Night Head Genesis (Continued) Fan fiction

By Aiyana-chan~

It was a cold day. Naoya and Naoto were driving to the unknown, as far as Naoya knew. He didn't want to ask because his older brother seemed tense and he didn't want to bother him. Bored, Naoya looked out the window to watch the endless trees and stores pass by. Naoto looked over to his younger brother to see him looking out the window. "Naoya" He began, still staring at his brother. Naoya looked over to Naoto and before he could ask, a giant truck headed in their direction. "Nii-san!" He shouted as he pointed to the window behind Naoto. "Wha-" Naoto turned his head to the direction his little brother was pointing to, but it was too late. "Dammit! Naoya!" "NII-SAN!" Naoya screamed as the truck crashed into Naoto's side.

A few minutes later, Naoya awoke to a presence on top of him. He looked up to see his older brother, Naoto, on top of him, protecting him from the impact of the truck. Shattered glass laid everywhere and few had fallen towards Naoya, much to Naoto's relief. "NIi-san…" Naoya muttered with his eyes barely opened. He heard his brother cringe on top of him and slightly groaned. "Naoya," He said painfully, but worriedly. "Don't worry, Naoya, the paramedics will be here soon." Damn! That was a close one, one wrong move and I, or more importantly Naoya, would have been seriously injured, Naoto thought angrily. He was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard some muffled cries. "Nii-san…" Naoya quietly cried. "It's alright Naoya, were fine," He assured his younger brother. "M-m-my-y l-l-l-e-g-g," Naoya stammered. Naoto looked down to Naoya's and noticed one of them was badly bleeding from glass that fell on it. Naoto became extremely pissed at himself. If only I was paying attention this would never had happened! If I'd seen it coming I could have stopped it! Naoya is in pain and it is my entire fault. Naoto looked down to his brother and saw he was cringing and crying in pain. "Don't worry Naoya, I'll fix this!" Naoya promised. "Ni-i—san!" Naoya choked out in between sobs. Ignoring the pain in his right
shoulder, Naoto sat up, careful not to hurt Naoya. Naoya groaned in pain when Naoto accidently touched Naoya's leg. Naoto realized it will cause Naoya even more pain if he is being handled by the hospital's care. Naoto did promise to protect Naoya and wasn't going to break his promise. There was limited room, due to the truck crushing Naoto's side of the car. He carefully lifted Naoya's injured leg, feeling guilty every time Naoya cringed. "Sorry if this hurts, Naoya, but the only thing I can do to help you is get the glass out of your leg," Naoto admitted grimly. Naoya looked into his brother's eyes and nodded a 'go ahead'. Naoto took a deep breath and began the process of 'treating' Naoya's leg. Everytime Naoya screamed in pain, groaned, or cringed, Naoto felt sadness overwhelm him. When he finished, Naoto took an emergency kit from the dashboard pocket (?) and began wrapping his brother's leg. He tied the knot and looked back at Naoya. He was sweating and crying but somehow managed to smile at his savior. "Nii-san…" He whispered weakly. "Thank you." Naoto nodded solemnly as if saying 'you are welcome'. "Hey, Nii-san?" Naoya said quickly. "Yeah?" "Um, well, what do we do now, exactly?" Naoto looked away as if avoiding the question. Naoya gazed at his elder brother, waiting to hear an answer. "Nii-san?" "Were going to wait for the police to come." "Oh." Naoya, too, looked away, effortlessly trying to hide his discomfort. "Naoya," Naoto said quickly, yet again catching Naoya's spiraling attention. "What's wrong?" Naoya apprehensively bit his lip and cautiously tried not to look Naoto in the eye, knowing for a fact he would have the truth sucked out of him. "N-nothing," He responded timidly, looking away again. Naoto closed his eyes and took a breath practically soaked in aggravation, frustration, and annoyance. Why does Naoya have to be so stubborn? What does he have to hide? Naoto thought irritated, practically giving up. Sometimes Naoto wished he had the 'contact' mindreading 'telepathy' power like his younger brother instead of the destructive psykonises psychic power he possessed. Considering the physical contact between the two siblings, Naoya heard everything mentally and instantly felt remorse for causing his much more worried older brother distraught.