Chapter One

Edward Cullen was aware of how his looks appealed to the women around him.

He was aware of how they fell all over their feet to get his attention.

He was also aware of the extremes they took to just get him to acknowledge their pathetic existence.

According to an ex-girlfriend, his hair, his eyes and even his voice charmed the ladies off their feet.

Which was why, he was infuriated and bewildered by the soft female voice on the phone which sounded mildly irritated by him.

"I'm just asking you for your age. Can't you just tell me that?"

"Sir," the girl on the phone was saying. Edward could tell that she was trying very hard to keep her tone in control. "From your incoherence and blatant lack of courtesy, I have every reason to believe that you're drunk."

"I was feeling bored. I wanted to talk to someone." Edward admitted in exasperation. The woman over the phone had a soft, lilting tone, which was firm yet soothing at the same time. She sounded young.

Around her twenties, Edward guessed.

"Well, I have just the solution to make things more interesting for you."

Edward sat up on his bed, alert.

"First, put the phone on speaker and walk to the bathroom. Are you walking?"

"Yes," Edward walked with slight puzzlement. This girl's kinky, Edward thought.

"Okay. You see the shower head?"

Edward eyed the contraception curiously. "Yes."

"Okay, you see the metal thing beneath the shower head? The thing on the wall?"


"Press it."

In his fuzzy state, Edward followed her instructions without hesitation. He pressed the silver object.

A gush of ice cold water poured from the shower head onto his body. Edward bellowed a string of profanities.

The girl on the phone chuckled slightly. "Bye."

She hung up.

Edward cursed.

Stepping out of the bathroom, dripping wet with cold water, Edward picked up the phone and dialed for the reception again.

"How may I help you?" the same female voice answered.

"What the fuck?"

The girl laughed. "I hope you're more clear-headed now."

"Is this how you treat your guests?" Edward demanded and brushed his wet hair away from his face.

"Only the annoying ones," the girl replied.

"I was just curious about you," Edward retorted irritated. "There's no need to do that!"

"Why?" The girl asked. "I hope you don't hound the poor receptionists at every hotel you visit. We have a job to do you know. What's so interesting about chatting to the hotel receptionist?"

"Not the receptionist. You."

The phone was silent.

"How old are you? Are you single?" Edward asked bluntly.

"I'm 34 with two kids," the girl finally replied.

"I don't believe that." Edward chuckled.

"You have no reason not to."

"What's your name?" Edward continued his questioning, ignoring her tone.

"I won't tell you my first name, young man. You can call me Mrs. Smith." The girl said, laughing.

She hung up again.

Edward swore while he threw the phone back onto its cradle.

He had to admit that while being wet and cold didn't feel very good initially, the fog that was momentarily affecting his thoughts was gradually disappearing. The cold water was refreshing and it helped him break out of his drunken state slightly.

The receptionist was amusing, and her reaction to him seemed refreshing. Edward Cullen had just returned from an overseas education and he had almost forgotten what the local girls were like. He went out to party with some of his female 'friends' upon his return, and was hardly surprised to find them the same.

Jessica and Lauren were still pathetic and desperate morons with hardly any brains left in their pretty little heads.

He'd wanted to satisfy his sexual needs but was infuriated to find out that Jessica and Lauren had other plans and could not be excused.

Trudging back into his hotel suite, feeling offended and uptight, he had wanted to take a quick shower and hop off to bed.

But to his dismay, there weren't any towels left in the room.

So, he'd phoned for the reception to bring some towels.

Before he had gotten his words out, the attractive and soft voice of the receptionist had piqued his interest.

So, he ended up trying, in vain, to get more information out of the receptionist. Edward felt his lips curl up into a half-smile as the receptionist's chuckle rang in his head.

The pounding in his head had almost, if not, completely ceased. He closed his eyes and let sleep take over as he lay on the bed. He had a long flight, and hardly rested after he'd alighted.

The last thought on his mind before he lost his final thread of consciousness was the voice of the Mrs. Smith.

A/N: A bit on the short side, but more information about Edward will be provided in the next chapter! Thank you for reading!:)