she's always been
even when she's not

she's the kind of girl that
lovescravesneeds attention
the kind of girl that
s o a k s up the spotlight
because her daddy is HARRY POTTER
and it doesn't get much more famous than that

and really, she should be entitled to e v e r y t h i n g
and normally she's granted whatever she so wishes
except for one thing (if you can call him that):
{T e d d y R e m u s L u p i n}

he's always been the fire type of guy
the one that blazesburnsdestroys until he just
b u r n s people {girls} out

so he doesn't really understand while they just fall for him
like little dominoes- click, clack, smack
{who'll be the next to fall face-first?}

and really, she shouldn't have ever f a l l e n in the first place
he's TEDDY, ten years older and wiser (supposedly)
but most of all, he's unattainable
[which makes him all the more appealing]

and she's the type of girl that only wants
the things that she can't have
and she can have any boy that she desires
any boy except TEDDY
{which, she imagines, is why she wants him}

he's got the prettyperfectlovely Victoire
and together they sparkleshimmershine
but since when does Lily care about their (others') happiness?
(never, little selfish Lily, that's when)

all that Lily does is d e s t r o y everything in sight
{including her own bruised heart}
because she's fire and fire only burns everything
until in the end, it just b u r n s itself out
[leaving behind the ashes of what used to be a heart]

she tries to get him, really, she does
tries to sink her fire engine red fingernails into him
tries to get him to consider the {too-young} girl
the option that's not s a f e like Victoire

[because maybe together they would b r e a k the cliché]
[just like she b r e a k s everything else]

but in the end TeddyandVictoire are u n b r e a k a b l e
and it's ironic, isn't it?
how the one thing she wants to break, she can't
but she breaks everything else in sight

so in the end there's TeddyandVictoire and little heartbroken Lily
{but maybe, darling, just maybe, it's not the end}

because there's something shiny in the distance
at first glance, it seems like- what?- a trashcan?
but he t r a n s f o r m s, moulds, turns into a boy
(A l b e r t R o s i e r, resident Slytherin)

he's the type of boy that she knows just how to b r e a k
but this time, she feels no desire to hurt him

[and where has Lily gone?]
[maybe she likes this Lily a lot better]

and with Albert, she forgets about her heartbreak
she forgets about TEDDYandVICTOIRE
she forgets about her l i f e
{and she forgets about everything of {un}importance}

because when she's with Albert
everything is all [rainbowssunshinebeauty]
and she kind of likes the whole positive outlook thing

when she's with Albert
she feels that she's Lily and no one else
he's the s u n s h i n e to match with her firefirefire
{and together they're blazing fire
except when he's her
o p p o s i t e
like he's supposed to be}

and no, he's not bravestrongheroic
but he's sort of unattainable, isn't he?
he's so sweet&innocent that he's never had a girlfriend
but he's a runner and he's fast and he's sweet
and he's always there for her to talk to when she needs him

most of all, he doesn't play g a m e s
with pretty girls' fragile hearts
{like someone she knows- ahem- TEDDY LUPIN}

and what she b r e a k s
he goes and r e p a i r s
and maybe they will just work like that

{besides, lily&albert looks much prettier on the covers of her notebook}
{and lily rosier sounds like the name of a superstar or something}
{and she's always liked the look of trashcans}

he's the sunshine to Lily's firelight

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