Brooke cried out in pain as he pulled her hair. "Stupid little bitch," he said as he stopped the car in the middle of the alleyway.

"Please, baby…I-I'm sorry," she cried as he pushed her down on the seat. She watched his fist pull back and he punched her countless times. Anywhere he could hit. He opened the door and threw her out onto the street.

"You take the time and walk back home," he said before pulling off.

Brooke watched the taillights turn the corner as she pulled her legs up and buried her face in her knees. She sobbed and cried until there was nothing left.

Dean Winchester took his jacket off and placed it on the chair at his desk. He picked up the files on his desk and sighed, a week's vacation and he comes back to murders, suicides and rapes. What would this city come to without him?

"Welcome back Dean," said a co-worker walking by. Dean nodded with a slight smile but when he turned back to his desk he saw her sitting there on the bench with a brown blanket wrapped around her and a steaming cup of coffee in her hands. He watched her stare at it, as if she was afraid to look up, trained not to unless told to. He could see her cut up knuckles and stained fingernails, mud and dirt all over her and a few bruises on her face from what he could see.

"Hey, Davis what's going on with her over there?" Dean asked walking a few steps towards Davis's desk.

"Picked her up on the Bay Bridge," said Davis, "Thought she was prostituting but by the looks of it, looks like trouble in paradise."

Dean nodded, "Get anything out of her?"

"Nah, everyone's been trying but no luck. She's keeping quiet. They're sending Lori up."

Dean rolled his eyes. Lori, the therapist that has been trying to get into Dean's head for some time now. She walked for the downtown precinct for a few years, back when Dean had first started. She said Dean had a tricky finger, always looking for some reason to pull the trigger, putting himself in front of the line and saving others even if it had to sacrifice himself, in other words she was trying to say he was suicidal and ready for destruction.

"Maybe I can get her talking before she gets up here," said Dean as he walked towards the coffee and grabbed a chocolate chip cookie off the plate and headed over to Brooke. She never once looked up when he approached. "Hey."

He watched her tense for a bit before continuing to stare into the cup of coffee.

"You hungry?"

He watched her slowly look up at him and saw her bruised face. He kept his own straight so not to scare her. The only thing he saw though was those beautiful blue eyes. He gave her a little smile and wiggled the cookie towards her, "Want it?"

Brooke didn't know if she should smile or not but she slowly took it from him, "Thank you," she said in a quiet hoarse voice. Dean nodded and looked down at the wrist and noticed the tattoo.

Dean quickly grabbed her wrist making her gasp in surprise and stare at him with fear in her eyes. He looked at it and frowned, "Angels of the Lords mark," he muttered and looked at her. He saw her shuttering in fear.

"Winchester!" Both of their heads turned towards the Chief of Police walking out of his office.

"Winchester?" asked Brooke and she quickly stood up and away from him as she dropped everything on the floor.

Dean watched her back away slowly staring at him scared out of her mind.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

"Sam…please don't tell Sam."

Dean's eyes widened as he approached her, "Have you seen Sam? Where is he?"

"Winchester! Stop!" yelled the Chief walking up to them.

Brooke was shaking as she stood against the wall with her arms around herself, "Please don't tell Sam I was here! He'll get mad…he'll-he'll…" She shook her head with tears flowing down her face.

"She's an angel," said Dean watching her slide to the floor wrapping her arms around herself.

The Chief watched her as well as the others in the room. He looked at Dean, "The question is…whose?"

Dean stared at her, "My brothers."

Brooke continued to cry and shake against the wall as memories of Sam played through her head. The first time she had met Sam.

3 Years Ago

Brooke walked out of the diner with a group of her friends. She never would have thought that walking home would be dangerous, hell she's been walking home since she was old enough to walk. She grew up in a small town, small town meant nothing to worry about, but it was the City that had gotten to her and the monsters that ran it.

The group walked down the streets to their neighborhood apartments.

"Hey, maybe we should walk on the other side," said Tina slowing her step as she watched the townhome that was alive with partiers in and out, "I've heard about this place."

Brooke bit her lip looking at it, little did she know this would be her home for the next three years.

"Come on, we live two blocks down this way," said Sherry rolling her eyes, "There's no point in having to go around."

Brooke watched Tina shake her head and she just took her hand, "We'll just go by quickly and if they say anything we'll ignore them."

Brooke and Tina followed Sherry's lead and walked by the house. They felt eyes on her and actually heard some of the whispers starting.

"Hey, hey ladies!" yelled a voice. They heard some laughter as they tried to ignore them.

"Now don't be like that!" yelled another one with some amusement in his voice.

Brooke quickly glanced back at the house but was stopped by both Sherry and Tina. She turned back and saw Sam Winchester standing right in front of her.

"You three are missing one hell of a party," he said looking at all three of them. Brooke felt Tina start shaking. She squeezed her hand to let her know it'll be alright. "Why don't you come inside?" His eyes flashed over all three and landed on Brooke. He smiled, "It'll be fun, listen to them in there, there having so much fun."

Brooke swallowed hard, "Uh…no thanks we're just going to go back home and rest up for tomorrow…we have work."

Sam licked his lips as he looked her up and down, "You sure do."

Brooke didn't like the way he was looking at her or her friends. She felt both Tina and Sherry being snatched from around her and she turned quickly but just to have a knife under her throat and to be held against Sam's body.

Sam laughed, "Do what you want with those two…I want this one."

All three tried to scream but were muffled by the sounds of the palms over their mouths and the music blasting.

Brooke felt the knife slide out from under her neck, "P-pl-please don't hurt me. I-I'll do anything."

Sam smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, "Exactly what I wanted to hear."


Dean had his hand over his mouth listening to Brooke's story. He was watching her through the glass where she was being interrogated. How could his brother go this far? The last time he saw his brother was a few years ago right after their dads death and that's when the two had their last huge argument and never looked back. Once they were the best of friends, closest brothers and now they were particularly enemies.

Dean watched Brooke shake with fear as she continued to tell the story of how she met Sam and what had happened that night.

"And what else?" asked Lori.

Brooke looked away and shook her head.

"We're here to help you Lori. We can keep you safe."

Brooke looked up at her and for once said something that sent ice cold chills through all of them, "No you can't…no one can. He'll come for me. There's nothing you can do."

Dean and the others in the room watched Lori glance at the mirror then stood up. She grabbed her mug and Brooke's file as she headed out the door. Dean walked out the other one and they met in the hall just in time to have him and Brooke's eyes meet.

"She's in complete denial," said Lori, "I suggest isolation and a few months in a psychiatric ward for all the help that she needs."

"She doesn't need a psych ward she needs a home," said Dean. "With you it is always rehab or a psych ward. That's the first place that they'll look for her once they catch wind that she's been here."

"What do you suggest?"

Dean rubbed his forehead and leaned on the desk behind him. He crossed his arms across his chest and looked at her, "Protective custody."

Lori rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Let me guess your place? This is just like you Winchester, you see a pretty blond damsel in distress and you come swooping in for her rescue." She stepped closer to Dean, "How do we know you won't just hand her to your brother?"

"Because I haven't talked to my brother since my father passed away five years ago. The safest place for her is with me."

Authors Note: Something new for me but it just came to me. I know so many new stories but don't worry the others are being updated. I blame imagination. But this one is way different and you all know I like different. Please review!