Evangelion with Foxes
Naruto x Harem
Shinji x ?

Super Naruto


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note
Just to warn you guys there is going to be some mind travel, mind screw, and other shit going on. First take will be the original Series (Anime with some Manga mixed in) with a second redo (Time travel) with Rebuild and some other stuff which results in mass changes.
Story Start

''Why are we doing this again?'' One of two males asked from his seat on the train. He sighed softly as he cheek resting on the fingers of his right hand. The drink on his tray shaking slightly from the vibration of the train.

''I have to know. Wouldn't you have questions for the parent you've never known when they reach out to know?'' The other male asked flipping through his magazine.

''No...I wouldn't know. I'm actually a good father.'' the other young man replied taking a zip from his drink. ''Advantages of a traveler. Just hope through a time portal and I'm there for Christmas or a birthday. I've never missed an important day of my children's lives. If I can handle dozen of children and wives then your duechebag of a father could have done more then send a single postcard in a decade. I mean who the fuck simply just says 'come' and expect you to come running like some sad and deluded affection starved puppy. Just say the word and I'll kick his ass.'' The young man said placing down his drink and scratching his head. His fingers moving through long, spiky blond hair whose shade looked closer to gold dust yellow then sun-kissed like previously. Cocking his head his Cerulean blue eyes rested on the photo in his other hand. It was of a violet haired woman leaning forward in a revealing tank top with excessive cleavage with an arrow draw to said cleavage with the message 'pay attention' high lighting her supple breasts. ''I do say meeting this woman is totally worth it though.''

''Are you still shamelessly ogling that picture?'' the other young man asked as the blond snorted.

''Damn straight...those brown eyes and curves...which after much studying I estimate are 83, 59, and 82 I am convinced she is the next Mrs. Uzumaki. I'm telling you Shinji...as I gaze at those cutoff jeans that reveal her thighs, and from studying said thighs I have come to the conclusion those birthing hips are attached to a banging ass. I am destined to marry this woman Shinji. Kinky time with Anko has thought me that all purple hair women have something to teach us.''

''You're absolutely shameless you now that?''

''You're just jealous because your hair is brown and plain unlike my kickass blond hair.''

''Which makes you stand out.'' the boy said with a sigh.

''She obviously wants me. The lipstick mark proves it.'' he said pointing to the lipstick kiss on the picture.

''She doesn't know you exist. The picture is for me.'' Shinji remarked with a smirk as Naruto scowled.

''Well once she meets me it will all change. You'll see...'' he said as the train came to a stop. ''Besides I actually look badass Mr. School uniform.'' the blond said taking a jab at Shinji's clothing. He himself was wearing a bad ass longcoat over top a white shirt covered with a black kevlar vest, black pants, holster, and black combat boots.

''Whatever let's just go wait to be picked up.''

A few minutes have passed and they were still waiting at the train station. The phones were down and there wasn't another person in sight. ''You know...what the hell is what with Tokyo and giant monsters?'' Naruto wondered aloud as he watched the fight in the distance. The giant creature was heinously destroying helicopter crafts and anything that got in its way. ''You would think by now people would just say fuck it and move. Don't go to the United States either you get fucked up there too! Australia or maybe Canada. Now nothing usually happens there.''

''Don't you think...I don't know...you should be helping?'' Shinji asked as he finished up the drink he bought as Naruto snorted.

''I see no innocent lives I have to save nor am I getting paid to do so.''

''Uum, what about the people who are in the air crafts that are being destroyed?'' he asked as Naruto responded in a clear and rather uninterested tone an answer to Shinji's question.

''I think I see some parachutes. They're okay.''

''B-But...'' Shinji glanced form Naruto to the battle field. ''What parachutes?''

''Like I said I think I see some parachutes...they...are...okay.'' he responded in the exact same tone. (Those who have seen DBZ Abridged and the dub will get the joke. ''Anyway our ride is late. Want to go get some tacos or something?''

''I'm not hungry...'' Shinji replied. An explosion soon occurred and the ground began rumbling. More missiles were launched from aircraft while they impacted with the creature causing wind to kick up.

Suddenly out of nowhere with a screech and some epic dodging on Naruto's part he just missed being hit by a car. ''Hey watch if you crazy fu...'' he stopped in mid sentence as the car door opened and it was none other then the woman from the picture.


''Sho...damnit!'' Shinji grumbled as Naruto beat him to the phrase once again. Though something told him from that day on that this was just going to be the least of his problems.

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