It was his straight-to-the-point way that didn't suit his name. No unending laps to get to his aim. None at all.

He used to say his truths. Just said them. And then, the smiles.

The fists found each's way, at the same moment the eyes did.

Dark. Hatred. Black and lost.

Sky-blue. Hurt, searching.

The background melted around him, the buildings crumbled as a house of cards. Close to them, stone was paper, and paper became water.

His fingers were tight against his own hands, fists clenched, the golden hair shining too much and reflecting every damn thing. He was biting his lower lip, so full of regrets und uncertanty.

Wandering slowly, he came closer as one under death sentence. The will of a corpse.

He was trying to find the one he'd learnt to love, to read every very thought with a single glance. He was searching the sanity inside the immediatly red eyes. Searching searching...

For himself, inside the one who had been his greatest challenge. The one he had wanted to be. Searching searching...


Genius. Superior. Respected. Beloved.

He heard a thousand birds screaming his name, right in the opponent's fingertips. He heard steps when the other boy ran. He heard himself running along. Felt the dense amount of feeling spinning around his palm.

It was so hard to breath. His rival would finally fall for his hand? Was that what he wanted? To be superior? Then, why he was crying?

The rival'd always been the one he hated the most. Feared the most.

Admired the most. Filled with might and ability. Beauty and complex.

The impact wave was just huge, and threw him away.

The time and place became blurry and red. His head was wet. He wanted to come back. Say anything, but there was nothing. He had failed as all the times before. He wanted to get Sasuke back, he'd do what he had to.

Do anything. Say something. Look at him.

But it was so hard to breath.

The dark-haired boy was desappearing. Slowly fading, glancing through the eyelids. Black eyes covered with tears.

Don't leave me.

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