He loved the Quidditch World Cup, even if it hadn't started yet. Still, he had this weird feeling something was following him. It wasn't evil, neutral maybe, but definitely not evil in nature. So, as his Gryffindor personality told him, he managed to escape the others and go for a walk alone. (He had to promise to come straight back and use a point me charm if he got lost, but he managed to have some alone time!)

So here he was, wandering the woods enjoying the relative peace and quiet. Finally, he turned.

And saw a light coming towards him. He wasn't really afraid of it, since he could sense it meant no harm. It stopped in front of him, and he held out his hand. The light was so warm, and yet fragile too.

"Help me!"


"Make a contract with me!"

"Who are you?"



A paper came out of nowhere, along with a quill. Taking the quill in hand, he signed his full name, noticing it was written in his blood. But he felt no pain, only a mild twinge.

"Thank you!"

The light became a necklace, which settled around his neck.

"Can I at least know your name?"

"Mercurio! Do you mind if I stay like this for a while? I barely have any energy left!"

"Sure. Mind blocking my empath ability until you're ready to come out?"

Suddenly he felt his empathy slowly disappear. He breathed a sigh of relief, and headed back to camp. After the match, which he won a lot of galleons from the goblins after a mild bet, he settled in for a bit, and used his mind to speak with the one in the necklace. Since he was still up, he found out a lot about her and why she was stuck in a stone around his neck.

Mercurio was a demon, close to death. By signing the contract, he had saved her life...and bound her power to him. According to her, this made him a new Enchanter. It was while she was telling him about what an Enchanter was that the Death Eaters attacked.

He was the only one awake, so he was the first out of the tent. He was also the only one with normal clothes on, instead of his night clothes. Since he was separated from the others, and had apparently lost his wand, he stopped at a tree to figure out what to do.

Mecurio suggested heading to the workshop, until the attack was over. All she had to do was describe how to open the portal, and he went. Seeing all the tools, he asked her what each did, and how to use them properly. He was so interested that he lost track of time, and he found out that it was morning outside. Seeing no point in going back to camp, he opened the portal straight to the Burrow.

Mrs. Weasly was on a mother hen mode when she saw him. He let it all slide until the others arrived. Hermione had his wand, and was almost shrieking into his ears about how worried she was. He cast a wandless silencing charm and sighed in relief over the quiet.

It was night, and Mrs. Weasly was practically hovering over him all day. Ron wasn't any help either, hovering over him because he managed to ditch them all. (So he retaliated with an animated spider in his friends bed.)

Finally, around two in the morning, everyone was sound asleep...except for him. He used Mercurio to open a portal into the workshop, and from there to Gringotts. Time for some answers.

Before he even considered going to the bank, he went into a room full of clothes his size and changed. Seems the workshop had a sixth sense about it's master. He found clothes he liked a lot and put those on.

Blue jeans with extra pockets and a dragon engraved on the right leg (it moved depending on his mood, and was currently swirling around lazily) , a red shirt with gold hems, and a holster for his wand. His hair was held back with a silver headband, which covered his scar nicely. Looking in the large mirror, he noticed something.

His vision was blurrier than usual. Taking off his glasses to clean them, he noticed he could see better. He put his glasses on, and his vision got worse. Off, he could see very clearly. So he no longer needed glasses?

His sneakers fit him perfectly too.

Shrugging, he left the workshop.

When Griphook woke up that morning, the last thing he expected was for the Potter heir to arrive alone...and in muggle clothing. Usually he was either with someone, an adult, or the Weasly woman would use his key for him.

Then he saw how the boy arrived, the stone around his neck...and finally took a long look at his eyes. One green eye, one blue. And both held the sharp, clear color of jewels.

"New Enchanter? Do you have an instructor, Mr. Potter?" he said finally.

The surprised look said it all.

"In that case, follow me. Enchanters have their own entrance for the bank. But you will have to register for our files about the change in magic."

Potter followed him calmly, and without complaint. The boy was easily the goblin's favorite customer, if only because he treated them like intelligent beings instead of second class creatures. He was polite, friendly and kind. Which is why Griphook was seriously considering waiving the fee for registering.

Potter sat down and filled out everything, asking important questions about the forms. Griphook answered all of them without a hint of mockery. At least the boy asked the right things, instead of signing everything without looking at the papers.

Finally, with the last part down, he handed the papers back to the goblin. It was all in order, and Griphook filed them. Then he turned to the boy, who was patiently waiting.

"As a new Enchanter, you are automatically allowed to cast magic outside of Hogwarts. This is because the Ministry can't pick up your magic anymore, since the demons who make the contract are impossible to track. So long as you don't go showing off your magic in public, they won't bother you. It also means you are now classified as an adult, and are now in full control of your vaults."

"Vaults? I have more than one?"

Griphook looked at him sharply. Why was he so surprised? He should be getting statements each week about the amount in each vault, as well as properties!

"Have you not been notified each week?"

"I just thought it was the one. I had no idea I had more."

Now Griphook was suspicious. He had someone cast something on the boy, and discovered several mail diverting charms, suppression spells and a dark curse around his forehead...where the scar was. Potter paid the entire thirty galleon fee to have all of them removed. The curse was a pain until someone realized it was a horcrux.

When it was all said and done, Potter was sitting there a foot taller, with more magic than before. A lot more magic.

Finally, they got back to the new rules he had to follow as an Enchanter.

By the time he left the bank, Potter had gotten a card to withdraw funds without question, ordered the recall of all missing funds and items, and written a will, with the goblin clans as executor of the will.

But the most important thing he had done in his mind, was change his magical and legal guardian to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

The usual rush to Diagon, and he already secretly ordered his books ahead of time. He was more interested in freeing Mercurio from the stone than the books. He even reclaimed the key to his trust vault (now moved to another location for supplies related to Enchantment) from Mrs. Weasly, though for some reason she was really reluctant to hand it over.

He grinned as he bought some desperately needed items, out of sight of the Weasly family and Hermione. Since the Enchanters had their own alley right off Diagon (and across from Knockturn) he went there first, for beginners books. Then he bought tools for Engraving (Mercurio mentioned she could Engrave better than she could Enchant) and things to make.

He met up with them again, and they apparently didn't notice he had vanished. Fine by him. He managed to get an owl off to Sirius, claiming he had a dream before they picked him up from the Dursley house. (Actually true, but he had a feeling what it was about, and it didn't actually worry him.)

At night, he had been in the workshop, with Mercurio keeping an eye on the time. She never let him stay up past three. The night before he left for Hogwarts, he finally tied the workshop to a house, specifically the Potter mansion he had found out about, the one with the stables.

He met with the house elves in charge, and had them find Dobby for him. Now that he could use magic freely, he wanted Dobby to come live with him. Dobby was thrilled, and he had his favorite elf bound to him. He ended up with another elf named Winky, who was once owned by Barty Crouch. (He found out from her that it was her previous master who had taken his wand at the match.)

She was so overjoyed at being employed by a prominent house that she became rational again. He had her and Dobby take care of the workshop, making a passageway for them to use at any time. The shop apparently could understand what he wanted, since it magically labeled tools and where they went. All the elves had to do was make sure the tools went back to where they belonged, unless he asked them otherwise.

Hermione and Ron were annoying him by sticking close to him on the train. It was a pain trying to escape them, but he finally managed it by enlisting the twins for help. He found an almost empty compartment, with the only person in there was a girl with blond hair and a magazine held upside down. Her wand was stuck in her ear, and she wore radish earrings.

Harry closed the door quickly, and locked it. He knew the two would come any time, and sure enough, he felt their presence outside the door. He was under the window, and unless they looked down they wouldn't spot him. The girl didn't act out of the ordinary, and they left.

He sighed with relief. The girl put down her magazine, and looked right at him. Her eyes were a gray-blue color and held intelligence.

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm sick and tired of them following me everywhere."

"You're Harry Potter."

"I am?"

"Have you tried to be anyone else?"

"I've been trying for two years to be a Jamie, but it didn't work out. You?" he quipped. (He really couldn't help that one.)

She beamed at him, pleased with his answer.

"I tried to be a Daria, but I couldn't pull it off."

"What's your name?"

"Luna Lovegood."

Harry felt the two return, and he stayed down. They tried the door, and left. He caught the voice of Ron saying the girl was nuts before they went. Luna apparently heard him, because she frowned.

"I don't think you're nuts. You seems sane to me," Harry said quietly.

She smiled at him, happy with how he treated her. Harry heard the two settle in the compartment next to theirs, and unlocked the door. Soon the two were talking about their summer, and then Luna commented on his necklace.

"What's the name of the demon inside?"

Surprised, he answered.

"Her name is Mercurio, though she prefers Engraving to Enchanting. I've been trying to bring her out, but I've had no luck."

"Have you tried channeling your magic?"

"You mean into the stone?"


"I don't think so. You think that would work?"

"It would be worth a shot."

"Would you like to hang out with me? I could use someone sane to talk to that won't freak out if I get good grades..."

Then they talked about the magazine her father worked at, and hit it off. Harry bought several snacks and shared them with her. He was really surprised when she got a frog card with his name on it. He also got Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Agrippa. Three extremely rare cards, that even Ron didn't have. Luna promised to help him get a subscription to the Quibbler, which actually had Enchanter info.

Mercurio took one look at the information and said it was completely accurate...and the Quibbler was the only Wizard magazine which even published Enchanter activities. According to her, the Ministry discouraged Enchanting and regarded it with suspicion.

Harry sat next to Neville, and avoided Ron and Hermione. (He actually went into the same carriage as Malfoy in an attempt to escape them.)

Because he avoided them completely, he accidentally bridged the gap between him and the Slytherin Prince. He chalked it up to him revealing that the hat almost put him in Slytherin first year, until he convinced it he didn't want that house. It was during a minor shouting match with Draco, and it shut the boy up immediately.

It also changed the relationship he had with the boy. Now Draco regarded him as a rival, instead of a Gryffindor idiot. Another side effect was that Snape quit harassing him. It lead to a distinct improvement in his grades.

So they were having a tournament for seventh years only? He groaned audibly, and Neville asked what was wrong.

"With my luck, somehow, someway, my name is going to be entered and I'll be stuck participating."

Neville and the twins showed disbelief at his statement, until he calmly pointed out how his previous years went.

"First year, I had to defend a stone which should never have been in the school from a professor who was possessed, getting past traps set by teachers. Second year, I was the one to kill the basilisk in the Chamber. Third year, I had to save my own godfather from Dementors, because everyone believed he was a serial killer."

The twins looked at each other, and realized he wasn't joking.

"If you do end up participating, we'll be behind you Harry!" said George.

Several others agreed to that, since he clearly was not looking forward to this. In fact, the odds he would be entered were very high, and the twins took advantage of it to lay down bets on whether or not it would happen.

(They ended up earning a thousand galleons total, because most bet Harry wouldn't be entered...or be picked. Harry won thirty because he bet he would be entered and picked.)

The Bulgarians were impressive, and he was mildly impressed with the French girls. He had finally succeeded in freeing Mercurio, and he privately thought she was far more impressive. Luna helped out by helping her stay in the Ravenclaw dorm with her. She fit right in, pretending to be a junior Engraver.

Harry had formed a new Golden team, leaving Ron behind after he cornered him, claiming he was after the glory and prize money by entering. Harry immediately defended himself, pointing out he had no need for the money, and had too much fame as it was. He had been against the tournament from the start, and several backed him up.

Ron refused to listen to reason, and said Harry was no longer his friend. Hermione distanced herself from both, simply by trying to get both to talk to each other.

It was during the weighing of the wands that Dumbledore started to become suspicious of Harry going off alone. And all because of an innocent-seeming stone at the base of his wand. It appeared to be a cut emerald, with star shaped facets facing outward, glowing in the night.

Everyone stared because it was obviously magical in nature, yet they had no idea where he found it! (In the workshop, and it was the last stone left.)

The first task was dragons, which he learned simply by asking Hagrid. Which prompted him to go wandering in the cave near the village...where he found strange stones. Gathering several, and leaving half of the stones there, he took them to his workshop.

Mercurio took one look at the stones, and immediately opened a door to a center for Enchanters to get them appraised. Her master picked out thirteen of them, and put the rest in a bag. They went through, and were greeted by Yamato. Harry had been training with the man for weeks, ever since she originally regained her physical form.

Yamato took half the stones from the bag in return for appraising them. The thirteen Harry had singled out he was allowed to keep, and he already had plans for them.

Each looked quite similar to a jewel, five were oval shape, three were rectangular, three were perfect orbs, and two were prism shaped.

Harry went back to the workshop after borrowing some books. He left Mercurio to Engrave some holdings in peace. And came back two days later with a device made purely from magic and modern technology.

Mercurio placed the holding device for a stone inside, and he picked out an orb shaped stone that was the color of a Lapis Lazuli. Carefully placing the stone inside, the device came alive.

"Mer, could you turn around? I want to get the fittings right."

She did as he asked, and felt him gently put the stone against her back. Interested, Yamato watched on. He had Mercurio channel her natural demon energy into the device, and was shocked when a pair of blue-silver wings came out! They were large and strong enough to lift her off the ground, and possibly carry Harry with her. She had a second fitting ready for him in an hour, and he used that one the next morning.

He had created a weapon for him to use, powered by a lightning based crystal. It would pretty much fry anything he shot it at.

He was fully prepared for the dragon, since he finally got the summoning charm down. Mercurio would carry the weapon with her to the stadium, and he would 'summon' it from her.

The day of the first task, and he was a bundle of nerves. Mer and Luna gave him a hug for good luck, as he stood in the tent. Picking out the last dragon, he nervously awaited for his turn.

Krum, Fleur and Cedric had each gone. Mer would tell him the scores once it was over, in the meantime he had to survive long enough to test his new weapon. It was his turn, and he walked out as calm as he could.

That thing was huge! And they expected a fourteen year old to get past it? Thinking quickly he yelled "Accio Bow!"

(The weapon Harry made was a bow, which used the energy of a demon stone to shoot arrows. Depending on the stone, different arrows would be formed. He planned to alter it later so it could shoot at least four different arrows at once.)

The bow came out of the stands, and he grabbed it in the air. The crowd was silent, wondering what he planned to do with it, since he obviously had no arrows to shoot. Remembering his lessons with Paracelsus, he channeled his magic and energy into the bow itself.

He drew back the string, keeping the bow aimed at the horntail. If there was one thing he knew, he was a natural archer. His years as a seeker proved that. Pure lightning formed into an arrow, and he leveled it calmly. Releasing the string, the bolt flew true, hitting the horntail right between the eyes. Everyone watched as lightning danced along it's body, and it fell, paralyzed. Knowing it wouldn't hold that thing long, he dashed into the nest and grabbed the egg he needed.

A stunned silence surrounded the arena...then they students began to roar with approval. He made it into the tent with a minute to spare, as the dragon slowly got back up. It looked very pissed off. The dragon handlers promptly caged it, and made sure it couldn't do any damage.

Mercurio, Luna, Neville and surprisingly Hermione came into the medical tent. Madam Pomphrey gave Harry a clean bill of health, despite the fact that he had just channeled lightning into a useable form. He grinned at them, and Mercurio told him the scores.

"You're in first place! Your weapon impressed them so much even Karkaroff gave you an eight! All the others gave you a ten!" she said happily.

He smiled, relieved. He worried that the Ministry would recognize his item as Enchanted.

The party in the Gryffindor common room was huge. Mer and Luna were there, having fun. Imagine the lion's surprise when Draco showed up, invited by Harry himself! Ron gaped, and demanded to know what a 'slimy snake' was doing in the lion's den.

Harry turned to him with a very Slytherin smirk on his face.

"Well Ronald, unlike a certain red head I will not name, Draco was honest about how he felt from the start. The only reason we have been trading hexes from first year is because you insulted him on the train."

Ron tried to claim he was still Harry's best friend, until he took away his pretty lies.

"Ron, you never were my friend. You were only around for the fame you would get by hanging around me constantly. Hermione is still my friend, but not you. She at least helped when she could."

Hermione beamed at him, pleased with his praise. Ron was gaping like a fish, almost as if he was seeing Harry for the first time.

"I don't need your hypocrisy or lies. On one hand you claim to be superior to muggles and even muggleborns. On the other hand you think you can justify being prejudiced to creatures who have every right to exist with us, like Centaurs and goblins. It's disgusting and I have had quite enough of this."

He had everyone's attention. He was making a lot of sense, and was going to bring their pretty lies down upon them. But he felt it would have a greater impact if he did this in the great hall, where everyone could hear him.

Personally he was quite proud that he had told Ron to go away without once raising his voice. So once the party died down, he went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning, prepared to cause chaos. The twins couldn't be more proud, as he secretly told them what he planned to do. He even gave them a mirror (which connected directly to Sirius in the cave outside the village where he found the demon stones) so the old dog could enjoy the show.

It was time to bring the lies crashing down.

Ron was the key, as he attempted to mend his friendship with Harry again. Harry had counted on the fact that his former 'best friend' was so dense you had to shove facts down his throat for him to get it.

And it all started with Ron asking why Harry was with Mercurio all the time. She wasn't even from his house!

Thinking about how Mercurio described the demon contracts, he grinned widely. Sure he couldn't form the usual contract for at least another year or two, but that didn't mean what he said was any less true.

"She's my girlfriend."

Apparently everyone heard that, because several people gasped in shock. (A certain meddling old man was quietly cursing in his mind at this new information.)

"Is she even a pure blood?" sneered Ron.

Mercurio did not like his tone, and she glared at him. He took it to mean she wasn't, and smirked.

"She is, actually. But not in the sense you're thinking of," Harry said cheerfully.

Which is when he took the chance to bring Ron's perceptions of how things were crashing down.

"First off Ronald, pure blood does not make you a better wizard. Pure blood only means your family has been so inbred that you bring more squibs or near useless wizards into the world, because of your bigotry. No offense Fred and George."

"None taken!" yelled Gred. (The twins were actually enjoying the show.)

"In fact, most of the things you claim are fact are just pretty lies you use to delude yourself into thinking you are better. Like the Centaurs and werewolves being half breeds. Centaurs have a clearer understanding of how our solar system works, and how to read the stars. They only talk cryptically because that is how they perceive our world. Werewolves are victims of circumstance, unless they are particularly idiotic to go seeking one on the full moon."

Now Ron was gaping. What the hell was he talking about?

"Goblins are more financially oriented and are deserving of respect, and house elves put up with enough crap from idiots who think they are slaves. Muggles are not without magic, they just have levels too low to be of any use. And most Muggleborns are in fact descended from squibs who were banished because their natural magic doesn't conduct through a wand like ours. I bet even Filch has magical potential, which is probably how he always knows when students or Peeves is up to something."

Everyone was raptly listening in, as Harry really drove the point home. Now he was criticizing the Ministries laws, and everyone felt he was making a genuine point.

"Another point is that the Ministries underage magic laws are useless, since they are so prejudiced that when a muggleborn defend themselves with magic, they are punished unfairly. Pure bloods on the other hand, are treated with leeway so it was no wonder that they view themselves superior. But...muggleborns are clearly better in several ways, and your ignorance is ruining the world. Like the fact that you lot probably don't know that there is no air in space, or that we have been to the moon already!"

Harry continued like that for fifteen minutes, and actually changed the attitude of most of the purebloods.