Petra leaned against the wall and let her breath whoosh out of her. She had stolen a few precious moments from Salamander Army to meet up with Dink in the hallways of Battle School. She was glad to get out of the way of the Salamander commander, Bonzo Madrid, and the new child in the army, a little launchie called Ender. Her thoughts were occupied all day with the little boy.

"The teachers are fools if they think they can get me to play their stupid game." Dink muttered softly shaking Petra from her thoughts of Salamander.

"Hmmm? Oh, yes. Teachers. Dink are you letting the authority get to you, neh?"

"You wish. What about your authority, your commander?"

Petra sighed again, "He's not so bad if you know how to deal with it. We got a new kid today, and Bonzo ain't takin it so well. Poor kid." She muttered. "Bonzo just resorts to violence sometimes but-"

She was cut off as Dink noticed the cuts on her face from earlier, and stepped closer to inspect them. His lips curled in disgust when he saw oh deep they were.

"He hit you."

"Hey, it didn't hurt so bad, and I suppose I deserved it-"

"It wasn't a question," Dink said coolly, cutting her off. He gently touched the little wounds on her face, and his eyes softened.

"I wish you weren't in his army. I wish I could…" he trailed off.

"You could what?" demanded Petra.

"I wish I could protect you from people like Bonzo. You deserve better than that. You deserve people like…" he trailed off again.

"People like you," Petra finished.

'Yes, people like me." Dink whispered, and leaned closer, planting a tentative, trembling kiss on her lips. Petra instantly froze while he deepened the kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He continued to kiss her sweetly, innocently. When he pulled back he moaned quietly against her lips. Suddenly his body went rigid and his eyes snapped open, as if he had been shocked by a jolt of electricity.

"Oh my god Petra, I'm so sorry…I-I just didn't think a-and-"

Petra quieted him as she leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

"I didn't want you to stop yet." She whispered, looking into his eyes.

Instantly Dinks arms found their way around her waist again and he brought her close kissing her passionately, his tongue flickering and sliding over her submissive one. Petra whimpered into the kiss and her hands tangled in Dinks fine hair. Dink gently pushed her against the wall trying to get closer to her. They continued on like that for a while longer, until they had to stop to breathe. Both of them were panting heavily. Petra quietly leaned her head against Dinks chest, listening to his heart beat while Dink whispered words of love into her ear and gently stroked her hair. When at last they parted and left a figure emerged from the shadows, a look of pain mixed with anger displayed on his handsome face. Bonzo turned on his heel and headed for his quarters.