A Matter of Time

Summary: Sirius had always thought that Remus was the most reasonable man in the world. But his stubborn, ridiculous refusal to accept Tonks's affection seemed to be proving that theory false. All dialogue oneshot.

"She fancies you, Remus. Tonks, I mean."


"It's true. She told me she was becoming rather keen on you."

"Liar...what would she want with me?"

"You're keen on her too, right?"

"She's a beautiful, capable witch. She's very...you don't meet many like her."

"Exactly. Ask her out."

"We're in a war, Sirius. Hardly time for dating. Besides, there are a thousand reasons why that relationship would never work out."

"Oh yeah? Name one."

"I'll give you three, right off the top of my head. I'm too old for her. I couldn't support her. And I happen to be a dangerous werewolf so..."

"You, dangerous? Please. I'm more dangerous than you'll ever be, with my tendency to 'act rashly' as Molly puts it. And my temper is...easily stretched. I'm a much bigger threat."

"At least you're always human. You always know who you are and can keep yourself under control...for the most part, anyway."

"Your other reasons are ridiculous too. Too old, right. If you're calling yourself old, Moony, then you're calling me old. And I can assure you, I am not old."

"Keep believing that, Padfoot."

"And as for you not being able to support her, that's not important. She's an Auror, in case you're forgetting. She makes quite enough money for the both of you."

"That's not the way things should be."

"What's love gotta do with the way things should be?"

"I never said...who...? She doesn't love me."

"Ah, Remus. It's only a matter of time. Accept it early and it will be so much easier for the both of you."

"I think Azkaban turned you mental."

"I think you've always been mental."

"We are, I believe, at an impasse."

"And at the end of our fire whiskey supply."


"She fancies you, Remus. And sooner or later, it will hit you, and you'll realize how happy she makes you."

"She's better off without me."

"Rubbish. But believe what you will. I'm sure she'll be able to make you see sense once you've fallen madly in love with her. And if that doesn't work, I'm sure she'll be able to curse some sense into you...she's quite good at magic, you know."

"So I've heard..."

A/N: I always have a soft spot for RLNT with a healthy dose of Sirius. Reviews greatly appreciated!