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AN: This fanfic has 3 short parts, each an added romantic moment for Jun Pyo and Jan Di during the Jae Kyung arc in season 2 of the K-drama. This first chapter is set around the events in Episode 18. -Maho-chan :)

Names: Jun Pyo/Tsukasa, Jan Di/Tsukushi, Kang San/Susumu

For The Moment
A Boys Over Flowers K-drama Fanfiction
By Maho-Chan

Chapter 1

Her shoulder ached.

Jan Di rotated the offending joint; her elbow turning circles as she massaged the muscles in her shoulder with her other hand.

She winced as pinpricks of pain shot down her back and arm. Outside the rain continued to fall, the slow drizzle adding to the damp coldness of the evening.

Jan Di took a deep breath and stared at her class notes. It had being raining for a week now and her joints wouldn't stop protesting the cold. Behind her she could hear Jun Pyo and Kang San arguing. As she yawned, she reflected on the oddness of this. Shouldn't Jun Pyo be in his big house instead of living next to her in a small apartment? She still had no idea why he had moved in there but had decided not to think about it too much. Right now she had more immediate concerns. She winced as more pain shot up from her shoulder to her neck.

"How could you have won?" Jun Pyo suddenly complained.

Kang San shuffled the cards.

"Jun Pyo hyung, I got the all the aces. That's how I won." Kang San explained patiently.

"Hmph." Jun Pyo gave Kang San a disgruntled look.

"Deal the cards again, little brother." Jun Pyo ordered.

Jan Di stared down at the pages before her and felt a little pang in her heart.

Little brother.

It was a reminder of better times, when she had been Jun Pyo's girlfriend and he had come over to her house to meet her family. It seemed like an eternity ago.

She still couldn't believe he was intruding on their tiny apartment, even going so far as to eat dinner with them unexpectedly. What had possessed him?

She tried to ignore the blossom of hope inside her that brought dangerous thoughts of the bond that she wished still existed between them.

Jan Di glanced at her jewelry box, high on her bookshelf, and then shook her head. The necklace didn't mean anything anymore.

Despite Jun Pyo's promises, the star had strayed far from the moon.

And was affianced to a comet, Jae Kyung, instead.

Jan Di sighed and tried to push the sad thoughts from her mind. Turning her head, she winced some more as the ache pervaded her entire upper back. As she tried to rotate her elbow again, she cried out, overwhelmed with pain.

And then she jumped as she felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

"It hurts?" Jun Pyo sounded concerned, his voice deep and soft, reminding her of warm memories that were best forgotten. His fingers moved over her shoulder, kneading gently.

"What are you doing?" Jan Di protested, both embarrassed and overcome by emotion.

It had been so long since she had been close to him.

"Aish, just be quiet." Jun Pyo's fingers moved to massage her stiff neck. He leaned into her, concentrated on soothing her aching muscles.

Jan Di closed her eyes.

"But Kang San…" Jan Di said weakly.

"He went to go buy some more snacks." Jun Pyo said softly into her ear, his fingers pressing into her back.

Jan Di relaxed in spite of herself. She leaned against him as he massaged her lower back then moved back up to her shoulder.

"Does your shoulder always hurt like this?" Jun Pyo asked hoarsely.

Jan Di shook her head. "Only when I try to swim or when it is cold and damp outside."

She missed the anguished look that crossed his face.

Suddenly Jun Pyo wrapped his arms around her and embraced her from behind.

Jan Di stiffened. "Wait…you can't just…"

"Just for a moment." Jun Pyo said gruffly. Leaning his chin on her shoulder, he clasped her tight in his arms. His curly hair tickled her cheek.

Jan Di closed her eyes again, savoring his warmth. As it seeped into her aching back, she felt a little less sore.

And a little happy.

Just this once.

She thought to herself. Leaning against him, she guiltily wished that he could love her again.

Never knowing that Jun Pyo's eyes were closed too, as he fervently thought the same thing.

To be continued…

AN: Chapter 2 will be released on July 8th. –Maho-chan (7/2/2011)