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Reach for you

Part 2 - Keeping you close

Written by Izzu alias honou-no-izumi



Honma cautiously bowed as he greeted them.

"Hi. Well... it's been a while. I had thought that I'd be seeing you guys some time... just, not like this. So... nice to see you guys. Hmm... bye."

Kamiyama pulled his arm back as Honma tried to run. Takasugi hurriedly approached him again as Honma made a face at Kamiyama.

"Honma-san, how are you doing now? We never get to hear anything about you these few years... so I was wondering—"

Honma turned his attention towards Takasugi before shrugging.

"I'm fine. The doctors said I was fine too. Even the judge who handled my appeals think I'm fine as well so I should rightfully say that I'm fi—" Kamiyama elbowed him as Honma leered back. "So, how do you do?"

Takasugi smiled. "I guess you could say I'm doing well too. Although I'm still trying to get used to managing some of those TV programmes as a director."

"Well... good for you—"

"We want you back, Honma-san!" Takeuchi suddenly exclaimed. "It's not quite the same, not having you around to order us to make us do work. Even if we had managed to cope with it these few years, it's not that nice without you. So when the boss said—"

Honma turned towards him as the man just suddenly stopped talking. He glanced around to briefly to see Saejima—who just happened to finally entered the apartment—making suspicious gestures at Takeuchi. The others were also looking strangely uncomfortable suddenly. As if they were hiding something...

Honma cast them a suspicious look. "What was that? What was it you were about to say just now, Takeuchi?"

Takeuchi started to mumble nervously before Kamiyama waved the question away. "It's nothing. Just work related stuff. I'm sure your dad could explain it better tomorro—"

Honma pulled his hand away. "Who cares about that old guy? What are you hiding from me—?"

Matsuzaka patted him on the shoulder before pulling Honma away towards the dining area. "Don't worry about that... Honma-kun. Let's eat. I'm sure you're famished now. Leave that work related talk for later. So... let's hear more of what you've been doing these few years..."


Honma pushed the folder away from him with a jerk before standing up. He looked up to his father's face as he stared at him in disbelief.

"What're you thinking of... shoving that to me?"

Tadokoro just shrugged. "We had a poll last time. Despite the trouble caused by both the first and second Quiz Show, it seemed that a lot have asked whether or not the show would be revived again. There seemed to be quite a number of followers who actually liked the show. The plan to revive that show was already being made but Kamiyama insisted that he would not take any part in it unless you were there to handle the production. I could have formed another team but without Kamiyama-kun, it won't work out. Since I heard you've finally been released, I made this as a condition if I was to restore you to your former position in this company."

Honma blinked.

"Ka—Kamiyama said what...?"

Saejima tried to calm him down. "Honma-kun... please don't blame Kamiyama on this. I actually think this was a good idea—Honma-kun!"

Before she could say further, Honma already ran out of the office...


Saejima hastily gave chase but realised there was no need for it as Kamiyama had already waited in front of the office. And it was not just him, the previous team of Quiz Show Golden had also gathered in front of the office to wait for Honma. Realization struck him as he saw all of them having serious looks on their faces.

"You guys... knew about this?" Honma asked as Saejima noticed how pale Honma had looked.

"Honma..." Kamiyama started to say as Honma started shaking his head. Tears started trickling from his eyes as Honma backed away from Kamiyama.

"No... no... you can't... make me do this. You can't! I wanted to put that behind me... why would you—I don't want to take part in that again!"

"Honma... Honma!" Kamiyama called again as he grabbed Honma by the shoulders. "Just this once. I liked to have you back, here as a director. I wanted to be able to work together with you like before. Tadokoro-san said it would only be for one more season. After that, he'd keep you here and we could produce many other variety show we could think of... we don't even have to bother with this quiz show ever again. Please?"

"Listen to Kamiyama. We're not doing this to punish you," said Saejima as Honma was on the verge of crying again.

"Please... Honma-san. I believe you can do it." Honma turned his attention towards Takasugi as she continued. "Despite what happened, I believed if the show was being handled by you again... it could be the best one we could have done. That aside, I want you back with the team!"

Takeuchi sighed. "I don't know about you, Honma-san. But I missed working with you. There was this thrill of excitement whenever I—the team run a show together. I don't mind taking part in the show again if that meant I get to work together again with everyone as a team. If doing that could bring you back here... it gets dull around here without having you around." he said as the other staff members started chiding him for his last comment.

Kamiyama chuckled as another voice interrupted them.

"I too wanted to see what the Quiz Show would be like, if there was no ill intention being put into it. I guess it bugged me a bit. The original concept had been interesting after all, but I've corrupted it. And it affected you as well."

Honma gasped as Yamanobe walked out from behind one of the staff members. The man smiled.

"You did have the talent to bring out a sense of excitement from a show after all. I always wondered how the show could really have turn out, if I did not turn it into a personal weapon to exact my revenge."

"Yamanobe-san..." Honma started to say before shaking his head again. "N-no... I can't. You're thinking too much about my own abilities..."

He turned towards Kamiyama as the man strengthened his grip on his arm. "You will not be doing this alone. All of us will do our best to make this work."

Honma turned to see everyone looking at him with anticipation. To think everyone was wiling to do this much for him. Are they stupid? Did they liked it so much to have him constantly barking orders to them and making their lives hell in order to get the best out of every shows he had directed? Masochist... much?

Honma sniffled.

"You guys are idiots!" he exclaimed as he wiped away the tears glistening in his eyes. "Alright!"

Everyone started looking at each other in puzzlement as they wondered what he had meant. Honma continued. "But I'm telling this now. I'm not doing this because of you. I'm not really that desperate to come work here after all these years."

Saejima cocked her head at this before noticing Honma was not looking at any of the staff members when he said that. She turned around to find President Tadokoro smirking at them from his office door.

"I'm not expecting you to be thankful," he said before returning to his office.

Honma snorted to himself before sighing. "I thought you'd say that. A... ah! I want to go home!"

Saejima smiled at him as she patted his head. "Yes, go home and rest. I already called Yoda-san to take you back." She turned towards Kamiyama. "Keep Honma-kun company. Yoda-san should be waiting at the lobby."

Kamiyama nodded to her as Honma looked up to address his team. He bowed. "Please look after me."

Matsuzaka chuckled. "Of course."


Kamiyama approached Honma slowly at the balcony.

"Are you okay?" he asked as Honma shrugged at him. "You've been so pale since you left the president's office after all."

"What would you expect my reaction be? Happy? Since you already knew about it, how would you react if you're being forced to face the very thing you wanted to escape from?"
Kamiyama placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Things should work out well. After all... you have all of us to support you."

Honma turned towards him.

"Why are you trying so hard for my sake?"

Kamiyama chuckled.

"Idiot! Because I'm your best friend. Still is... even if you don't want to accept it. I'm still think of you as my important friend. How could I leave you alone?" he said before shrugging. "I missed seeing your smiles. It's a waste actually if Honma nowadays didn't smile a lot like he used to be..."

Honma blinked at him before his cheeks started to flush red. "I-idiot! Why were you talking like that? Don't say embarrassing things if you don't mean it!"

Honma immediately started to head towards his room as Kamiyama followed him.

"But I do mean it!" he exclaimed before grabbing Honma's hand. Honma turned as he gave him a glare. Kamiyama smiled at him, regardless.

"Thank goodness. I could finally reach my hand out to you. I had been so scared I'd lose you when you refused contact with anyone but Yoda-san when you turned yourself in. I don't want to lose you."

Honma was silent for a moment before grabbing a stray pillow to smack the goofball on the face. "Go to your own room!" he snapped before looking away.

Kamiyama just sighed before catching a muttered 'Thank you' as he started to walk away. He smiled.

"You're welcome... old buddy."