, ur gonna be all zoe on me now? i thought YOU of all ppl would understand this.

SnowAngel: and don't talk 2 me about getting into something serious. i wasn't the 1 who had a photo of herself topless at a party go all over the internet.

mad maddie: woah, a. that crossed the line.

mad maddie: just don't come crying 2 me when u end up somewhere where u CAN'T get urself home.

SnowAngel: that's not gonna happen, cuz unlike u, i actually HANG OUT w/ the guy i like.

mad maddie: u know if i could see ian i would, so don't even go there.

SnowAngel: u COULD. u could've come to uga w/ him and me. but u decided to SPLIT US UP.

mad maddie: ok, this isn't even the problem.

SnowAngel: no, the problem is tht u don't think i can handle myself and being on my own. well, im doing just fine. look at all the friends i made. how many have YOU made? just glendy?

mad maddie: at least i'm-

mad maddie: u know what? forget it. im outta here.

SnowAngel: go ahead and see if i care! :(

September 21st, 9:58 PM E.S.T.

mad maddie: hey, zo.

zoegirl: hey, maddie, what's up?

mad maddie: angela and i got into a fight.

zoegirl: seriously? why?

mad maddie: i tried 2 tell her not 2 get too crazy and she got offended and said a ton of mean crap 2 me.

zoegirl: rlly? angela was being *mean*?

mad maddie: yeah. looks like good little angela isn't all so good anymore.

mad maddie: just forget i mentioned it. can we change the subject?

zoegirl: er, ok.

zoegirl: i hung out w/ jake and caitlin today. we met the priest at the church in town.

mad maddie: that's ur idea of off-campus fun?

zoegirl: no, but i enjoyed it. he was telling us all about how he became a priest.

mad maddie: was it cuz he culdn't get any girls….or guys?

zoegirl: no! maddie….his wife died after she had a son and when he led her funeral prayer, he realized that this was what he wanted 2 do. lead ppl in prayer.

mad maddie: um, very touching.

zoegirl: i know u don't have a compassionate bone in ur body, but i was very inspired by it.

mad maddie: inspired enough to become a nun?

zoegirl: well….

mad maddie: no. no. no. no. no.

zoegirl: relax! it won't happen. but im gonna go. i have a test tomorrow and i don't wanna fail!

mad maddie: zoe fail? well, there's a 1st time 4 everything.

zoegirl: ur not helping, maddie!

mad maddie: oh, u know im kidding. ttyl!