This may or may not be a two shot, I'm not sure. Hopefully I get some feedback to continue this...

What We Call Monsters

She stared out her balcony, the moon shy as she showed only a small portion of herself in the indigo sky. Her brown eyes were now their normal reddish color, her right hand swirling the contents within her silver-colored goblet.

"M'lady, Lord Kane is here. He wishes to speak with you." a servant appeared behind her, bowing his head before disappearing once again. Lord Kane, her suitor, and former part time lover. Gods, she craved that man, even if he was a demon. She didn't need words to invite him in, her smile was enough for him to sense.

She let the mist developing below her envelope her, rising to touch and caress her shoulders. She knew who it was, she wouldn't deny him. "I take it your diplomatic negotiations went well?" she asked him, smiling softly.

"Quite. Had a few dissenters at the meeting, but for the most part, they are agreeable to our union." a smooth, deep voice said in her ear from behind; his breath tickling the fur and making the Vampire Queen shiver in delight. Ooh, how he knew what pleasure buttons to push. The mist around her shoulders solidified into hands, a lone finger tracing along the black lipstick she wore.

"I must say, you've filled out quite nicely since I've been gone, Vanilla. Have you been eating more?" the demon king teased, pinching playfully at Vanilla's hips. The vampire queen giggled, swishing her hips in response. His chuckle was music to her ears as he held her close, the sound dying down as they both stared at the crescent moon. Words were not spoken between them, as he knew what was on her mind at the moment.

"When will you tell her?"

"When it's all over."

"It will never be over, Vani, you know that." Kane sighed lightly, the grip upon her hips loosening so she could turn to look at him. "The deal has to be made soon. The tribe dissenters are starting to get more publicity. The longer we wait, the more she and her friends will be in danger!"

It hurt Vanilla for him to say that, but he was telling the truth. Their eventual marriage was causing a rift in between both races. And poor Cream was getting caught in the crossfire. Not just her, but her friends. She had to make moves, and fast. The longer this engagement went-not to mention hiding the secret of Cream's heritage- the shorter of a time span for things to go as smoothly as possible. Sienna eyes closed slowly in acceptance. "I need time."

"We don't have much time, Vani, you know that."

"I…I need to. For her sake. Can you wait just a little while longer?"

She had said this many times before, and Kane was not falling for it this time around. Not with the bombshell he was about to drop. "You have a week. Brasia told me that if nothing falls through by the full moon, Rizio is coming after you and Cream."

The Vampire Queen's eyes snapped open, whirling to face her fiance in rage. "You can't be serious!"

"They've gotten tired of waiting, Vani! You need to make moves, and in a hurry! Look, I love Cream as much as you do, I consider her my adopted daughter. Like you, I don't want her in harm's way. But you are not making things easier for you or her when it comes to her heritage. You have to tell her!"

Vanilla scoffed loudly at this. "Like it's easy to tell a child that they are a dhampir!"

"No easier than when you found out you were a vampire, no?" Vanilla growled at this, it irritated her that he knew her so well! But they'd been together for so long, the past was bound to come out between them. "And….It also makes me wonder if you even really love-"

"Kane, please don't start this again."

"I love you dearly. I want you and Cream in my life, as a real family, not as some fractured system like other 'families' do. But I won't be able to provide any protection for her as extensively as if we were married-"

Her hand clamped over his mouth; she didn't want to hear anymore of it. Vanilla had heard enough. "One week?" her hand moved from his mouth to let him speak. Kane had sighed in frustration, but then again he did have a tendency to ramble.

"One week."