Harry finally found out what they planned to do about Voldemort. And he scoffed at how half hazard they went about it. Even Paracelsus was surprised that the wizards survived this long, with all the laws they made that would lead to ruin easily.

"I'm shocked that they aren't killed off yet."

"I'm waiting for them to discover how to shoot with a gun. Maybe then I'll finally have some peace and quiet about this boy who lived nonsense," Harry admitted.

Sirius briefly mentioned a prophecy, and Harry snorted.

"Let me guess, it claims that I have to be the one to kill off the dark moron. Who the hell would believe such bull?"

All eyes fell on Dumbledore, who shifted uneasily.

"That explains the poor choice in placement for an infant," said Adolph.

(Adolph had told Sirius, Snape, Remus and the headmaster exactly what living with the Dursley family had done to Harry's health. Now the old man didn't have a leg to stand on when it came to where Harry lived.)

Finally, after an hour of talking, Harry snorted.

"Honestly, if all you need is reinforcements, you could have just asked me to make some. I can create weapons, reinforcements and shields with ease. All I need is someplace to paint and room for them to stand."

Seeing the disbelief in many of their eyes, he brought out the brush. The amethyst colored stone glinted as he used the paint on the table to create what appeared to be a phoenix made purely from ice (he based it off of Articuno from Poke'mon).

The room temperature dropped as Harry touched the table with his bracelet, and the bird came alive. It fluttered around the room before finally settling on Adolf.

Snape looked at the bird closely, and something clicked.

"You! You're the one who keeps leaving those blasted paintings around the bloody castle! Do you have any idea how many times I have tripped over those accursed things?"

He just set off the boy's laughter.

"I make them, but I have no plans for what happens after. Congratulations Professor, you have discovered the secret identity of Hecate Painter!" cackled Harry.

Remus chuckled.

"Hecate Painter...HP. I can't believe no one realized it sooner!"

"It was pretty obvious. Personally I'm surprised my name wasn't in the running for the culprit."

"You can paint?" said Sirius in surprise.

"I think I can also take away the life of a painting. Why?"

Sirius immediately showed him the portrait of his mother...Harry smirked, and brought out some turpentine.

"If I hear your shrieking any more, I will use this to remove your mouth. Am I clear?"

She obviously didn't know what it was, so Harry took out a normal brush and swiped it against the mouth. Blissful quiet reigned in the hallway. The other portraits saw what he did and clammed up.

Between the cleaning, watching and apparently a trial at the Ministry for some reason, Harry was ready to shoot something...preferably the headmaster.

He didn't bother studying the law books, since the charge was for underage magic. The only good thing was that the damn trial was set three days after his birthday. Though he had absolutely no clue what Mercurio had in mind for a 'present'. (Sirius saw her look and decided to have a talk with Harry the day before.)

Harry was still blushing from the tips Sirius had given him, seeing as he was NOT planning on 'that' until next year! (Oh how such plans are derailed by a demon who loves her master.)

Still, at least thanks to Mercurio being his 'girlfriend' Sirius decided to fore go the 'talk' about how to keep girls from getting pregnant. Thank Kami for that! (Once Harry had been introduce to the Shinto religion he had been hooked. It was far more appealing than the ones around England.)

The party was enormous, and he knew he saw Sirius and the twins spike most of the drinks. He had a nice buzz going after his fifth cup, not that he cared. He was definitely holding in the liquor better than Ron, who was flat out drunk and trying to kiss Snape! (He casually walked over to the twins holding a suspicious camera and said flatly "I want copies of that or else." The twins cackled and they struck and unholy alliance.)

It was on his ninth cup that he decided to quit drinking the punch, he didn't want a nasty hangover in the morning (like Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Sirius were going to have, if the amount they had drunk was any indication) and he went to bed. No wonder he was sleepy! It was past two in the morning. He heard Mrs. Weasly yell at the twins and Sirius once she finally tasted the punch and realized it was spiked and the party finally died off.

Thank kami Harry had his own room instead of sharing with Ron. He didn't want to hear him whine in the morning. Paracelsus was back at his workshop for the night, since he was officially Harry's roommate.

Lying back, he didn't notice Mercurio enter the room. If he had seen her eyes he would have shivered. There was a reason they called them demons...

Harry made a mental note to thank Sirius...once the hangover was gone. Because of Mercurio, he had made their contract official, and more importantly permanent. He had seen the look in Dumbledore's eyes, and he knew the old goat would try and break the contract.

Now there wasn't a chance in hell of that happening. He got his supplies ready to make his godfather a weapon, or at least something he could do to alleviate the boredom he was feeling.

He had already read through most of the Black library, and was absolutely bored.

So he did the one thing he loved to do. Not seeing his friends (more like annoying stalkers at this point) he brought out a fresh easel, his best brush, and turned up the lighting. With each stroke, the painting grew more detailed and alive. (He had inquired the potions-master about his animagus form and what it looked like. Snape was so drunk he never knew he said anything.)

He was in the middle of painting when he felt a presence behind him. The gasp told him who it was immediately, though it still startled him enough that he had to jerk his hand back to prevent ruining it.

Hermione had found him, no doubt to harp on him again about preparing for the trial. She was livid that he wasn't the least bit concerned and still wanted to know why.

"Harry? Since when...?" she sounded confused.

"Oh come on Hermione. You are the brightest witch of our year and you never figured it out? Think for a moment about the famous Hecate Painter for a moment. It should come to you," said Harry in annoyance.

He went back to painting, putting more details in.

"You? You're the one who's been leaving those pieces out for the students to find? Why?"

"I paint them to relax. I don't exactly plan on doing anything when I'm done, and it seemed like a waste of time if they collected dust. So why not add some class to the place?"

"Why didn't you ever tell us?"

"And have you two ruin my peace and quiet with your bickering? I have to enlist the twins just to escape you both! Hell, the only reason I even found that I liked painting was because you were petrified second year and I wanted some time to think."

Hermione looked affronted.

"Besides..." Harry finally stopped for a moment and turned to her, a shit eating grin on his face, "This is an easy way to trick Slytherins into emptying their bank account while remaining anonymous."

Now Hermione was plain annoyed.

"I should tell Ron."

"Do that and I swear I will never trust you again. I do know the memory charm you know," he said, eyes narrowed.

Hermione saw the look in his eyes, and knew he was dead serious. Why did Harry keep this a secret when he was easily a master painter?

Harry saw the look.

"I paint as a hobby and to relax, like you do when you read. I don't want people to bother me for paintings. It's bad enough I happen to be the boy who lived, but a master painter? I would never get any peace."

Harry put the finishing touches, and waited for the paint to dry...and it to come alive.

It was a series of animals in a beautiful glen, with tall oaks, rowans, holly and ebony trees. There was a scraggy mutt with stunning blue eyes, a proud stag with mischievous hazel, a wolf with kind amber, a tiger with beautiful evergreen...and a falcon with calculating onyx. On a whim there was a second stag, with horns almost grown with emerald.

It didn't take her two guesses who each person was, except the falcon.

"Which is the falcon?"

"Talon...and from what I can remember, he was the only Slytherin who bothered to visit. He was a friend of mum's."

Slytherin and a friend of Lily Potter...it clicked.

"You actually painted Snape?" she looked at him in disbelief.

Harry looked at her amused.

"Why not? He has every right to be in the picture, unlike the rat."

(He had no idea Snape was listening to every word, and was stunned silent. He made a note to ask Harry if he made duplicates.)

"Harry, why aren't you preparing for the trial? It's tomorrow!"

"Because the Ministry doesn't have a leg to stand on, which they would know if they ever bothered to actually LOOK at the paperwork."

Hermione was still miffed he wouldn't tell her why he wasn't worried.

Harry was wearing his best robes under the large muggle clothing, and once he was in the Ministry he would remove the large tee and sweatpants.

Unknown to Mr. Weasly, Harry had received what most would believe to be a Guild Badge of sorts. It wasn't. It was an official mark of an Enchanter, in case they encountered someone with two different eye colors who hadn't made a deal (rare but it does happen). They mostly gave it to those who worked in the Magical world alongside the Enchanter.

On the badge were certain markings in 'Common' tongue, which Harry was still learning. (He was rather proud he could at least read what was on the badge without help.)

Harry's badge marked him as a year two Enchanter, with a ranking according to the complexity of his best or most used Enchanted Item. (Harry was ranked the same as Adolph for his brush, which was a highly advance Enchanted Item combined with the magic. It would be higher, but it was his second year.)

It even had the name of the demon he made the contract with, and her power level (along with Enchantment type) under his name.

It was created to change depending on his power level and experience.

Harry kept it under his robes to keep people from staring more.

Instead of sitting in the chair (which he most certainly didn't trust with those chains. He's seen the damn things move in the pensieve!) he stood, bored. Fudge was clearly annoyed by that, and read the charges. Something about him using the patronus charm in front of his stupid cousin.

Before he could say anything, Harry interrupted him.

"You have got to be bloody joking. That's what you're charging me with?"

The simpering toad made his skin crawl as she tried to seem superior. Harry quelled her with a look, and glared at Fudge.

"First off, the charge is completely redundant, as the Statute of Secrecy would not apply in that situation to begin with. I have never used magic at home, and even if I did, my family is already AWARE of magic, since I have been living there for the past fourteen years. Second, I haven't been in that damn neighborhood for even a week before staying at my current instructor's house, which happens to be in Japan. And third, even if I HAD cast the charm, your ridiculous tracers sure as hell wouldn't have picked up on it."

Fudge was furious. How dare the boy try to show him up in HIS Ministry! Amelia Bones looked at Harry shrewdly.

"What do you mean by that, Mr. Potter?"

Harry raised his hand and popped something out of his right eye. It was a muggle contact, yellow in color. He then lifted something out of his robes and handed it to her.

"I already registered and notified the goblins about the change in status a day after I signed the contract," he informed her.

She took one look at the badge, tapped it with her wand and confirmed it was real. She handed it back, and looked at Fudge, clearly irritated that he wasted their time.

"This trial is a farce. Mr. Potter is cleared of all charges and should be left alone by those with...less savory intentions."

"What makes you believe you can do that?" roared Fudge.

Amelia Bones raised her monocled eye, and gave him a quelling look.

"Harry James Potter has become a second year Enchanter, and as such is not bound by the restrictions of Under age magic. His argument concerning the Patronus charm is valid, as his cousin would already know of magic as they share the same house. And the only reason he would even have cast the Patronus charm is to defend from Dementors, in which case he would be cleared for using his magic in an emergency situation."

Harry gave the woman a formal Japanese bow, "Thank you Madam Bones for seeing reason."

Before Harry left the Ministry, he lied to Mr. Weasly about needing to pick something up. Enchanter business.

Instead he pulled out his brush, made an older copy and had it go pick up the forms for an apparation license. While he did that, he found someone from the Department of Mysteries and asked how to retrieve a prophecy.

His luck was in, as the person he asked happened to be from that part of the department. He lead the boy to the shelf with his name, and Harry took the prophecy and left a fake one in it's place. Seeing the raised eyebrow, he grinned.

"It's a delayed prank in case the other guy tries to take it."

Apparently the guy had a sense of humor, because he snickered.

Harry caught up with Mr. Weasly, took the papers, and they left.

The party was once again, enormous. Harry stopped Sirius from spiking the drinks again, and pulled him aside, smirking.

Sirius, who recognized a Marauder smirk anywhere, went with him and said "What did you do? You look like your father when he pulled one on McGonagall."

Harry held out the orb, and Sirius was floored.


"Side trip to the Department of Mysteries while I was there. Had to lie to Mr. Weasly, but it was worth it. Left a fake in it's place."

Sirius started howling.

"What does the fake say?"

Harry started snickering.

"Your eyes are tacky, your clothes reek, and your name is a joke. If this is the best you can do, then obviously you have no taste or real power. A squib would be scarier than you, love the boy who just won't die."

Sirius was on the floor, howling with laughter. Remus walked in, wondering what Sirius was up to. He saw the orb and his jaw dropped.

"I switched it while I was there."

Remus shook his head, and they went back to the party.

He was back on the train to Hogwarts. Not before convincing Sirius to at least wear a dog collar reading "Snuffles"...at least that was what he told him it said when he put it on. It really read "World's biggest prankster".

Sirius had no idea why the twins were snickering each time they saw it. Until he got home that is. (He later sent a Marauder prank via mail and got Harry back. Harry's hair turned Slytherin green for a week.)

Draco couldn't believe how easily Harry had gotten off. All he had to do was show some badge and they let him go?

Harry saw the looks, and grinned.

While he was wandering the castle, he found an unused corridor...and a painting he had only heard rumors about.

The lost portrait of Founders. Time had not been kind to it, the paint was peeling badly. He opened a portal and took the painting off the hook, taking it with him to the workshop.

Naturally they were curious about him, and he told them all about the world as it was now while he repaired the painting. Not only were they horrified at how bad it had become, but they were disgusted with the headmaster. Forcing a child to live in a magic hating home?

While he was repairing the painting, he had an idea for a new one. One that would allow the Founders to escape and talk to students.

So before he put the painting back, he took out his Enchanted Brush and began to work.

Everyone was excited when Hecate Painter left four new portraits, each for a specific house. What had the Hogwarts rumor mill going full tilt was how he had gotten them into the houses when he clearly only belonged to one.

(Later investigation by the teachers revealed someone with an Enchanter badge had used the Founder's Way into each house.)

Ravenclaw students could be found chatting with the portrait of Athena, or a very good likeness of the Greek goddess...who revealed she was in fact Ravenclaw herself! (The biggest clue was that instead of the owl on her shoulder, it was replaced with a Raven. That was the main thing that threw the Ravenclaw students off at first.)

Hufflepuff students absolutely adored the painting of Hera (Hufflepuff) in the Common Room.

Gryffindors could be found trying to impress Zeus (Godric) with tales of daring.

Slytherin students could be found around the painting of Hades (Salazar), plotting with help.

The Founders loved the fact that Harry compared them to gods, and were more than happy in showing him how to put their personality and knowledge into the paintings.

Now if only they could do something about the Umbitch.

She was sitting in her ghastly office full of kitten plates, sipping tea happily. Her mission was simple. Find out which students were loyal and which weren't. If they were, she would make their lives easy. If they weren't...well her special quills would sort them out.

Now to take care of the Potter brat...how dare he humiliate the Minister!

Harry was not looking forward to the first defense class of the year. Even though Mercurio had been placed under the sorting hat (since she only stayed in the Ravenclaw dorm to keep their secret for the year) and put in Gryffindor, he had been feeling off all week.

Mainly because he had heard things about the woman who would be teaching them. On the plus side, Snape had agreed to leave him alone for the year provided he leave his paintings somewhere where he wouldn't trip on them during rounds.

(Harry knew it was because the first house to receive his newest creation was Slytherin, and the Slytherins love how he depicted their founder.)

So here he was, waiting for what he knew would be hell to occur. And he wasn't disappointed. Umbitch (as he already thought of her) was a simpering toad who's main goal seemed to be creating anti-Ministry students.

She didn't look happy when he pointed out that fact. Everyone else sure did, if the snickering was anything to go by.

He hoped Adolph would help him survive whatever she tried to pull during detention. He was Madam Pomphrey's new helper along with his demon. (The main difference was that he didn't mind Quidditch as much as the nurse.)

Harry could be found clutching his hand, cursing like a sailor. He portaled to his workshop and went looking for the kit. He knew it would come in handy, but he never expected to use his brand new healer's kit so soon!

Damn that pink toad and her quills!

The next morning he could be found in the hospital wing, asking for his hand. Paracelsus took one look at it and gave him a look.

"Pink bitch in charge of defense."

Madam Pomphrey wanted to know what happened, and he explained about the quills. Her resulting shriek was more than enough to make him wince.


Then Harry was hit with inspiration.

He headed to McGonagall and explained his thinking. When she came back after classes, he cheered! No more useless defense class for the entire year! If he passed his OWLs with an Outstanding, he would have the choice of taking the class from now on!

Now all he had to do was survive Yamato's training sessions. And study like mad.

He and Mercurio spent their defense classes in the lab, working on a project. So far they were doing fine, but they hit a snag.

They needed a new kind of power for it to work. But where would they get it?

Harry was frustrated. He was trying like mad to bring his paintings to real life, permanently. If he pulled it off, it would bump his Enchanter ranking up to at least the same level of Fulcanelli.

He leaned back, and felt something poke him. It was really uncomfortable. Reaching back, he pulled out...an orb? What was with the fog? It didn't look like a divination crystal, so...

He hit himself. It was the damn prophecy!

He put an ear to it, and listened to the words, without breaking it.

When he finished, he sighed. So he had to off the Dark Twit. Great. Now he at least knew why Dumbles put him in that hellhole.

Strange, what was the energy he felt pulsing from the orb. He turned to Mercurio.

"Hey Mer, what kind of energy is this thing emitting?"

Mercurio looked it over, careful not to drop it.

"Looks like Diviner's Wave. Is this the ball that was causing you all that trouble? The one you switched?"

"Yeah. I wonder..."

Harry took out his beloved brush, and painted some symbols all around the orb. It began to glow, and something shot out of his brush.

It was the dragons he created during the fight in the graveyard!

They flitted around the room, happy to be out again. Harry was just glad he put on size limiters along with summoning spells. He really didn't want his workshop ruined.

Both dragons landed on them. The red one took refuge on his shoulder, the blue on Mercurio. Harry remembered the elements each commanded, and finally came up with names for them.

"Blue, your name will be...Frostgale. Red, you'll be Flamestrike."

Harry brought out the brush, and began to create a third dragon. This time it was yellow and green, with red and blue streaks in the scales.

When he was finished, the new dragon came out, powered by the prophecy which ruined his life.

"You can name this one Mer. She has wind, earth and water attributes."

The new dragon looked at her expectantly.

Mercurio thought for a moment, and grinned.

"How about Uzamaki?"

"Whirlpool? Mer, you haven't by any chance been reading my Naruto collection again have you?"

Mercurio looked sheepish. Harry thought a moment about the name. In a way it suited her. The Naruto could control wind, his last name was water related, and he lived in a village with earth ties.

"Uzamaki it is."