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The deep silence of the abandoned halls was broken with the light taps of shoes rapidly beating on the tiled surface. The repeating pattern of clapping footsteps slowed down and then transformed into a skidding sound. The metal of the rusty doorknob began to rattle slightly at the impact of his clutching hand. A creaking sound emerged from the hinges as Gohan slowly opened the door to his homeroom. It was his second day of school and already he had created a reputation of tardiness for himself. Blushing slightly, he jogged up the stairs to his seat next to Erasa. Mr. Maksuki cleared his throat and glared at Gohan scornfully.

"Gohan, I do not tolerate tardiness in my class. Lets try not to make this a habit shall we?"

"Yes Sir." Gohan hurriedly collect his supplies from his knap sack and prepared for another one of Mr. Maksuki famous lectures. Famous for its ability to cause the most amount of students to ever doze off in the least amount of time. As usual Videl was glaring daggers at black haired demi- saiyan. She had suspected he was hiding something from the moment she laid eyes on him. Perhaps it was the fuzzy brown belt he always seemed to be wearing. Or maybe it was the fact that he lived approximately 500 miles away from the school, or that he had jumped over 10 feet in the air to catch a baseball in gym. Whatever it was consuming her mind and absorbing her every thought, pulling her into an endless void filled with questions and suspicions. A slight nudge to her side snapped her back to reality, as she realized her best friend, Erasa, was desperately trying to gain her attention with the repeating poke of the tip of her pencil. "Ow, what?" Videl asked slightly annoyed while rubbing her bruised skin. "You were doing it again." Erasa whispered in a singsong voice. "Doing what?" Videl asked in an even more annoyed voice that was almost above a whisper. Erasa giggled before answering her question. "You were staring at Gohan again. You totally have a crush on him." Videl's cheeks grew an interesting shade of red. After her blushing subsided she retaliated, "I do not, I'm just curious that's all. And don't use the word totally, it's so annoying." Videl stated, trying to change the subject. Erasa continued giggling before returning her gaze back to her notes, totally (A/N: hehe) not buying Videls excuse. Luckily for Videl, Gohan was too absorbed in his notes that not even his sensitive saiyan hearing could pick-up their conversation.

Near the end of class, Mr. Maksuki began an announcement, "Class, as most of you know, around this time of year (A/N: I dunno what time of the year it is so don't ask! Hehehe) the senior class takes a field trip to local agriculture facility, however, due to circumstances beyond our control that trip has been canceled. So instead our trip will be to Capsule Corp. home of the Hoi Poi dino-caps." Several hoots and whispers began to emerge from the exhilarated students. Gohan however paled and slouched in his seat, preying to kami he had heard wrong.

"Settle down class! The trip will be next weekend and you all must turn in a signed permission slip, the cover fee is 25 zeni and you all must pack a lunch. I haven't been completely filled in on the details of the trip, but I've been informed that their will be a tour led by Bulma Briefs herself." Mr. Maksuki began to pass permission slips around the room while the students continued their excited chatter again.

"Wow, I can't believe were going to meet Bulma Briefs! I can't wait! You two are going right Videl? Sharpener. They both nodded their heads in agreement. "Are you kidding? What idiot wouldn't? Its not every day you get a chance to meet the richest women in the world!" Videl replied enthusiastically. Gohan chuckled slightly to himself *wanna bet?*

"So Gohan your going to right?" Erasa asked excitedly.

"No, I don't think so." Gohan felt a little nervous when all the kids who heard his reply gave him odd glances. "That idiot." Mumbled Sharpener more to himself then anyone, although most heard it. (A/N: Videl asked 'what idiot wouldn't a second ago) Before anyone could question Gohan on the subject, the bell rang and he darted out the door as fast as he could without exceeding normal human limitations.


Gohan was seated at the dinner table, shoveling food into his mouth like there was no tomorrow, almost in complete unison with his younger brother Goten. Chi-Chi was sitting across from the two bottomless pits, barely nibbling her one plate of food; compared to the gulps her sons were half swallowing from their mountain-sized portions of food. After the demi- saiyans had slowed their pace, Chi-Chi set down her chopsticks, determined to start a conversation. "So Gohan how was your day?" Gohan stopped his attack on the mound of food before him, swallowed what was still remaining in his mouth and replied. "Not much, the same as yesterday I suppose….except," Gohan paused slightly, pondering whether or not he should tell her. "Well, Mr. Maksuki announced that there's going to be a field trip next weekend….to Capsule Corp., but, I'm not sure I want to go, its not like I haven't been there before." Gohan was eyeing his mother curiously, awaiting her response. "Are you sure that's a good idea Gohan? I think you should go, there might be trouble if Vegeta's going to be there, there's no telling what will happen." Chi-Chi looked rather concerned. "Man, I didn't think about that, well, I guess I'll have to then." Gohan sighed. *Oh great, I can just imagine Vegeta blowing up one of my classmates for breathing his royal air.* he chuckled slightly at the sight of Vegeta giving his famous prince of all saiyans speech.

What will happen to Gohan on his field trip to Capsule Corp.? Will his secrets be revealed? Find out on the next episode of DragonBallZ! Ok fine chapter2 same diff. ^_^

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