Chapter 4

The next day, I my alarm clock woke me at 05:00 as I had set the previous day, so I could get ready in time for the trail week. I quickly got my stuff together and got ready to go. When I got to the hallway, I had a quick look around before concluding that the coast was clear. I snuck into Zoruru's room to quickly bid him farewell. Well. I couldn't let anyone know I had a soft spot for the bucket of bolts, now, could I?

"Scraps… Scraps, wake up" I whispered, shaking him slightly. He gave out a muffled grunt before groggily opening his eye. When he saw it was me, he yawned and sat up.

"What do you want, squirt?"

"Pu pu pu… just thought I'd wake you up and tell you I was leaving… I won't miss you."

We stayed that way for a few seconds, before I suddenly lunged at Zoruru and trapped him in a tight hug. He returned the embrace, patting the back of my head affectionately while I tried my hardest to hold back tears.

"Good luck, trooper" He mumbled before letting me go. I smirked at the little pet name he'd used before rubbing my tired, teary eyes from under my glasses and making my way to headquarters.

The following week was one of the hardest, most repetitive ones I'd ever experienced. In a nutshell, they were testing every skill I had ever acquired as an intelligence officer.

I was utterly shattered by the end of it. I just couldn't wait to get back, put my feet up and tell my platoon what I'd been up to. However, before I had a chance to leave, one of my examiners approached me and beckoned me to follow him, which I obediently did so.

I was guided to a room in which none other than the commander himself was seated.

"Tororo Shinpie" he said.

"Sir, yes sir!" I barked, snapping into a smart salute.

"I have been observing your efforts, and they are phenomenal. You are a prodigy, improving at an impossible rate. Therefore, I am drafting you into an S-class platoon, under the rank of sergeant.

At first I did nothing, then my mouth hung open a little as the news I had just received finally hit me. My talents had finally been recognised. I had been given a huge promotion, and had been drafted into a platoon of the highest class.

God damn it, I had been promoted from nothing to just under the stupid old man's rank in less than a week!

However, this realisation was overshadowed by a much worse one. I would never see my former platoon again. Pururu, Taichou, Taruru, Zoruru-


I opened my mouth to object to the decision, but was met with the piercing stare of my ultimate superior. Instead, I ignored my heart and went with my head. I snapped into another salute and stared ahead like the brave little soldier I had become. Whether I wanted to be or not.

"Good. Gather your belongings and make your way to the airport. You shall be flown to the other side of Keron, where you shall meet up with your new platoon, and will be briefed on your first mission alongside them. Good luck, Sergeant."

I marched away, my outside standing as strong as ever – my insides falling apart.

Once I'd checked in at the airport, I got out my communicator so as to inform the Taichou of the situation.

"First Lieutenant Garuru speaking. State your name and rank, soldier"

I rolled my eyes at his military greeting, but decided to play along.

"Sergeant Tororo speaking"

"Sergeant… Tororo…"

There was a pause as he took it in.

"Congratulations, soldier" He said, obvious emotion showing through his military tone.

"I'm just calling to inform you that I have been drafted to a new platoon, stationed on the other side of Keron. I just thought I'd let you know, encase you weren't informed on time by any of the higher superiors."


"Well… goodbye, first lieutenant Garuru" I said, finally dropping the 'Taichou' formality, as he was no longer my squad leader.

I could almost feel him flinch on the other side of the communicator.

"Farewell, good luck and god speed, soldier" He said before hanging up.

I took my seat in the waiting room, and tried to think of something… anything. Anything but Chiroro.

*** Chiroro's POV***

I jogged happily up to the door of Tororo's platoon's 'base'. I'd rather call it a house, but who's asking?

I rapped o the door a few times to alert the platoon to my presence. Tororo would have finished his trail week by now, and I couldn't wait to see him again!

His Taichou, Garuru, answered the door.

"Aloha Garuru-san, can I see Tororo please?" I smiled. Garuru frowned sadly at me and hung his head a little.

"Tororo got a huge promotion today. He's being flown over to the other side of Keron to meet with his new platoon."

My heart stopped for a few moments.

"When?" I squeaked.

"Around now-ish… Wait, you aren't thinking of going after him are you…?"

It was too late; I had already rocketed off down the road, flailing my arms madly in a bid to grab the attention of the nearest taxi driver. Once I got to the airport, I thundered inside, sprinting right past security, causing an uproar and reinforcement security guards to be sent after me. I didn't care. I had to keep running. I checked in every waiting room I passed, before I spotted a salmon tadpole in a deep green helmet with his head in his hands.

"Tororo!" I yelled, grabbing his attention instantly.

"Chiroro!" he cried in shock, before the departure of his flight was announced over the intercom.

I ran towards him as fast as I could – but was stopped short as a guard managed to grab hold of my wrist. While this was happening, Tororo was drifting away with the other passengers.

"Tororo! No! Wait!" I cried as I struggled against the heavily built keronian holding me back.

"Calm down, you, you need to get a ticket if you want to-"

"TORORO I LOVE YOU!" I screamed as he disappeared from sight.

The shocked guard stopped talking and stared at me.


"I'm so sorry," I whispered "I'll just leave now. Sorry for troubling you."

I slowly left the airport and hailed a taxi.

Not long after I got in it, I got a phone call from my sister.

"Chiroro! Where are you, you fool, I'm worried sick about you over here!"

"I was… just…" I whispered, not seeming to be able to find my voice.

"Save it. Just… just get back to Taruru-kun's base, ok? That's where I am right now."

"Ok" I managed, before hanging up.

Once the taxi stopped, I was greeted by my sister, who guided me inside, as it had gotten very dark.

I told everyone the crazy thing I had done, and was sympathised with greatly.

"You are freaking insane, do you hear me?" Karara said gently, squeezing my hand as I cried into her shoulder. The rest of Tororo's former platoon stared at me with blank faces – but I didn't care what anyone thought. The only thing that mattered to me was Tororo.

Once I'd cried out every last tear, I became very drowsy. I didn't let anyone know, though, I didn't want to go home yet. I wanted to stay as close to Tororo as possible, and right now, I was the closest I could ever be.

There was a quiet knock on the door. Zoruru groaned as he went to answer it. It had been the third time a neighbour living on the same street as the 'base' had called to complain about the noise and the fact the lights were still on.

But for some reason, there was no shouting match taking place on the doorstep. Instead, the clunking of Zoruru's feet could be heard coming back into the room, followed by much lighter footsteps. Taruru, who was sat opposite me, looked so dumbstruck that I turned round to see what had happened.

"I got off the plane" said a tearful Tororo.

At this, I leapt off the sofa and ran to the one I loved, crushing him into a tight hug which he instantly returned. I cried uncontrollably into his chest, to amazed to believe that he was back and right here in my arms. I felt one of his hands leave my waist, and he gently tugged my head up so I was facing him.

He leaned in towards me and kissed me so passionately that I failed to react for a few moments. I grabbed his cheeks with both of my hands and deepened the kiss, sliding my tongue into his mouth as he did likewise. He eventually pulled away to breathe.

"Oh Chiroro, you blithering idiot, I love you too!" He mumbled before crushing his lips to mine again.

After a few moments, I was aware that Taruru had slowly started clapping, closely followed by a few others in the room.

I think I heard Karara actually cheer before we separated again.

I gazed into Tororo's eyes, which were hidden by his fogged up glasses and a deep red blush. He wiped away some of my tears, and I cleared his way. He rested his forehead against mine, and I closed my eyes in utter bliss.

I could have stayed there forever.