GI Joe Renegades

Main Characters: Jinx, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke and Scarlett

Side Characters (but still part of story) Road Block, Flint and Tunnel Rat

Who does Jinx turn to, when she's alone and scared? Will that person take her in? What happens when the person suspects that she harbors a secret? Will it all end for the poor soul?

With the Arashikage she is known as Kim Arashikage, but with the Joes she's known as Jinx. So it'll probably keep switching back & fourth.

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Two fingers rubbed her trobbing temples, these annoying trainess were going to be the death of her. She sat watching them train and grunt, really loud! The smell of testosterome filled her nose and made her gag.

"Kim!", she quickly looked up, and saw her long time friend, Max Rarichi walking towards her, still wearing the white training uniform.

"Hey", she smiled

"What are you doing sitting down? Shouldn't you be in your 'office' and bossing those lower than you?", he sat down next to her.

"Ha, ha, funny.", her amber eyes rolled.

"Hey, I was just joking!" his hands were shaking dismissivley infront of her.

"Yeah I, know i've heard your stupid jokes before.", she heaved forward when pain shot through her head.

"You okay?" Max put a hand on her back.

"Yeah, no I'm fine! No need to worry!" She declared with a hearty laugh.

Max shot her a look, but didn't say more.

Kim just hoped that he didn't see her turning all red-

"Why are ayou all red?"

'Damn, it!' She tried to think of a lie, that could get him off her back, "Oh uh-"

Dark eyes stared at her, wanting an answer.

"It's a cermonial thing!", she finally blurted out.

His eyes narrowed at her and he parted his lips when.


"Thank God!", Kim sighed , Max turned glaring at her, 'Will finish this later.'

When he walked away, she used her finger to lower her eye lid and stuck her tounge out. 'Ha ha In your face!', she stood up and danced in victory, but a throat being cleared smashed her triumph.

"Miss Arashikage, there is work to be done, instead of taunting the trainees."

Her eye twiched and she turned to see the Light Master, "Um excuse me? What did you call me?"

"Miss Arashika-"

"That's right, Miss Arasikage! And you can't tell me what to do" she pointed a finger accusingly at him.

"Yes but-"

She turned and gave a dismmissive wave, walking away. A smirk once again appeared when she heard an exhausperated sigh.

Kim stood centered in the training grounds, looking up at the full moon. Her eyes quickly diverted to the back, when she heard footsteps.

"Max, might as well come out.", she said back to him.

"I guess nothing can get past you, huh?" he pushed himself up and looked at the moon too.

"Max.. can I confide in you?"

He was taken aback, when he heard her say that, but he thought about her feelings not his.

"Yes, Kim"

Then a silence fell between them, each still staring at the sky.

"I'm leaving the Arashikage."

His throat suddenley closed, when he heard those words, "What?"

"I'm leaving.", she turned to him, her eyes glistening in the moonlight.

"What? Ho-but why?", he stammered.

"I can no longer lead you all."

His heart sank, she was leaving! She- his best friend was leaving! His head clouded with all the possible reasons for her leaving, but for not being able to lead? She was the heir, so she must know atleast somthing about leading!Instincs inside of him wanted to yell, hold her back and give her reasons why the Clan needs her, but he straightened up and swallowed, "When?"

"Tonight." came her blunt answer.

His mouth went dry, she was going to leave that day.

"So what? You want me to keep your departure a secret?", she turned away. Guilt began to swell in his throat, he didn't want it to come out that cruel.

"Yes, but I'm not asking as a friend, I'm asking as a higher rank than you.", her words cut through him.

"So, I create a diversion.", he sighed, Kim was asking much of him.

She nodded her thankyou & leaped up to the perimeter's rooftop. He watched her go, and when she was out of sight, he pulled his sword out and ventured into the halls, looking for Light Master's quarters...

Kim looked back at her once 'home', and prayed that what ever Max did, it wouldn't be severely punished. Then she continued running through the increasingly densing woods. Her plan had gone good for now: since it was in the winter solstace, the Arashikage wasn't going to be as active as they normally would, allowing her enough time to escape.

Meanwhile at the Coyote:

"Roadblock!", Duke yelled, extremely angrey.

"What?", came the deep reply.

"You were supposed to fix the fuel line!"

"I currently am, boss-man. I was just takin a break!", he said pointing at the order of unfinished fries.

"Oh, god this again.." Tunnel Rat sighed, swearing he hears this freakin' arguement everyday. Then he looked at the 'Silent' killer, Snake eyes, arms crossed, leaning on a wall.

"Snakes, I think your my favorite, 'cause you don't talk!", he said, recieving Snakes eyes's famous stare. He shrugged back, tuning into 'bicker LIVE!'

"Boss- man I didn't mess with your computer! We keep it real where I come from.", his accent clearly showing.

"What do you mean 'Keep it real'!", The blonde, blue eyed man was fuming.

"Well you know-"

"'Well you know' what?", he yelled.

"He means that from where he's from, they actually research, not look themselves up!", Tunnel Rat knew it was time to break up the fight, but he didn't get the reaction he wanted. Duke began to slowly approach him, blue eyes blazing like fire!

"What?", he snarled. He shrunk back in his seat when Duke's face was right infront of his. He looked to Snake eyes who pulled his ninjato slightly out, menacingly, clearly not wanting to get involved. He took his chances with the person who started it, but looked else where, when he punched a fist into his other hand.

The leader barred his teeth, and drool slipped from the corners of his mouth. "Com'on Tunnel Rat, say it again 'cause I didn't hear ya."

"Uh, no thanks, I want to live, thankyou", he answerd. Then when Duke raised a fist...

"Scarlett! Scarlett!"

"What?", she looked over her seat and saw Duke about to hit Tunnel Rat.

"All of you stop it! You are all acting like brats!", the red head yelled, standing up.

"He said I look myself up", Duke held Tunnel Rat, to show Scarlett. "RoadBlock messed with my computer!" he took a breath, "And he-well he's just weird!", he said pointing acusingly at Snake eyes.

"Okay Duke you do look yourself up, RoadBlock didn't mess up your computer and Snake eyes is not envolved", Scarlett sternly answerd.

Duke dropped Tunnel Rat, and went to stand chest to face with Scarlett, "Ofcourse you would protect Snake eyes, and you have anger issues."

A furrow formed on Scarlett's brow, and Duke smirked, 'I made the time bomb tick'. His eyes widened when she began to reach for her taser, but Snake eyes put his arm infront of her before she got to use it.

Kim sat under a statue's cover, hugging her knees close to her chest. Her chin rested on her knees, 'I didn't know it was going to be this hard'. She was shivering from the cold, and her stomach growled with hunger. It had been two days since she left the Arashikage, and she already regretted it. In her plan, she was supposed to already be out of the country, and in America, but instead she counted the snowflakes that fell while under a headless statue.

She sighed standing up,"I've gotta get out of here." Then she began to trudge through the heavy snow. Each step was worse than the other, she looked back and saw the statue, only 6 foot steps away. "What!", she threw her hands to her sides, this was going to be a long journey.

Each day following that was worse than the last. Kim was beaten for stealing, she had gotten into several fist fights, she was chased out of villages because she was a stranger and several men tried to attack her, but she stayed strong through everything. When she reached Tokoyo's airport, she slipped onto the 8:35 Pm flight and headed to her new life..

2 weeks later...

Kim crawled up the step, and painfully stretched her hand up, and banged. After two bangs her arm/head fell on the cement. The door creaked as it opened, the figure looked down and saw the limp body of Kim. The figure kneeled down and pressed two fingers on her neck, they nodded and lifted her arm, slowly pulling her in.

"She was like that when they found her.", Scarlett explained. Duke eyed the person on the bed.

"Wait. You don't believe me?", Scarlett stared wide eyed at Duke.

"No, it's not you, but I don't think she was like that when he found her", He walked leaned on the counter, 'Last time he 'talked' with her, he almost hit her."

Scarlett stood defenseifly, trying to absorb everything he said, "Duke, you know Snake eyes is a loyal joe, when we went to search for Cobra he and Jinx made ammends, then she left back to Japan."

Duke shook his head still not accepting her reasoning and explanations. "Then if you don't believe me, why don't ask him yourself.

Snake eyes then appeared next to Scarlett his body posture stiff. Duke narrowed his eyes at Scarlett, then turned to the others. Scarlett looked at Snake eyes smiling, glad she won, but he didn't even turn to see her face.

"Snake eyes?", she asked, but he walked away. "Wait Snake eyes! You can't see her yet!", she called knowing where he was heading. She quickly followed him, when she tried to, Snake eyes pushed her back.

Jinx stood, her face stern, blade held at her side. Her blade cut the air next to her, "Sensei."

She turned to see him standing, her blade at his finger tips, she dropped her blade and respectfully bowed. He in turn did the same.

Then she appeared, that red head apprentice. Her nose scrunched in disqust, she never did like her, but she had to behave infront of sensei.

"Jinx, your better", Scarlett said, a smile on her face.

"Yes, what was your first clue." she had to behave, but she didn't have to be nice.

Snake eyes put himself between the two, preventing another fight and raised two fingers then sliced the air.

"I've been look-" she started to explain.

"No, he asked how were you feeling.", Scarlett corrected.

Jinx raised her hand to slap the crap out of her, but Snake eyes caugt her wrist, and shook his head.

"I think I know sensei's signs alittle better than you, guy jin!", she yelled still in Snake eyes grip.

Scarlett put a hand on Snake eyes shoulder, and he let go of Jinx's wrist. Then she walked torwards Jinx while Snake eyes back up. Amber eyes faced off against emerald green , 'I know sensei a whole lot better than you!' Then a hand slapped her face.

Jinx put a hand on her burning cheek and looked at Scarlett, "You've had that coming since our first encounter, but I want to call a truce, so we get to know each other.", she genuialy smiled and gave a hand to Jinx.

But Jinx wasn't buying the whole 'I'm a saint' routine, and she slapped her hand away, "Shove your truce!" Her eyes widened when the pain shot up her stomach and she heaved forward, returning the little food in her stomach. Snake eyes caught her before she fell, and Scarlett pointed to where he could lay her down. They both laid her on her back, and Scarlett passed her a bucket. They waited untill she stopped vomiting, to ask her questions.

She was still drowsy, but she let him ask her questions, and asked - er - yelled that Scarlett leave. Her sensei leaned agianst the wall across from her. Jinx looked down in shame, he was scolding her, she could feel it.

"Um, sensei I'm sorry for how I treated your 'lady friend'", she apologized, hoping it might piss him off, but inwardley pouted when it didn't.

She looked up, ready to 'see' the questions. Her brows scrunched in confused, sensei was pulling out a pen and paper. He looked down, scribbling stuff down then handed it to her.

"Oh, okay.", she took it and read:

Why are you here and what do you want?

Her hands flipped it backwards and forewards, that was it? That's all he wrote? It looked like he wrote a bunch of crap and this is it? But when she heard a slight murmur, she looked up to answer.

"I left the Arashikage, because they no longer need me. The other masters are making the path that you and my father invisioned, come true."

He accepted her answer, but went and sat next to her.

"Sensei, can I tell you my true feelings?", he nodded.

"I-I never even wanted to lead the Arasikage-" he motioned for her to continue.

"I wanted to stay by your side, and remain your apprentice. You taught me so many things over the years and you helped me get over my father's death and Storm shadow's betrayal. You basically raised me! But even though I attacked you and Shana, you still forgave me. I've felt guilty for all the problems I've caused", she did it, she finally told him the truth, but it didn't set her free, it made her chest heavy.

Tears began to weld up in her eyes, and suprisingly his arm reached to her far shoulder, pulling her into into his chest.

Scarlett watched the whole thing and smiled, they reminded her of a older brother/ younger sister relationship.

"Scarlett what are you looking at?" Tunnel Rat asked. Scarlett jumped up and shushed him.

"Oh, sorry, what are ya lookin' at?" he whispered.

She looked one last time at them then said, "Hmmm? Oh nothing, com'on we better back." She dragged him, despite his whispered protests, back when he tried to peek.

When Jinx recovered, Duke had gone in to talk to her. He asked if Snake eyes beat her up, or if she was really found like that when she told him, he left then came back with a communicator. She took it in her hand and stared at it.

"Welcome, to the Joes." He said smiling.

She smiled in return, but could stop her cheeks from blushing. He was kind of handsome for a guy jin. She shook her thoughts, now was not the time to think about that. Then he began to walk away, but she called out,

"Who said I wanted to be a joe?"

He stopped and answered , "Consider it 'sensei know's best'" Then he left, leaving Jinx by herself. She looked at it closely, then squeezed it, it was an honor: he had given her another chance to train under him.

Now she stood above the 'Coyote' with her sensei. They were going to start her training, but he first needed to know how much she learned. He stomped his foot, signaling RoadBlock to start driving. When they started moving he put his arms at side and his legs together, he nodded at her, wanting her to copy him. So she did the same and they stayed in those poses until the truck gained speed.

"Ninja!", a woman with red hued hair called.

"Yes Baroness" a man with a white hood and a white partial mask, retreated from the shadows.

"The Joes are currently in Colorado, and heading to Mississipi. So I suggest you end them.", he then turned and was swallowed by the shadows.

"I'll make sure of it", he mumbled.

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