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Twilight Melodies

Roderich's eyes widened, the words repeating in his mind. Harsh words... I love you... False words... I love you... Disgusting words... I love you... Heart-breaking words... Roderich gasped softly, realising the Prussian's lips upon his and biting his bottom lip. Gilbert's hands undoing Roderich's shirt, his tongue darted into Roderich's mouth, his hands finally finished with his shirt. Eyes clenched, Roderich closed his mouth, catching Gilberts tongue, he heard a small chuckle before him. His eyes gradually opened softly, staring into the blood red eyes, a shock pulsing through his body as Gilbert pinched one of his erect nipples, Roderich gasped in pleasure, Gilbert moving away. Roderich's back arching towards Gilbert's warm skin, his warm body, his hot lips. Gilbert smirked at the now blushing Austrian, his eyes travelling over the pale body before him... Pale, sensitive, soft and smooth. Roderich glared at Gilbert, his eyes looking at every cell that created Roderich. He pushed Gilbert away, into his previously broken Cello. Darting towards the piano, Roderich stood so it was between himself and Gilbert, protecting himself. Gilbert laughed, pushing himself away, hands clenching together in anger. Stepping towards the piano, leaning over it suggestively and winking at Austria, Gilbert schemed. "Why?" Roderich asked, quickly buttoning up his shirt, his posture returning. Gilbert laughed.

"Ha! You're asking why I did that? You stupid aristocrat! Can't you work it out for yourself?" Gilbert teased, sliding towards Roderich, who moved away. The distance between Roderich and the door had become smaller. If he keeps moving closer to me, I can easily run from the house. Gilbert would then go and drink some of his disgusting beer and leave the house by moonlight. He is an idiot like that. Smiling softly, Austria looked away, pulling on his glasses from the piano. He sighed gently, looking back at Gilbert, a hatred burning in his eyes, covering his lust, a mask covering himself, hiding his true being. Gilbert flinched slightly and looked away, contemplating what to do next.

"Why were you stalking me?" Roderich demanded, slamming his hand on the table. "Why did you kiss me? Why do you keep entering my mind like a bug? How come everytime I'm around you, you make me act so peasant-like? Why do you bring out my worst side?" Roderich shouted, covering his eyes. Gilbert looked taken aback, so many questions, how could he answer each one individually when the answer was so obvious. Is Roderich ignoring the truth? What I've done must mean something to him, or he would've just got Germany or Hungary to stop me. "Answer me." Roderich muttered, looking up at Gilbert. Gilbert stepped forwards, Roderich pushing himself away.

"Austria." Gilbert muttered, Roderich glared at him. Again with the country name... Is it now a way to show how serious you are? Roderich asked himself, Gilbert looked at him, smiling softly, his red eyes melting Roderich. "Little master, I've already said this... I love you." Gilbert muttered, stepping forward again, Roderich looked behind himself as he stepped back to see the door beside him.

"Liar!" Roderich exclaimed, running out of the house, Gilbert stared as he left the room. How could I not see the door? I'm such an idiot... He's going to get lost... Shit! Gilbert ran after him, leaving the house to see Roderich's figure in the distance, running towards the trees. He glared out, the sun had finally set, it's mere colours illuminating the sky.

'Twas Twilight.

Sighing, Gilbert ran after Roderich, becoming engulfed within the cool trees, all caressing and touching him, feeling his skin, his hot body, his heart hammer down as the Austrian's figure could be seen no more. Running forward, Glibert's eyes looked in every direction. "Roderich!" Gilbert shouted, a rustle from behing became heard and he swiftly darted towards it. Grunting as he had captured a small rabbit, he stepped away, walking forward quietly. A slow and tuneful song weaved through the trees, a hum full of half-hearted happiness. Gilbert gulped, Must be Roderich... He muttered to himself, a dim light before him. The green leaves, blocking it, trees swooshing across, gently holding Gilbert back as he pushed himself forward, the trees acting as a guard, protecting the voice, the hum. A bright light covered Gilberts eyes, the moon reflecting on a lake. He stared at the calm water, emotionless, collected, tranquil; frozen. On the opposite side, staring into the water sat Roderich, his arms wrapped around his knees as they sat close to his chest. Gently, Gilbert walked towards Roderich, his eyes looking across the lake. Roderich tensed as Gilbert sat beside him, extremely close, Gilbert's hand rested on his knees as he crossed his legs. Fidgeting, Roderich inched himself away from Gilbert, from the warm man. Gilbert chuckled softly, wrapping his arm around Roderich's shoulder and pulling his close, both lying down as they stared up at the stars. Struggling to be free of Gilbert's grip, Roderich pushed himself away. Gilbert smiled tenderly, his hand cupping Roderich's cheek as they both sat up once more. His thumb rubbing across his pale cheek, a small blush creeping over, and his index finger moving across his jawline, softly, intimately, affectionately. His thumb moving from his cheek to brush against Roderich's cool lower lip, Roderich turned his head, gazing across the lake. Kneeling in front of Roderich's body, Gilbert's finger pulled Roderich's chin back, to face him. His lips delicately touching Roderich's, like feathers, as if it hadn't happen, brushing across one another, softly, gently. Roderich stiffened, his hands stuck to the floor as Gilbert's wrapped around his neck, his fingers ruffling Roderich's dark brunette hair. Roderich's eyes fluttered, closing as his hands resided to Gilbert's waist. Suddenly, Gilbert pushed Roderich to the ground, deepening the kiss, from delicate and soft to hard and rough. Roderich gasped, Gilbert's tongue darting in, tackling Roderich's tongue momentarily and exploring the previously found mouth. Roderich's grip tightened on Gilbert's waist, involuntarily pulling him closer. Gilbert inwardly smiled and one hand slid from Roderich's neck down to his shirt. Their tongue battling in a sensual dance, awaiting for dominance, tackling and swiftly moving for it. As they part, their breaths grew heavy and needy. Gilbert smiled softly, moving his hand away from Roderich's shirt to push away a few stray hairs to reveal Roderich's beautiful face. His pale skin, violet eyes, his flushed cheeks. Gently, Gilbert removed Roderich's glasses, kneeling up to place them away.

"Gilbert..." Roderich whispered, leaning on his arm, his face level with Gilbert's, his hand cupped Gilbert's face affectionately, trailing down his neck to his open collar. Roderich smiled softly, fora few seconds and returned to his usually stoic expression. Gilbert chuckled lightly, noticing his smile, Gilbert leaned forward and kissed Roderich delicately on his lips once more, resting their foreheads together. Hands now entwined together as they stared into eachother's eyes.

Roderich's shining violet, engulfing Gilbert into a musical word, lyrics and notes sounding around him, the wind playing a beautiful melody as it caressed them gently.

Gilbert's glistening ruby red, revealing his past, deaths and violence, the cold and unwanted until... The music trails through the rims, songs and ballads of Roderich's flowing between them, of declaring love, feeling, happiness and hope.

Both smiling carlessly at eachother, Roderich leaned into Gilbert, kissing him sweetly, tenderly, leaving his mark, his emotion etched onto his lips, as had Gilbert done. Roderich chuckled softly, looking out at the lake. Gilbert smiled softly, pulling Roderich beside him, embracing him as they stared across the lake, sharing small intimate kisses as Twilight became over come by the rise of the Sun to the setting of it. Days rolled into months as Roderich and Gilbert stared out across the lake, hand in hand, only needing the company of one another, to feel at ease, to feel peaceful, happy, not be terrorized by war and death... That was the feeling both longed for, the feeling of security and love that had been found in one another.

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