Mi pinche Parasito

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Story takes place six months after the whole Nelly thing.

Mi Pinche Parasito

My Damned Parasite

Her hand tightened on the handles and jerked them, creating more speed. The black leather jacket flapped violently behind her, 'I don't give a damn if they hate me, 'cause they're all the same, they're all disgusting.'

Storm Shadow stomped into the book room, ripping off his mask and hood. "Baroness!"

"Hmm, I thought your kind was supposed to walk silently." She smirked and her finger skimmed though the old dusty pages.

"You KNEW she was there!"

She stopped reading and looked up at the furious ninja, "Of course I knew." She took delight in seeing this hard core ninja, break inside. She could even hear the cracking, with every word he spoke. 'Why didn't you inform me?', he yelled pathetically. She smirked even though he stood, she could still hear him breaking. But when the ninja fell silent, the game became tedious.

Sadly she thought, this game had to end and she looked him in the eye "Is there going to be a problem? Because I could easily find a replacement for you, ninja."

His eyes closed and she began walking away towards the door, "No."

A devilish grin appeared on Baroness's face and she halted, "What was that?"

"No you couldn't easily find a replacement." he spoke, "unless they were extremely desperate"

Baroness's face began to redden, how dare he? That ninja was not so special or important and he only joined to kill that Joe, Snake eyes! But she had to calm her nerves; he was trying to anger her. So she cleared her throat


"Oh you heard me Baroness. If you replaced me, who would defend the great Cobra Commander? No one, especially because they don't want to risk their own life for that of the Commander's. Oh, and let's not forget that high tech assassin."

The ninja was beginning to dig under her skin, but she looked back at him, he still had his back to her.

"Just so you know Baroness, your dear Destro was the one who suited the assassin and gave the orders." he opened his eyes and walked to the shadows, when he had the chance he would kill her, Destro, Mindbender and the Commander, himself. 'Sweet dreams, Baroness."

"God damn it! My back hurts like hell." Duke arched backwards 'till he heard a satisfying crack. "Ahhh." he sighed relieved.

"Com'on boss, we got some bigger injuries: Roadblock was shot, Ripcord's shoulder is dislocated and Scarlett-" he turned to her and saw Snake eyes helping, "Nah, Red's fine."

"Tunnel Rat your the medic." Duke then mumbled something and sat down.

"What was that boss?" Tunnel Rat looked at Duke.

"No, nothing" Tunnel Rat turned away, "Little noodle man" Duke laughed.

"Hey I don't sell noodles!" Tunnel Rat crossed his arms, and turned away. But Ripcord and Roadblock started laughing, "Okay you know what? You can fix your own damn injuries!" Then he stomped off to the front of the coyote.

"Priss." Duke coughed

Just then a black motorcycle skidded in front of Duke. He slowly stood up and was approached by the rider, "Nice of you to finally join us, Jinx."

She pulled off the helmet and looked around, "Wow, you guys look like crap" She dryly sneered.

He turned her to face him, "Well we didn't have any back up! So tell me where the hell were you?"

She pushed away his hand, "I don't have to tell you shit remember?" She put her helmet back on and walked to her motorcycle.

"Hey, get back here!" he yelled after her. His eyes widened when he saw a sword in the motorcycle. Jinx turned back, so did he and saw Snake eyes standing, with only one ninjato visible on his back.

"Sensei! It took me hours to fix that bike!" the ninja approached her, shaking his head. She sighed, taking off her helmet then throwing it at Snake eyes. He caught it and blocked her way.

"Sensei, I'll ask this once and once only, Get. Out. Of. My. Way." she broke her sentences, showing him that she was serious. When he didn't, Duke saw a fury of kicks, punches, head butts and other attacks being exchanged by the ninjas. Then he heard a scream, and saw Jinx fall to her knees, Snake eyes pointing his palm at her forehead. "Fine, kill me like you've done to, many others. Kill me, your first apprentice. Kill me, the first person who's given a damn for you." The she stood, with his palm still pointed at her forehead, "Kill me, the first person who's ever loved you!"

Blue eyes widened ( knowing pretty much everyone else's were too). He got the signal that Tunnel Rat heard, when the Coyote's horn filled his ears. But the ninjas were still in the same position, Jinx obviously wasn't regretting what she just said and Snake eyes' emotions were clouded. Duke decided this was enough and walked behind Jinx, gripping her shoulders trying to pull her away.

"Let me go" she elbowed him in the stomach, making his grip slightly loosen. "I wanna see if he has the balls to kill me." He looked at Snake eyes, who was completely still.

"Jinx." Duke whispered to her, "Why? Why do this to the guy who took you in as a kid, when he was barely one himself? He could've done all the things I did when I was a kid, but he helped you instead, he sacrificed his possible life to train and raise you." Duke was trying to reason with her, maybe if she comes out alive he would send her back to Japan, she was just too much trouble. Then he skidded back and felt liquid drip down his upper lip.

"What the-" His left hand made a swipe across his mouth, when he pulled it back his eyes bulged: there was blood smeared, Jinx had actually elbowed him in the face. He looked back to the ninjas, Jinx was throwing punches and she even stood on her hands whirling around swinging kicks to her master.

"Jinx, stop! I'm gonna throw your ass in jail if you keep attacking us." Duke stood his ground when the apprentice approached.

"You don't tell me what to do, Gijin!" she raised a fist but stopped when Duke spoke again.

"Your right I don't, but neither does Snake eyes, or is it that you don't let him? If you were really here for your sensei, you'd let him be your sensei, but you just keep pushing him -and us- away." His chest relaxed when she let her fist fall.

She turned back to Snake eyes, who now stood tall, then back to Duke, "I'm not a little girl, so stop treating me like one." She tried to walk away, but Duke stood in her way and he wasn't about to move.

"I'm tired of talking." she clenched her fists.

"And I'm tired of your imperfections." She looked up at him; did he really just say that? So he was going to pour salt into her open wounds.

"I told you why I allowed you to stay, and you continue to be a brat. You say you're not a little girl, but you keep acting like one." He said sternly.

"Shut the fuck up, Duke! You think your the leader but the others could lead WAY better than you!" she had enough, this was not what she wanted.

"Get out." he flatly said looking away. "If you hate it here then leave."

She swallowed and walked towards the bike, but stopped when sensei blocked her way. She looked up, but dropped her eyes and Snake eyes moved out of her way. Her head didn't turn back once she got on the bike and drove off, 'Goodbye, sensei'

No one said a word after her departure, and Tunnel Rat patched up Roadblock while Snake eyes pushed Ripcord's shoulder back into the socket. Later, when he felt better, Roadblock drove the rest of the Joes to a nearby lake and Duke was the first to get out.

"Hey Duke" Roadblock hoped that his attempts would not be futile, "Don't listen to her, like I told ya before we'll follow you all the way"

The blonde stayed silent, while he looked up to the dark sky. Roadblock sighed and turned to walk back to the Coyote.

"I was so stupid." Duke breathed. Roadblock turned back to him, wanting to hear more.

"For letting her stay, because three months ago she told me she wanted to return to Japan. But she needed money, and I knew we didn't have any so I told her that if she worked with us and didn't fight or argue, I'd give her the money I saved for when I returned home."

Roadblock just stared, trying to understand, "So you were going to give her the money you saved, for when are names get cleared and you return home?"

"Not just that, I was going to give her the money, that my parents gave me for becoming a recognized soldier. That's $100,964.98 that I was going to give to her, and I barely knew her."

Dark brown eyes widened, Boss man was going to give all that money to an 18 year old girl.

"I don't even know why I'm telling you this. But remember when Snake eyes didn't let Jinx come to the bar with us?"

"Yea, boss man." Roadblock replied.

"I got jealous that Snake eyes is the one in charge of her, not me. He can decide whether something is suited for her or not. He can tell if something is wrong with her, when I can't. He's her master, and at times I wish I was." Duke sighed and dropped his head.

Roadblock finally got it, it wasn't what Jinx said that made him like this, it was the fact that she was gone.

"Boss man, here" Roadblock tossed Duke an empty bottle.

"What's this?"

"Look inside." a smile appeared when he saw Duke's face. "Luckily, we got the mail before our latest mission."

Storm Shadow watched the winding roads, as he waited for her to show up. He knew Cobra was dirty, but he never expected them to use his own flesh and blood against him. They'd known she was there with the Joes, but thank the Gods she wasn't with them at that moment.

His thoughts broke when he saw the motorcyclist up the road and he leaped off the branch. He sprinted towards the bike, then disappeared from view.

Jinx focused forward and forward only, but she sharply steered left when someone in white appeared in front of her. "What the hell?"

The person kept focusing on her face then reached their hand to the handles and straightened her bike.

"You should be careful, when driving cousin."

Jinx's eyes widened, "Storm Shadow?"

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