This is a DAILY story, it will be updated on a regular bases, the time line is day-to-day alike to ours. For this reason though, the entries will not always be as long as you would like but they will be consistent. The timeline is whenever Snape reads the book, (don't worry I never have him take longer then six days to read again).

One more thing Severes is the name of the hero, Severus is Severus Snape, its not a spelling mistake its part of the story. You'll notice a lot of names are off just slightly when he's writing in the story, this is, well read and you'll get it ;)

Please R&E, Read and Enjoy!

Day 0
A boy with messy black hair and vibrant green eyes sat cross legged writing calmly into the very last page of a book he was already changed into his 'muggle' clothes, gray pants with a red sweater and his trunk and bird cage were already loaded onto the train. Harry sat back for a moment taking the moment to blow onto his work in hopes the ink would dry faster, he knew he had to get going soon the train would be leaving in only another half hour but, it was tradition to complete the last page on the last hour being at the school. Harry was in the castle garden leaning against the ruins of some building long forgotten. It was the same place he had sat every year since first year or first volume, currently he was completing volume three. Volume four was right at his side ready to begin in just a moments' time.

'Severes left in regret and despair fearing he would never again see his homeland...' he wrote.

"And what is that Mr Potter?" Asked a cold voice from above and ultimately behind him it was only then that a dark shadow appeared above him. He jumped forward, away from the voice he knew so well. "Come now, I read my name." Severus Snape said icily, he did not doubt for an instant that he had caught the young boy writing bad things about him, probably to share with the other children.

"Turn it over to me." Potter shook his head so Severus jumped down from the ledge he had been standing on, actually trying to gather herbal ingredients when he had caught the young boy in the act. Potter stood up defiantly, clutching the book close to him. In a swift movement Snape swiped, not the book in his arms but the one still laying on the ground and opened it. He was disappointed to find it blank. He pulled out his wand but something made him hesitate, as habit Potter's finger was keeping the page he had just been writing on, and taking a closer look, Snape could tell that he had been on the very last page of the book. Using wandless magic he tapped the book, of course, nothing appeared.

"Very well." He said passing the book back to the boy. "Go along Potter." He ordered, spitting 'potter' out like a rotten fruit. Harry ran off faster then a bolt of lightening, ironic really.

Later that day

Harry potter stepped off of the Hogwarts Express. The Dursleys had been warned that he would be there at precisely 11, he had been offered drives but did not wish to risk punishments so he refused. And so he was forced to wait, and wait, an hour went by, then nearly two. It became apparent that the Dursleys' were not coming. Harry wandered around until he found a driver driving almost near the Dursleys, or at least in the same town. It would still be quite the walk though. The driver had been named Lucy and had even helped get his stuff inside the back of the truck. Having to walk there the rest of the way though, that had been horrid, it had taken him until nine that night to finally get there and when he finally got in Petunia sent him to his room without so much as a hello or even supper, not even an excuse as to why they had not arrived.


Day 0 (Sat)
Already missing his homeland, Sir Severus stepped off of his great dragon. The land of Vernane forbade dragons and so he was forced to await the golden chariot the king had sent for him. And so he waited, and waited, a day went past then nearly another and it became clear that the king had sent no great chariot. As resourceful as ever, Sir Severus managed to barter for a horse, the only one the innkeeper owned. She was a nice mare named Lucy and perfect for the task. Once the king heard that his chariot had not made it he was indeed very upset but all that could wait as they threw a large banquette in honor of the great hero, Sir Severus. He was not fooled by their kindness though, he knew that it was just a pretense, the king would soon reveal his true plan. It was not for kindness that Sir Severus had been brought there but for redemption and the safety of his homeland he would do whatever he had to do. Sir Severus knew that he had to do whatever the king wanted for the next 60 days or he would never be allowed to see his homeland again. It was a penance for what he had done and he accepted the punishment with dread but compliance as the deed he had done was so bad he deserved every unhappiness and task. Tomorrow he knew, the work would begin and the king would relish in watching Sir Severes's misery.

Harry stopped, pausing, yep that had been pretty much it, he closed the book and turned off the light, his stomach growled in the night but he ignored it. Thinking about the day he had had from the moments off the train to now. He did not know why he kept writing these books, perhaps he'd publish them one day, probably not. It was just something he had always done whenever he could sneak a book away from Dudley's vast pile in his room. The beginning of summer when he was ten about to turn eleven, Petunia had found his collection and taken pride in burning them right in front of him but not before reading every word of his personal thoughts to both Uncle Vernen, Dudley and all of Dudley's friends. For months he had stopped writing all together, what was the point? But then as though it were fate, Dudley opened the door one night and chucked a book at Harry's head, from then on he had been more careful, not to write anything too recognizable, he had really chanced it with a name like 'the land of Vernane' but aside from that he felt he remained ambiguous.


Snape sat down after his busy day the kids to kick off the land, the potions to prepare for the next day so many things to be done he had not had a chance to sit all day. His bones felt good getting to rest at last. He was just about to open the book when he hesitated, he already knew what the kids had to say about him, did he really want it so strongly confirmed? He thought it over a few moments then decided, yes, he wanted to know what Potter had to say about him. He opened the book and read the short chapter, then he closed the book.

Why on earth would he chose his most hated professors' first name for a hero?

That was pitiful he was writing a fantasy story, sheesh, he felt sheepish and childish for even casting the spell now, he put the book away under a pile of magazines for potions and went to bed unsure why he felt so disappointed.