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A Perverts Paradise


Jiraiya a novelist who had a serious case of writers block, that is until he figures out the one thing that processes drama, romance, drips sexuality with ranging hormones… Teenagers. So how can he get access to this 24/7? Simple by opening his own privet boarding school with security cameras running at all hours of the day… Who can get writers block this way?



Chapter One: My Brilliant Idea


Jiraiya POV

Sitting in the balcony of my apartment, fingers stretching and wiggling my eyes set on the screen, the flicking line was all that was on the blank document… nothing I can't come up with anything, not a title not a summary, no plot. This has been my problem for the past few months, what happened to the days were I would get inspired simply by stepping out and I would get inspired by a pair of long legs possibly hiding a pair of sexy panties underneath a short little skirt that flooders when she would move, or perhaps the lovely mounds that are carefully hidden by a tight cloth.

Sighing, yes those were the days when things would just come to me. Perhaps those days are not hidden, I just have to look for it elsewhere… maybe it's time that I give my fans something different. If they are loyal they will give my new style a chance right? Besides the same old thing gets old after a while, readers love drama, mystery and sexuality that's what they crave, a fantasy world filed with all that can't be in reality. It's my job to give them what they want; I just have to find a new… inspiration, but what?

Well the only way to find something is by searching for it, perhaps if I go to different places from my normal intale gathering spots. Well with that in mind where would I go?

Normal POV

His hopes were starting to drop he had been searching for the past few days and still nothing… Jiraiya had decided to simply wonder the streets for a while, going anywhere from the night clubs to the library and so far nothing. It was as if the whole world was against him no one wanted to spear an action to inspire his imagination, turning to the side he sees a small carnival… little kids running to the source of fun, dragging their parents along when clearly most did not wish to partake in such a place.

Deciding that he had nothing to lose the white haired male decides to follow and see if perhaps this place will give him what he has been looking for. After all, the thing that you want is always in the last place that you would look for right?

Entering the small gate he sees that it's not a simple carnival as he had assumed it was actually a circus, the place was filed with small children wanting all these treats and souvenirs that are worth less than their actual price. Colorful characters were all around, one in particular caught his eye a lovely woman with dark hair dressed in a belly dancers outfit, she sexually moved her hips and waved her hands in a snake like fashion, her movements caused the small bells and bracelets to jingle with her movements.

She was interesting, deciding that perhaps he was in the right place he gets closer to the woman. With the new proximity he sees that the woman is very beautiful, she had dark red eyes that stood out wonderfully with her makeup, and her skin was a beautiful creamy color that shinned with her dark long hair.

The beat of the drums matched her movements; many were too watching the enchanting woman as she gracefully moved the jingle never ceased to stop as she continued to move. Yes her beauty could help, closing his eyes briefly… nothing, well not exactly but that was not was he was looking for.

Sighing he backs away as many gather around the spot that was once his, to view the dancer. Well maybe he can work with this, Jiraiya continues to walk around the circus ground pondering what he could write about 'perhaps a romance about… a dancer who has a dark shadow that she is running from, while living her life as a circus dancer… she… she… falls in love with…' he thinks, seeing as how he can't come up with anything on the spot, he starts to look around and sees a gymnasts, a lion tamer, a few clowns and a guy serving food. 'Well these could work, her dance and beauty attracts the rest… but her heart belongs to.' He begins to wander, and continues walking around, until he makes it to the end of the road where a man is practicing throwing knifes 'her heart belongs to this guy, the dangerous knife thrower.' He thinks proud that he has come up with something.

A big smile fills his features as he calmly walks away, happy that his mission has been completed and he has found inspiration for a new story. It's original and a bit different but still can hold a good enough plot he supposed.


A Few Days Later

Things have been going good, he has begun his new novel called Everlasting Dancer. And so far he has been inspired to write without a block for now this is perfect, and he is almost finished with ploting it out, of course he needs his good friends and biggest fan's opinion on it.

Kakashi Hatake; a professor at Konoha High, they met in one of his book signings and they hit it off from there.

Arriving at the school, Jiraiya is shocked at what he sees; young girls in little skirts and others in tight jeans and shirts that are obviously too small for them, but he's not complaining. As he walks further along he sees that a crowd of people are starting to gather, curious as to what is happening he moves to see what is happening.

"You fucking bitch, at least guys want to get in between my legs." Shouts a blond with green eyes wearing a tight lavender tee shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans, she looked furious, but pleased at the same time the smirk on her face said it all…

"You whore!" yelled the other girl; she was a bit taller than the blond, but not by much. She had dark red hair up in a tight pony tail and lovely honey brown eyes that shimmered with the rage that she was feeling, she was dressed in a small cheerleader outfit.

The cheerleader launched herself at the blond, "FIGHT FIGHT!" the crowd chanted at the girls to continue their cat fight. Jiraiya was a bit taken back and decided to back away from the scene, and continue with his task… inside the building it was no better.

Hot make out sections in every corner, wimpy kids getting picked on by the tall and buff athletes. 'Is this how school has always been?' he questioned, because he remembers nothing of this.

Looking around he starts to see something that he had never really thought about, everyone here has a story… a big smirk appears in his face.

Finding the room where his good friend and fan is the door is open so he lets himself in. "Yo Kakashi" the white hair writer greets his friend, with a wave and smile.

"Jiraiya…" Kakashi starts, a big grin on his face appears "So you have something new?" the silver haired teacher asked, hoping that his friends slump is over.

"Yeah I think I do," he says and begins to explain his newest idea. "But I think I just got another idea." He tells.

The teacher is a bit confused "Oh? And what might that be?" he asked, wanting to be on the same page as his friend and favorite author.

A big grin appears on Jiraiya's face "I'm going to build my own school." He tells him, when he sees that kakashi thinks there is something wrong with his he continues "look all around you are teenagers." He tells like it's the best discovery in the world, excitement written all over his face.

"Yeah so… their all moody and just a pain to deal with." He tells his friend

Jiraiya just chuckles "Yeah, but they are more than that… trust me." He tells the man, "I have to go we'll keep in touch."


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