A/N: Some companions that crossed regenerations (for example: Ben and Polly) may be listed with either their first or second Doctor...


Susan Foreman

A child of two worlds, you wanted so much to fit in, to be a part. You couldn't, not fully. Your Gallifreyan ancestry betrayed you, your mind too advanced for your perceived age. However, you did travel with your old Grandfather, and I enjoyed every minute we spent together. It broke my hearts to have to let you go, but I knew you'd never choose to leave voluntarily. The young man you loved, you'll outlive. The War will ultimately catch up with you, but until then, just know that one day, I shall come back, yes, I shall come back.

Ian Chesterton

You, my boy, watched out for my dear granddaughter, but you were intrigued by her scientific knowledge. Things that she shouldn't understand, she did, and this fascinated you. You were skeptical of me, even harsh at first, but once you understood that my ship wasn't a figment of your imagination, your curiosity carried you through our many adventures together. You may think I didn't notice, but I saw the feelings you had for Miss Wright. The way you defended her, protected her and looked out for her wasn't just chivalry. I may be an old man, but I understand love.

Barbara Wright

History was in your blood, my dear. I saw your heart in your eyes when we met the Aztecs and then again in ancient Rome. Books can only teach you so much, but now you've had an opportunity to live the past unlike anyone else ever could. You were bold, moreso than most women of your time. Strong and courageous in the face of danger, yet always protective of those smaller or less fortunate than you. Your ethics got you into some scrapes, but your brain got you out of them. And I see that look you keep giving Chesterton.


You remind me so much of my granddaughter, and in many ways, I tried to use you as a replacement for her. You survived a spaceship crash, but still seemed so young, so vulnerable. I watched as you looked up to Ian and Barbara, and then had a very sibling like relationship with Steven. You grew over the time we were together and then at last, you grew up enough to fall in love. You knew how much danger you would be in to stay, but you did it anyway. Now I can call you by your new name, Cressida.

Steven Taylor

You were born in war and used to flying solo, going from space port to port without having a place to call home. After two years alone and in prison, you were excited to see other people. You stepped into our lives and quickly made yourself invaluable. You witnessed more war and carnage at the hands of the Daleks, but you didn't let it stop you. Ultimately, you used your skill and leadership abilities not to continue in the destruction of war, but to build up a civilization. But did you realise you left your panda, Hi-Fi, in the TARDIS?

Dodo Chaplet

After mistaking the TARDIS for an actual police box, you left my company almost as quickly as you joined it. When we first met, you had a cold, which you promptly passed on to Steven. Your accents varied as much as the details of your past. Even your future is a conundrum. All of our travels could've contributed to what I heard was your future. Held by gunfighters to helping to combat the Celestial Toymaker, all of these would task the mental state of a healthy person. I am sorry, Dorothea, that we didn't have a chance to part properly.