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A Perverts Paradise


Jiraiya a novelist who had a serious case of writer's block that is until he figures out the one thing that processes drama, romance, and drips sexuality with ranging hormones…Teenagers. So how can he get access to this 24/7? Simple by opening his own privet boarding school with security cameras running at all hours of the day… Who can get writers block this way?


Couples; SasuHina GaarIno one sided KibaHina SasuAnko NaruSasu SasuSaku and more as story progresses


Chapter 3: The chaos begins


Hinata followed the Uchiha as he approached the blond, who had just peeked at her room mate Ino; with a worried face Hinata spoke "I tried to warn you." She spoke in a soft timid voice.

Sasuke was not sure if he should approach the boy who apparently just peeped at what he is going to guess is either one of Hinata's friends or perhaps a roommate? "Naruto…?" Sasuke called to the spontaneous blue eyed boy who was currently still having some type of stroke or heart attack.

As Naruto slid on the door and slowly he started to calm down, but was still in a shocked state as he began to mumble words to himself something that the two could not hear or understand what he was saying. He began to hold himself and slowly started a rocking motion; moving from side to side, his blue eyes wide and alert looking, but in reality the hyper peeper was off in his own little world.

Hinata walked up close behind Sasuke, "Um, is he okay?" Hinata asked the ebony raven who she will have to live with this year… possibly. Akamaru was right next to her at the moment just as confused as the two teens, but soon he found the situation uninteresting and moved away moving to his favorite spot near the crystal door and simply observed; making sure that Hinata was not in any danger or out of his site.

Sasuke just looked back at her and shrugged giving her a confused look; he too was not sure what to do in this type of situation. Suddenly the door opens causing Naruto who had been leaning against it to fall on his face, and out of the room came a girl with platinum blond hair and bright electrical ice blue eyes that seemed to throw sparks out.

Ino looked down at the boy who had just walked in on her while she was getting dressed, she was as mad as she has ever been. "You little mother— Ino began as she was about to stomp on the blond males head, but was cut off by Hinata.

"Ino!" the bluenette yelled at the mad girl who was about to destroy Sasuke's friends face, her face expression was one of worry and it seemed to work because the blond stopped her attack. It made Hinata feel a little better… she turned to face Sasuke and saw that he was weirded out possibly disturbed 'Wonderful, now he will probably want to move out… how will I survive?' Hinata panicked as she thought of that.

Hinata had lived in this small apartment with Ino and Kiba as well as Akamaru since fresh men year and every year they had a fourth roommate and every time they would leave after the first few days… why had she never left if those two are that strange…? And crazy!

Easy she was no more normal than they were, but they are not the problem; the problem is when they argue –so in a way they kind of are the problem- Hinata might as well dress in a black and white striped shirt find a whistle because she ends up being the referee having to be the one to say who is right and who is wrong. And that is something that is very hard for her to do since she cares for both of her crazy friends. It would have been nice to have someone else there to help her out with those types of situations… at least so they will ask someone else to referee every now and then.

The young man with dark eyes and matching hair was more than shocked at what was going on. Seriously was he the only normal one here? Was this who he had to live with for the rest of his high school years…

The blond was mad, her face scrunched up and brows as low as they could go on her light skin, pointing an accusing finger at the blond boy who was crawling back to the two ravens seeking refuge and protection from the pissed female. "Hinata what the hell is this pervert even doing here? How could you let him in and peek at me—

Still on the floor the accused of the group became as mad as the electrical ice blue eyed young woman who lived in the nice place. "OH! No, that was an accident! Why the hell would I want to look at you?" Naruto said standing up and crossing his arms, sending daggers at Ino. No longer feeling frighten of her.

Ino's eyes widen and her mouth slightly opened, "What?" she said not believing what she was hearing. "Oh my god," Ino started and then looked at Hinata and then her eyes landed on Sasuke, "Please tell me that he is our new roommate" Ino asked in a whiny tone "and not this loser!" Ino asked Hinata with disgust as she pointed at Naruto. Hinata on her part was now starting to back away from the scene not wanting to get involved moving behind Sasuke.

Naruto erupted "Who are you calling a loser!" he demanded, and saw Ino stand in her own pose of superiority and roll her crystal ice orbs. He was pissed off now too, how dare that bitch think so high and mighty of herself? "Listen you air head bitch, the only loser in this room would be you." Naruto stated.

Sasuke was watching the scene he was unsure if he should intervene or simply ignore the two, suddenly he felt Hinata who was hiding behind him hug his arm a bit and peek to see the two. 'Why was she so freaked out?' he asked himself. So the two blonds were arguing, what's the big deal? "Hinata, are you okay?" Sasuke asked looking down at the bluenette.

Hinata on her part was worried; Ino is not one to be messed with. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked up at Sasuke, "We should do something." She told him unsure if she should tell him the reason why, 'He will probably want to leave now anyways? Can this really get any worse?' Hinata questioned herself.

His ebony eyes turned back to the two, "Nah, let them work it out themselves." Sasuke said as he saw the two continue to verbally assault each other. "Can you show me where my room is?" Sasuke asked her, he was fairly sure that his room was the other door, but he would feel better if she allowed him access to the room and possibly avoided another incident.

The bluenette with silvery lavender eyes nods giving him a shy smile and begins to lead the way, through the door opposite of hers and her crazy angry friend.

The room was a bit spacious but did not have much specialty to it except for the mess that was scattered all over the right side of the room; dirty cloths empty bottles and cans dirty dishes with excess food on them and to wrap it up a messy unmade bed and hot bikini girl posters. 'Really this is where I have to live?' the ebony eyed Uchiha asked himself, perhaps this was all too good to be true… he gets a chance of a life time, but nothing is really free is it? You always have to pay somehow, and he has to room with a slob by the looks of things. Well at least his side is clean, so he has shown some respect for his personal space in a way.

"I-I'm so sorry for this!" his moon eyed guide said with embarrassment and fear in her voice? Was it fear or perhaps he was imagining things.

He gave a sigh, "Don't worry about it." Sasuke told Hinata with a sincere tone in his voice, the small female made him feel a bit more… sure? Yes that could be it, Hinata made him feel more secure and sure about actually staying here and not turning around to go back home because from what he can tell, she is one of the only few normal people he has met since his arrival.

Hinata gave a small nod, "Alright, I'll leave you to get settled." She told Sasuke in a soft tone that was not a whisper, but not a loud one. After she said this Hinata took a step back and went ahead to close the door giving the new comer a bit of privacy and space.

Once the door closed behind him he went on ahead and examined his half of the room a bit more; the room was a dark marine blue shade with four doors two were black wooden and the other two were shoji style doors, Sasuke approached that door with the foggy screen looking material and slides it open and to his surprise it was a closet.

Which meant that the other wooden door lead to… he approached it and there was a bathroom, well he wasn't expecting much still it was nice and somewhat decent place to live?

He began to unpack his things into the closet settling himself in his new home, when all of a sudden he heard the shriek of a girl. Sasuke's eyes widen and he left what he was doing heading for the living where he had left the two verbal brawling blonds and a worried moon eyed girl. Once he came out of the room he saw more people in the room.


Hinata looked back and saw both Ino and the other blond still going at it, giving off a sigh she decided to take her new roommates advice and ignore the two. Heading into the kitchen she was followed by the big white dog.

"You fucking pervert, why can't you just admit that you were looking at me! Be a man and get some balls and admit it already!" Ino shouted at Naruto and pushed him. Ino was pissed beyond believe; first she was peeped at by some perv and now he won't admit it! What the hell? They could have been done with this situation if he would admit to his intention; she was a forgiving person… 'But my boo isn't… hehehe.' She evilly thought.

Naruto's control was slipping and the shorter girl was not helping his situation, it had been an accident! "Get this throw your scull!" Naruto said, teeth chomped down "It. Was. An. Accident!" the male said slowly wanting her to comprehend that he had no intention of wanting to see what he had seen previously… seriously that is not what he was into and if he could delete that moment and image from his mind he would, without a second thought.

"First you look at me while I'm getting dressed," in huffed anger soaring up quickly "Then you deny what WE ALL saw!" she shouted stating the unintentional truth; it was an accident after all, but it all went in through one ear and just as easily out the other. "And know you offend me!" the beauty continued her rant.

Naruto was as much of a hot head as she was, perhaps that is why they could not stop this argument they were too much alike and just like opposite attract, similarities crash into the other. Naruto took a deep breath he needed to control himself after all Ino was only a woman, 'no she's a girl' he thought, but that does not matter what does matter is that his mother taught him to respect women or in this case girl. Of course most times they are asking for it but will hide behind their gender when the going gets tough, and in other situations they simply take advantage of this and carry on with their rants. But no matter she was still a girl he should be a gentleman and give reason that's what they always want; to be right even if their wrong their stubborn. "Look… I'm sorry if I offended you." He muttered under his breath and kept quiet, there he had done it he swallowed his pride and gave her the win in this round.

The offended girl on her part loosened up a bit relaxing her posture a bit and gave a smile of victory showing off her perfect bright white smile to the young man before herm "Well it's about time you got some." She said with a smug tone of superiority.

Naruto could not believe his ears instead of just saying she was right she had to bring his privet areas into it, he inhaled and chomped on his teeth grinding them against the other, yeah this was going to get him in trouble with his dentist. "…I already told you am sorry for what happened." He said with as much calmness, it could be the last amount of it he had left for the young woman before him. 'Why couldn't she just keep her mouth shut, what the hell is wrong with girls?' he thought with irritation perhaps that is why he was not into them.

"Damn straight you better be sorry that you peeked at me you loser." Ino said standing with a perfect posture.

That was it she had just added the last drop into the cup and created an over flow of water, "You bitch—

He didn't get to finish what he was going to say to her and he fell down, "Don't you dare call me a bitch!" she shouted at him. And in that exact moment the door opened, Naruto held his cheek and screamed in pain, she was small but she did pack a punch seriously he had expected her to shout and if the verbal abuse came to physical maybe a few smacks even a slap to the face, but not a punch.

"Ah!~" he shouted, "What is your problem you crazy ass bitch—

Of course he did not learn his lesson on the first punch, only this time he was picked up from the back of his shirt and was swooped up into the air and slammed onto the floor where the couch was nearby, "What did you just say." Came a smooth cold menacing voice of a male, he was quite tall; porcelain skin that reflected his cool green eyes and maroon red locks. He was the definition of tall dark and handsome.

Naruto was in shock this really wasn't his day, first he was in a plane for hours next to some snot nose brat and a mother that didn't seem to give a rat's booty what he did or didn't do. Then he arrives and his luggage is missing, oh so wonderful all he had was his carryon that he had taken with him.

But things couldn't go any further downhill right? He already made it to the island; the plane didn't spiral out of control in the middle of the ocean right? It would be easy sailing from here on out right?

Wrong next he had to get the cab driver that takes the short cut to 'help' him save time and money, yeah right he purposely took the long way and then said that he was so sorry that he had never gotten lost before. If he really had been sorry it would have been on the house! After he not only finds out that he had not been given a room in ocean moon, that was disappointing but he could move on and hope for next year. Then he meets him… Sai his strange roommate, there is something wrong with that guy he had attempted to be friendly, but his stare it was so strange and it looked at everything with floccinaucinihilipilificatio n* what a big coincided ass.

But there was one good thing that had happened today, it was tall and the silent type and very much his type of preference.

Of course his small day of happiness did not last too long because then his poor eyes saw something that has scared him for the rest of his life possibly, his heart would drop in disturbance of the memory of having seen a girl in the state of which she came into this world.

'God why do they look so uhg!' that those would bring shivers to Naruto. Don't get him wrong he could appreciate the beauty of a woman but not in that state that was disgusting.

Well then he gets accused when clearly there had been a misunderstanding on what had really happened, but some people just don't listen to reason… and now here he is face to face with none other than Sabaku no Gaara.

Sabaku no Gaara the most known guy at school A.K.A Mr. Popular, something that not many would believe at first glance because he rarely spoke to most except for a few who he considered 'cool' and that's not many.

Naruto himself had never actually spoken to the red head and first impressions are always the most important, but what might he be doing here? His heart dropped for a moment 'He lives here doesn't he!' he shouted in his mind. "This is not how I would have like us to meet." Naruto said with pain clear in his voice and a dry laugh after.

The red head stood staring down at his blonde victim, "That's no way to speak to a lady." Gaara said with no emotions in his voice, but his eyes were cold and showed his anger. "Apologize."

Naruto was wide eyed, "Wha~" he said with confusion pain forgotten, "I did apologize, but she was being a stubborn bi-" he bit his tongue and looked at Ino and saw her smug smile and pose of superiority, taking a deep breath he stood up and looking directly at her he step closer to her, "I'm sorry if I insulted or offended you in any way." He said with as much sincerity in his voice and while Naruto's blue eyes looked into Ino's electrical ones.

There was a silence and apparently Gaara was in no mood to deal with this, "Ino." Was all he said and looked directly at her.

And as if his stare was his way of mind control, "Fine I accept your apology…" she said and her eyes showed that she was about to go into another rant and start an argument again.

Hinata was watching from the kitchen and saw that her friend would begin another fight; her eyes averted to the entrance of the door and saw Sasuke looking at the scene. "So um…" she began and her soft voice had everyone's head turn towards her. "Let's just let bygones be bygones and start over, and since we're all here um why don't we go and get our uniforms now?" then she walked towards Sasuke and very shyly she took his arm and pulled him towards the rest. "This is Sasuke," she said while releasing the young man's arms and then began to introduce the new comers.

She began with Gaara who seemed to be the focus here, "This is Gaara." She said and then she moved on to the brunet with the same eyes "and my brother Neji." She continued.

"And I'm Kiba!" shouted the brunet and moved towards the two and got between them placing an arm around each, "So your my new roomy." He said with enthusiasm in his voice. "So we should probably establish some ground rules latter." Said and then released his arm from around Sasuke.

The Uchiha on his part was at lost for words not that he was much of a talker to start with, he had quite a bit of shyness, but somehow no one ever noticed or realized this is more like it. "Sure…" was all he had to say to Kiba rules where definitely needed by the looks of things not ground rules but personal space boundaries as well.

A/N: Hope it was to the enjoyment of most since not much happened, but I have to get one thing out of the way for future chapters. Hanabi does not exist as Hinatas younger sister but I will be using the name so to clear things up Hinata is the only daughter, but I will try to make things clear as I go on anyways.