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Three heroines of Lore are the best of friends. They fight with each other, defeating monsters and going on quests. Now, an enemy is after them. He plans to destory them and take over Lore. And then he comes in the way with unknown feelings. Only one of our heroines can deal with him. Will she be successful? Between adventures, battles, romances, and a battle that could change everything, will our heroines get through this together?

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It was a bright, sunny afternoon in Falconreach. Serenity, the Falconreach Inn Keeper, was working hard to keep everyone satisfied.

At one table in the inn, there were three girls sitting down. One girl had long, dark brown hair with bangs covering her silver-blue eyes slightly and tanned skin. She was wearing her dark gray and black ninja armor. Her backpack was leaning against one of the table legs. She was occupied looking at a map and jotting down notes in a small notebook.

The girl sitting to the left of the dark brown-haired girl had bright, silver hair and silver eyes. She wore a rogue armor which was black with silver lining and aqua shoulder and knee armors. She was talking to the girl to her left who had long, blond hair, blue eyes, and wore a black and gold warrior armor.

"Kitlyn?" The silver-haired girl asked.

The dark brown-haired girl stopped writing and looked up to the girl's eyes. "Yes Shinata?"

"Are we going on quests later today?" Shinata asked.

"I don't know," said Kitlyn. "We could, I guess."

"Please Kitlyn!" Yuuki, the blonde-haired girl pleaded.

Kitlyn sighed. "Fine, but get Kavo. Shinata, you can get Twilly. I'll meet you guys back here before we leave."

"YES!" Shinata and Yuuki cheered as they high-fived each other. They gathered their stuff and headed out of the Inn to retrieve their companions.

Kitlyn went back to their home located in the village to retrieve her companion, Draco, her baby dragon. Draco immediately followed Kitlyn back to the Inn where Shinata and Yuuki were waiting.

"Ready?" Yuuki asked Kitlyn as she was approaching.

"Ya, we can start in the forest. I think that's a good start."


The three girls started walking towards to the forest with Twilly, Draco, and Kavo, Yuuki's Pridemaster following.

As they were walking in the forest, Shinata noticed that none of the creatures had come out to battle. "That's weird," she said. "Not a single creature came out to attack."

"Shh!" Kitlyn said, silencing her. "I hear something up ahead." She quietly started to sneak up ahead with Shinata, Yuuki, and their companions following. Finally, they all found a clearing away from the bushes. Suddenly, Kitlyn saw two big men, both wearing green and brown uniforms. "Bandits!" She whispered.

Suddenly, the men heard them coming out and grabbed their weapons charging at the three.

Kitlyn, Shinata, and Yuuki immediately got in battle stance with their companions by their sides.

Kitlyn's right hand glowed bright silver-blue as her silver elemental Sacrificial Crystal Skull Sabre weapon formed, Shinata grabbed her Magma Daggers, and Yuuki unsheathed her Blade of Revelry from her sword case.

One bandit charged at Shinata and Yuuki, while the other charged at Kitlyn.

Shinata and Yuuki both tightened their grips on their weapons. The bandit swung his mace at Yuuki. Within a second, Yuuki used her sword to dodge the attack by holding it in front of her like a shield. With the bandit's focus on Yuuki, Shinata managed to attack him with her daggers from behind. The bandit let out a loud cry from the pain. Twilly slammed his staff onto the bandit's feet. Then, Yuuki kicked him in the chest, which resulted him stumbling back, and Shinata finishing him off by knocking him out laying on the ground unconscious.

Meanwhile, Kitlyn was battling the second bandit. No matter what, the bandit was too slow to attack. Kitlyn immediately used her Inbo attack. The bandit took critical damage, stumbling back. He tried to attack with his mace, but Draco already fired him with his icy breath. With him weakened, Kitlyn used her Futae attack, and finally defeating him.

After the battles, Shinata asked, "Who are they?"

"I don't know," Kitlyn said. "but I think they're the reason why the creatures haven't been around."

The girls walked away from the two unconscious bandits, but they were stopped by a sound of a voice.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here." A deep voice said.

Kitlyn, Shinata, and Yuuki turned around to see a tall, muscular, black-haired guy with a long, dark purple cape, holding to what it seems a Marquis Sword. His uniform was similar to those bandits.

Shinata and Yuuki got in battle stance, and Kitlyn asked, "Who are yo-"

The guy immediately cut her off, "I am Drakath Slugwrath, leader of the Darkwolf Bandits and ally of Sepulchure."

Yuuki stifled some giggles. "Slugwrath?" She said as she stifled more giggles. Shinata and Kitlyn glared at her, and Shinata elbowed Yuuki to keep her quiet.

Drakath was frowning. "You see, Sepulchure has been informed about you all. You are the heroes of all Lore," he said. "but that's going to change!" With a quick snap with his fingers, Darkwolf Bandits came out from the trees and bushes. There were about 9 men, all of them surrounding the girls in a circle. Kitlyn, Shinata, and Yuuki all tightened their grips on their weapons and got in battle stance.

Drakath came into the circle, approaching to the girls. He walked around the girls and stopped in front of Kitlyn. His green eyes gleamed from the light reflection from his sword. Kitlyn glared at him.

Drakath reached his hand over to Kitlyn's hair and began playing with it. "It's such a pity that we have to do this to you," He smirked teasingly. "I mean if you weren't fighting to keep Lore safe, then you were be a perfect ally for us." Drakath had his eyes on Kitlyn's.

Just then, Kitlyn shot up her arm, removing Drakath's hand away from her hair and slapped him across the cheek, leaving an imprint of her hand. "I will never work with someone as imbecile as you!" She muttered under her breath, just barely audible for Drakath to hear.

Drakath rubbed his cheek from the slap and walked out from the circle of bandits. "Bandits, attack!" He demanded.

Each of the girls had three bandits charging at them holding out their maces.

Yuuki jumped up into the air and landed somewhere near the trees and away from the other girls. Kavo pounced onto one of the bandits, making the bandit hit his head onto the ground and knocking him out unconscious immediately. Yuuki threw daggers, creating multiple attacks at the other bandits. One received a critical hit while the other got scratches. Kavo finished off the bandit who received the critical hit and immediately pounced to claw the last bandit's back. The last bandit charged at Yuuki and managed to hit her with his mace. With a few scratches, Yuuki used her Double Attack, which caused the last bandit to fall defeated.

Meanwhile, Shinata was fighting her One-on-Three battle along with the help of Twilly. On every bandit, Shinata poisoned them with the tips of her Magma Dagger blades. One bandit was coughing from the poison, so Shinata took her chance to do a simple kick right on his face. He fell backwards and did not stand back up. The next bandit was weakened by poison, but he fought like it never even took effect. He ran towards Shinata and attempt to hit her. Shinata dodged the first attack, but she wasn't fast enough for the bandit's second attack. The mace hit her side, and Shinata produced a loud cry. Twilly scurried to the bandit and slammed his staff on the bandit's shins. Next thing the bandit knew, he was hit by Shinata's Rapid Attack and was knocked down with unconsciousness. Immediately, Shinata used Stealth. She felt the power increasing through her body. Her last bandit tried to use his double attack but missed both. With her Magma Daggers, Shinata jumped into the air and cut the bandit's uniform. Huffing and puffing, the bandit struggled standing up, but Twilly got there just in time to knock the bandit out cold. Shinata smiled victoriously and hugged Twilly.

Lastly, Kitlyn had her three bandits. Using her Orbed Axe, she used her Multi attack, knocking one bandit down. Draco's element changed to fire and he used his fiery breath to weaken the second bandit. Both bandits charged at Kitlyn but one was successful hitting her. Kitlyn used Slash on the second bandit, creating a duplicate of her Orbed Axe as she spun. The second bandit fell backwards defeated. Kitlyn saw her final bandit up in the air, holding his mace behind to gain power for his hit. Kitlyn quickly used Fade and managed to dodge the attack. Since she used Fade, Kitlyn knew it was time to use her ultimate attack. She sprinted towards the bandit and jumped high in the air. Kitlyn hit the bandit as she landed, then positioned herself in a handstand to kick the bandit directly in the face. Lastly, she completed the handstand by arching her back to have her feet on the ground. Then she stood up to hit the bandit again with her Orbed Axe, making the bandit be knocked out cold. Kitlyn smirked with her victory.

The girls gathered together and all smiled with their victorious battles. Drakath was not amused.

"I see that you want to play hard to get," he said as he snapped his fingers again. Two bandit thugs came out to aid Drakath. "Well I can play that game too," he said.

The girls came up to Drakath, not caring about healing their scratches from their last battles. Kitlyn changed her Orbed Axe into her darkness elemental weapon, the Kage Katana.

Kitlyn growled quietly, glaring at Drakath. "Shinata, Yuuki," she said. "Take the thugs, I got the stupid imbecile." Both girls agreed.

When the Three-On-Three battle began, it became a wild card. Shinata and Yuuki charged at the bandit thugs, and Kitlyn and Drakath engaged in their battle. They fought and fought and fought. Yuuki and Shinata finished their battles early, defeating the thugs like it was nothing. They both came towards to Kitlyn to help her, but as she was defending, Kitlyn said, "Yuuki, Shinata, stand back! This battle is mine!" Both girls backed away to let Kitlyn have room to battle.

Suddenly, Drakath swung his sword with such power that it knocked Kitlyn's katana right out of her hands. Yuuki and Shinata gasped when they saw what Drakath did. Kitlyn's eyes widened as she saw Drakath raised his sword, ready to attack again. Kitlyn held her hands together, and the next thing Drakath knew, Kitlyn disappeared in thin air.

Drakath growled, "Where did you go?"

A voice called out to him, "I'm right here, Stupid!" It was Kitlyn, appearing next to her weapon. Drakath started running towards to Kitlyn as she picked up her weapon. Right then, Kitlyn stabbed her katana into the ground and hoisted herself up to spin where her legs could kick. At the right timing, Kitlyn made contact to Drakath and he fell to the ground.

He was finally defeated.

Shinata and Yuuki ran towards to Kitlyn. Kitlyn was standing in front of Drakath. "You will PAY for this!" Drakath yelled at them. "The heroes of Lore will be eliminated!"

Kitlyn glared at him. "The names are Kitlyn, Shinata, and Yuuki. Remember them!" After that, the girls walked away, going back home.

As the girls left, Drakath looked down onto the ground. "Of course I will remember your names, especially yours, Kitlyn." He said, smirking.

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